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I’ve seen a few things lately that I wanted to discuss.

First, this lunatic on Reddit:


So she made a lasagna for an impovershed woman as part of some charity. The impoverished woman, who’s pregnant, by the way, asked if she can also pick up some bagels for her from the shop. The woman who prepared the lasagna didn’t deliver the food, as promised, and then reported this impoverished pregnant woman to some manager.

The people in the comments talk about what a hero this psychotic woman is.

Lady, if you don’t want to get the bagels, don’t get the bagels. But deliver the fucking food.

I’m familiar with similar programs in the UK that deliver food to the elderly and impoverished. Doing a little shopping for them is part of it. Talking to them is part of it. It’s about treating vulnerable people with dignity.

But this dumb bitch just wanted the kudos. “Fuck this pregnant poor woman. She should be kissing my ass that I made this fucking lasagna for her.” Like it’s Oliver Twist.

This is what charity is about. It’s about scumbags wanting praise. Oh, this impoverished woman didn’t heap enough praise on you. What a terrible thing. You mean that impoverished people don’t have the social and language skills to navigate every social situation? What a shock.

If you can’t deal with the fact that impoverished people aren’t going to say “please” and “thank you” and give you a rimjob, don’t fucking deal with them. Do something else with your time.

And I read on other threads that it’s common to supply food besides the lasagna in this charity thing. Bread, side dishes, desserts, whatever. So this woman wasn’t asking for anything outrageous.

What fucking charity is having people deliver homebaked goods to vulnerable people anyway? These non-vetted volunteers could be putting rat poison in their lasagna. Or forget about intentional poisoning, maybe they’re bad cooks. Maybe they’re not cooking the food long enough and it causes the person to get food poisoning. Maybe somebody has a food allergy. Isn’t this a massive liability?

Looking at her post history, this bitch seems to live around Atlanta and has three children. So she’s some dumb redneck.

Ironically, she’s exposing herself as the person who doesn’t know how to deal with social situations.

What a sad situation that this is how people have to live in the US. You have to beg for fucking food from some horribly run charity where the people make the food IN THEIR OWN HOME. You just have to hope that the person isn’t loading your food with cyanide. And that they actually deliver the food, untainted, as promised. And then you have to say “please” and “thank you” and be on your best behaviour while this woman drops food on the ground outside your house like you’re a fucking animal. Can’t even hand it to you like a human being. “Contactless” delivery for vulnerable people who might have nobody to speak to.

There were some people in the comments who called this bitch out but you have to scroll all the way to the bottom because they got downvoted to shit. But they were 100% right. Fuck this entitled redneck and her god complex.

Moving on.


This is one of the most insane articles I’ve ever read. Women go around town dressed like literal whores and are then shocked when guys film them.

At first I just read the title. And I thought, “Well, that’s not right. You shouldn’t be filming people like some creep.”

Then I saw the pictures of these women. The pictures used in the actual article. They’re CLEARLY dressed like whores. I don’t mean that they’re wearing a low-cut top. These are prostitute outfits. The one woman is wearing some kind of bustier that completely exposes the centre of her torso all the way down. The whore next to her is wearing a strapless bra.

They’re going out in public like this and then they’re shocked when people take videos of them and post them online. It’s not the sort of thing you see every day, is it? You don’t typically see whores walking around.

These whores complain that people post the videos online and then ask if it’s them.

Well, it’s easy to find these women’s social media presence. They give their names in the article. Here’s one of them:

FULL of videos of her, dressed like a prostitute, in public, with other women who are dressed like prostitutes. But she finds something offensive when other people take a video of her doing this exact same thing.

It doesn’t make any fucking sense. She’s clearly dressing like this for attention. You don’t want to be filmed, don’t dress like a prostitute.

She’s also on Instagram. It’s private. She also sells her used clothes here:


“Sexy” pictures of her in every outfit. The prices are surprisingly reasonable. Only £7 for one of her used bras. I’m not seeing any panties.

Let’s see if I can find her friend Butterface. Actually, I can’t even say that. Her body is nothing to look at either.


Maybe this is her? I don’t know. It’s just a bunch of pictures of her in the gym showing her ass off.

“Come on, guys. Stop taking videos of us. We’re just trying to walk down the street dressed like prostitutes in peace.”


Oh, she sells her used whore outfits as well. Only ten pounds for her bikini top and bottom.

You have to assume that they’re on OnlyFans.

Finally, let’s end on a high. Batteries. I bought two packs of Duracell batteries like a year ago. Maybe two years ago. AA. I set them on a little table, reasonable temperature year-round.

So I go get them because I needed batteries and they’re all fucking corroded and slightly bloated. They were in the original packaging. Never opened. It was just cardboard packaging but that’s how they were sold. Had to throw them all out. They wouldn’t work. Some of them didn’t even fit in the compartment because they were swollen.

So I go get batteries that I stole from work like 15 years ago. No way that these are going to work but I was desperate. Put them in, turns on, bright as day, no problem. As good as the day they were manufactured.

Varta is the brand. Made in Germany. You can get 40 of them for £15. I probably spent £10 for these four Duracell batteries that went bad within two years.

The Varta batteries were wrapped in plastic shrink wrap. Could that have been the difference?

Anyway, I was thinking for “preppers” or whatever, Varta is the brand you want. Fuck Duracell. Or maybe it was Energizer. But it was one of the two big battery providers. It was one of those batteries that you can check the charge on by pressing down on them. But I wouldn’t recommend that for these particular batteries because they were leaking acid and ready to explode.

These Varta batteries were just fucking cheap batteries from a company that nobody’s ever heard of. They lasted 15 years. And who knows how old they were when I stole them? I have loads of them. I never have to buy a battery again.

The more I think of it, it was closer to 20 years that I got these batteries.

Anyway, I found it fascinating.

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