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He’s really shitting these videos out now. He has this one that he released 8 days ago, an X-Men game that he released 4 days ago, and 2 days ago he had a “trailer” for a Back to the Future game. I can’t keep up with this shit. And nobody is even watching these videos anyway. Why is he suddenly so obsessed? He’s in the manic phase of his mental disorder, I guess.

He also released a video about Dr Demento or whatever his name is having sex on an island full of children. I thought that that was a Twitter exclusive video but he actually put it on his Irate Gamer channel. It’s completely mental.

0:15 – He’s furiously mashing the buttons on his NES controller and then says, “Whasthatsound?”

That’s the sound of bad acting, Chris.

Then his California Raisin figures roll in. Hey guys! Remember the California Raisins?

Yeah. I guess. It was shit advertising. They actually needed advertising to sell RAISINS. Everything has to be a commodity in the US.

You know how they have a bunch of commercials in the US for medication? Everything from cold medication to boner pills? They don’t have that shit in the UK. Somehow people still get by. When they get a cold or can’t get an erection, they go to the pharmacist or their doctor and it all gets sorted out. You don’t need to advertise this shit.

Metamucil. Adult diapers. Tampons. All of this. Totally unwanted, unneeded advertisements. The people who need this stuff seek it out. You don’t have to create need. “Boy, I’m really sick of shitting myself. If only there were a solution.” WE ALL KNOW THE SOLUTION. GET SOME ADULT DIAPERS. WHY ARE THERE CONSTANT ADVERTISEMENTS FOR THIS?

2:30 – “Can you imagine all the kids out there who were big California Raisins fans…”

Let me stop you right there, Chris. NOBODY was a big California Raisins fan. What planet is this guy from?

3:15 – Then a digital Michael Jackson appears.

Wait a minute. Isn’t Chris BORES a big Michael Jackson fan? For some reason, I think that he is. How does this jive with his apparent crusade against child abuse?

4:30 – He calls the Fruit of the Loom characters “limey bastards”. What? They weren’t English. What the fuck is he talking about? There wasn’t even a lime character.

5:15 – He calls something a “nuclear juicy fart” and then a couple of seconds later, bad CGI excrement explodes on him while he’s doing some horrible acting. This is some real comedy.

5:30 – “Irate” acting that’s so bad that I’m very close to turning this off. Then he gets shit on again because that was just so fucking hysterical the first time.

6:00 – “You wrinkled, withered, bag of ass.”

Yeah. That stuff. That homosexual stuff. Chris, you’re gay. It’s fine. Just come out of the closet. Stop this fucking ghost shit and embrace your true passion: butt sex with men and scat and who the fuck knows?

6:15 – Extended golden shower references.

10:45 – At least the third time that he mentions Michael Jackson and we’re treated to this stupid, unfunny CGI Michael Jackson, voiced by Chris BORES, of course.

Then the video ends. This was shit. This was just Chris BORES and some of his sick toilet fetishes.

Who’s watching this stuff and actually enjoying it? The comments are full of people who seem to be enjoying this. I don’t get it. Which part was entertaining?

3 thoughts on “California Raisins – Unreleased NES Video Game Review – Irate Gamer

  1. I hate all the American prescription commercials too. No need to go on about it. Other nations where that thing is outlawed or just not done out of good taste automatically have much better tv! Not that commercials are high art or anything. You can just safely watch tv with family or friends and not hear about boners, mud butt, aunt flow, and the list goes on. Also people in American commercials act literally retarded. It’s like YouTube half the time. People acting dumbfounded, cuck facing and screaming at nothing for no reason. I literally can’t understand it. And I don’t mean like “wow look at that shine” kind of shit. Just people acting retarded about things unrelated to what they are selling.

    1. For me, it’s not even about not wanting to hear about Bob Dole talking about his penis. It’s the fact that medication is being pushed on the American public to such extreme degrees. This is a massive industry there and it’s just treated like any other commodity. Selling corn chips is treated the same as selling heart medication. Medication should be freely available for those who need it. It shouldn’t be something you decide you want to buy based on a commercial during a Happy Days rerun.

      1. I think it pushes dependence. A lot of that medication is shit that doesn’t cure anything. It’s for problems people don’t have. But seeing it on tv makes you think you need it. Living outside of the US I’ve never ever heard a single person talk about “muh conditions” or what meds they were on. Nobody has any and nobody takes any. I went back once and everyone every single person was bipolar or autistic whatever made up horse shit and read off all the pills they were on. They looked at me like I was nuts to say I was normal and took nothing and that it was even available for sale if I wanted it. It wasn’t like that 30 years ago 20. Maybe 10 it really got out of hand.

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