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Oh, we’ve got a new “hot” chick. I’ve never seen her, anyway.

You know what? She’s not actually holding herself out as a hot chick. Her link is just to her videography business. So let’s move on.

What about Tom? Is he presenting himself as a hot guy? No. His link is also to some kind of video business.

So we’ve got two real Youtube professionals here. Three, if we include Tony. Good for them. They’re getting in on that Youtube gravy train. Everybody wants to be on Youtube now. And they want professionals filming them.

Let’s read the comments. Three minutes in and I’m already bored.

Nothing. Seven minutes in and I’m closing my eyes.

8:00 – They’re talking about British tv.

Well, when am I going to get a chance to talk about British television again?

I liked The Mighty Boosh. That was one of the first shows that I enjoyed when I moved to the UK. It’s…surreal zany shit. I haven’t seen it since it came out. I don’t remember much about it. There was a gorilla and a camp goth guy and just a guy with a moustache and they did wacky stuff. It must have been somewhat cerebral comedy or else I wouldn’t have liked it.

Oh, that guy from the IT Crowd was in this. Yeah, I liked the IT Crowd too. That came later.

I also enjoyed Bad Education. And Lead Balloon.

I liked The Office. And Extras. And Life’s Too Short. These Ricky Gervais shows.

Oh, and there was that travel show. An Idiot Abroad. Where did he even know Karl Pinkerton from? I used to listen to a podcast or something with them. I think that it was animated.

Oh, I’ll tell you a great show. Eurotrash. A lot of nudity. They had Lola Ferrari in a lot of episodes, maybe all of them. Nude. Or at least topless. This is what I expected from British television. Let’s see some of that hardcore nudity that European television is known for.

And you would see it. Not a lot but sometimes. Big Brother, for example, had nudity. Movies weren’t censored for nudity. They showed some Andy Warhol trilogy of Flesh, Trash, and Heat which has loands of nudity. I think that it’s all male, though. But Flesh is just some naked guy on a sofa for 90 minutes. They showed it uncensored in the middle of the day.

But by 2010, it all seemed to change. This was also around the time when The Sun stopped having topless women on page 3.

If they’re still showing nudity on British television, I don’t know about it. I only watch tv if I’m in a hotel and I haven’t seen any nudity. Not since about 2010, I’d say. And I last had a television in…2013 or something.

I remember as a kid going to my mother’s home country and there was a big fucking billboard of a woman with her tits out and I think a baby. It must have been an ad for breastfeeding or baby food or something. But I thought about that billboard for years after that.

But unfortuntely, the UK seems to have become much more puritanical just within the time that I’ve been here. And I don’t think that the UK was ever particularly progressive in terms of nudity and whatnot, relative to the rest of Europe. But it wasn’t as repressed as the US.

Well, I made it to 36 minutes. There was absolutely nothing worth talking about. But at least I was able to talk about some British television and the decline of nudity on the medium.

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