NEWTrition Review: Pop rocks and booze – Newt Wallen

He’s at AMC Theatres. This must one of his new jobs. He moved to the corporate cinema world as opposed to the independent cinemas.

Oh, maybe he’s just there to see a movie. He says that he’s there with PVC Bondage Guy to see Abigail. I guess that’s the name.

When I was a kid, I’d think, “How can old people be so out of touch? Don’t they care about Super Mario Bros and Nirvana and Pulp Fiction?”

Then when I was in my mid to late 20s, I started tuning out of popular culture to be ironic and edgy.

But slowly, you reach a point where you genuinely don’t give a shit about any of this. What do I care about the latest fucking monster movie? It will come and go and people will immediately move on the next thing. There’s no value in any of this.

Still, I wish that I would have appreciated this trash at the time when maybe I still could have. Because now I don’t think that I can.

0:30 – Newt makes a joke that he’s a homosexual and PVC Bondage Guy laughs. He is drinking a woman’s beverage.

Anyway, he thinks that it’s too sweet. Great.

That’s the video. Where do we go from here? Well, I’m sure that he some stuff on Twitter.

Here’s a new one that Newt allegedly wrote and produced. Amityville Aliens. Sounds great, Ideas Man.

Newt uses PVC Bondage Guy’s breasts to advertise his Patreon. No thanks to all of that.

Oh, and he tweeted about OJ Simpson dying. Did I already talk about this? I intended to. Let me check the archives.

I don’t think so. But yeah, as soon as I heard about OJ Simpson dying, I rushed to Newt’s Twitter to see if he’d write about it. Sure enough, this death-obsessed asshole did. Well, he didn’t write anything about it. That would have required effort. But he re-tweeted something about it.

OJ Simpson stories…I’ve got nothing. I didn’t care and I still don’t care.

I had some creepy teacher ask me if I thought he was guilty or not. This was at the time of the trial. I said that I don’t know. Even if I had an opinion, which I didn’t, I still would have said that I don’t know. I didn’t want to engage in any conversation.

That same teacher rubbed my shoulders one time. Really weird. He was undoubtedly gay.

What time am I waking up tomorrow? That’s not too bad.

I have got to quit this job. I don’t want to fucking do this shit any more. I’ve contacted loads of clients basically telling them that I don’t want to do this any more and asking if they have any home-based work that I can do. I’m intentionally sabotaging my work hoping that they stop giving me work so that I can focus on finding a new job 100% of the time and the lack of work will motivate me to do it. I need some home-based work so that I can fucking move. I don’t want to stay in this country one more day. I expected to be out last month. I’m not even close to that. I have to move before it gets cold. The idea of spending another year here…I can’t do it.

I see that Kieran got a new job. Good for him. Some fag on Reddit posted a clip from one of his streams where he talks about this. He says that the money is good and he doesn’t want to do streaming any more because it sucks dick and he only did it for the money.

The homos there made out like this was some kind of revelation. Of course people are only streaming for money. Do you think they’re there because they want to talk to horny retards?

Erin is eagerly logging into Twitch. “I hope that ShiShi makes some creepy comments about my outfit. And Games & Movies? I can’t wait to get some ‘*hugs*’ from that little scamp. And of course there’s Jose. He’s going to ask how I am today. I’ve got a good response today for that one: ‘I’m good, thanks.'”

Maybe Newt should start streaming. I don’t think that he plays video games but he can just live stream his life.

5 thoughts on “NEWTrition Review: Pop rocks and booze – Newt Wallen

    1. No, it’s 100 times better. But this job that I’m doing is basically done, I hate doing it, and I want to move to my ancestral country. I have family there and maybe I’ll meet some hot chicks. I’ve wanted to move there since I was a kid and now seems the time.

  1. “Newt makes a joke that he’s a homosexual ”

    He might be serious, dude has shown his dick to other men.

    1. It’s certainly the behaviour of a gay man but I just found it interesting that PVC Bondage Guy, somebody who claims to be gay among any number of other sexual deviancies, would entertain this sort of comment as a joke. Both she and Newt have commented on my use of the term “fag” in critical terms and yet Newt makes a gay “joke” and she’s tee heeing over it.

      1. It’s because they’re both full of shit and selectively offended and opportunists for attention on purpose.

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