Low-key vlog: A trip to Hong Kong – Day 1, Hong Kong Disneyland – Super Retro Gal

Oh my god. Super Awkward Gal is back. It’s been at least six months. I was worried that somebody came back and got their revenge for her killing of “Pops”.

That’s got to be the biggest scandal I’ve ever covered on this site. Bigger than Destiny Fomo being a prostitute. Bigger than Erin Plays moving in with a man she didn’t know to exchange butt sex for Youtube promotion. Bigger than Bobdunga aka Ray Mona’s harassment campaign against a gay man, accusing him falsely of rape. Bigger than SupaNintendoGirl’s deep psychosis. Bigger than Tony from Hack the Movies actively participating in giving 21 year old orphans golden showers for money in collusion with said orphan’s fat, hillbilly pimp. Even bigger than Newt Wallen’s laundry list of offenses from plagiariasm to boasting about fucking a dead chick up the ass to consorting to prostitutes to exploiting a mentally ill woman and putting their sex videos on OnlyFans for money.

What could be bigger than murder? That’s number one. And this woman, Super Video Game Gal aka Super Retro Gal aka Super Awkward Gay straight up murdered her husband’s grandfather. There are videos. I covered it. Constant elder abuse. She HATED that man. She resented having to take care of him. She had a video where she was giving him a fucking bath and he didn’t even know where he was never mind that he was being filmed. No consideration given to this man’s dignity.

She had the motivation. She wanted the fucking house. She and her husband lived in this man’s house. They wanted him out of the picture.

He had a fall. She no longer looked after him. She went to work and left this decrepit man who needed 24 hour care alone. She came back and he was fucked up. He had multiple strokes. Multiple falls. Shouldn’t have been left alone but she was sick of him. She was sick of looking after him. She expressed this multiple times in the videos. This guy was ruining her life.

She’s a total scumbag .

So anyway, she’s going to Hong Kong. Oh, great. Get some culture. Take in the sights. See how people live.

No. They’re going to Disneyland. How fucking pathetic is this? Who the fuck goes to Hong Kong to go to DISNEYLAND?

It reminds me of JOHN RIGGS going to the UK and then trying out the local Pepsi. “Hmm…it’s sweeter than ours.”

I mean, he’s right. It’s sweeter because they don’t use that fucking frankenstein cancer-causing high fructose corn syrup ANYWHERE outside of the US. Once you leave the US, you’ll find that countries, no matter how poor or backwards the country may be, have laws that dictate that you can’t put dangerous chemicals in the food. Not so in the US. “Red #40? Yes, please. That’s freedom.”

But yeah, fuck Disney. Although, saying that, the people from the UK who travel to the US basically only go to one of two places: fabulous New York City and Disney World. It’s pathetic but that’s the reality.

I suppose that getting around is an issue. You need to rent a car if you go anywhere other than New York or Disney World. But surely most people who are traveling have licences.

Whatever. Let’s look at this fucking bullshit video.

0:00 – It starts with her going to the airport. She lives in fabulous Los Angeles or…around there.

Music plays.

0:30 – She and her husband are wearing masks. When was this taken?

1:00 – Now she’s in the airport in Hong Kong.

1:15 – They take a taxi to Disneyland.

1:30 – They’re at the hotel in Disneyland.

God, this is so shit. Who would spend money to do this? Why go all the way to Hong Kong to go to DISNEYLAND? She WORKS in Disneyland. It’s the same fucking corporate shit.

1:45 – She complains about the pool being closed.

2:15 – She’s there with her husband/murder accomplice. God, there is no fucking way that that guy is not gay. I’m sorry. Earlobe stretchers: gay. 100% of the time. Show me the exception. What heterosexual guy says, “Grr, I’m just so masculine that I’m going to make my ears look pretty”?

And he has a fucking gay as fuck haircut. I think that he’s wearing makeup too. This is…come on.

3:00 – She talks about her trip to Japan. You’ll never guess what they did. Disneyland.

3:30 – Sufjan Stevens music plays for some reason. Speaking of gay men.

I don’t even know what they’re showing. The lobby, I guess. I heard the word “lobby”. But the lobby of what? The hotel? Who gives a shit? This footage has been going on for like three minutes. I’m five minutes in.

5:30 – Now they’re showing the menu of one of the restaurants in the property. You can such Hong Kong delicacies as pancakes in the shape of Mickey Mouse.

“Also, it’s very cute and very wonderful.”

Hmm. Riveting stuff, Super Awkard Gal. That’s what I base my vacation plans on. Where can I find cute stuff?

6:00 – “Real spoons and biodegradeable spoons. That’s what we’re all about. Everything is biodegradeable for real here.”

What’s her carbon footprint for going to fucking Hong Kong just to see Disneyland? Show some consideration to the rest of us, Super Awkard Gal. We’d like to be able to breathe. Fuck your methane gases whether it be from totally unnecessary trips abroad or from your own anus, you self-loving, smug fucking bitch.

7:00 – Footage of Chinese people running to purchase merchandise. God. Fuck Chinese people and their complete lack of manners. Fortunately, there aren’t too many where I’m at now but when you do see one, they have a very different concept of personal space than you do. And they don’t believe in waiting their turn for anything.

9:45 – Now she’s back at the same fucking restaurant that she went to for breakfast. So she can’t even be bothered to explore the other restaurants in the property.

Then the video ends. Do you want to know what happened? NOTHING! You want to know what they saw and did? NOTHING!

They traveled to fucking Hong Kong FOR THIS? To eat a pancake in the shape of Mickey Mouse and go on a boring as fucking Frozen ride?

9 thoughts on “Low-key vlog: A trip to Hong Kong – Day 1, Hong Kong Disneyland – Super Retro Gal

  1. Please please tell me you’ll be writing about Garbage Stabber getting the ban hammer?! Fuck that asshole!!

    1. I wrote about it on my sub-reddit, as you may know.



      There’s nothing more to say. He’s not even really banned. They’re still letting him post there using his 50 alts but he seems to really have toned it back so either they told him to cut the shit or he’s just slowly easing his way back into his usual psychotic behaviour.

      I’m not going to write about that fucking faggot, though. He’d just jerk off to it. Year ago, I posted some stupid “meme” I made about him and that post would get like 50 hits a day. It was him obsessively reloading the page and masturbating. I had to delete it. It’s disgusting.

      Lunatic stalkers like it when you talk about them. They feel that they’re a part of the person’s life. No. He’s a fucking inbred, special education hillbilly from Alabama who has serious mental health problems. I want nothing to do with that faggot.

  2. poor Hong Kong.

    in other news, the us military is calling retired veterans and all people who have previously served in the army due to recruiting crisis. if kid shoryuken is really “retired from the army” (giant boomer quotes), he may not be off the hook yet.

    otoh, the visual of him handling military grade artillery and ordnance must be amusing, to say the least. does he say “hadouken” whenever he fires a shell?


    1. I don’t even know where I got that he was retired from the military. I must have got it from one of his videos. But I thought that he was much older than he apparently is. Maybe he just said “retired” in the sense that he’s no longer in the military.

        1. if he joined the militay immediately following high school, how did he become such an obese sad sack at the same time that he retired? either the army doesn’t require people to be in top physical and mental condition any more or he was along as the privates’ prag

          1. My understanding is that he was in the navy. And that he left…well, it must have been at least five years ago because I think that he’s had the channel for at least that long.

            But I don’t know where I got any of this from. He must have mentioned that he was in the navy in a video at some point because I wouldn’t just make this up. But I don’t know in what video. And my understanding is that he retired but given his age, he couldn’t have retired. Maybe he was only in the navy for a few years.

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