Newt’s Job Interview Attire

He’s got a red sort of dress shirt and a brown tie.

I mean, if I didn’t have a suit, which I do have, it might be the kind of thing that I’d wear to a job interview. And I only have suits because I wear them for my job.

What did I wear to job interviews before I had this job? Just like a black button down shirt and Chinos or whatever the fuck I had. God, I hated work attire before I got this job that required a suit. The jobs that I had required…basically what Newt’s wearing minus the tie. And I’m not going to buy a whole fucking wardrobe of that shit.

With the suits, I go all out. I spent like $800 on my most recent one. And I wear the double cuff shirts that require cufflinks. You don’t see that much. And I have an overcoat that’s like $1500. The shoes were $500 or something. So I’m the best dressed guy in town. I get a fair amount of compliments, but it’s usually from drunk guys.

You don’t really see people wearing suits any more. At least I don’t. Maybe in London, in the city, you still see it.

But yeah, I don’t recommend buying a suit just for job interviews. I don’t even know if I’d wear a suit to a job interview. It depends on the job, I guess. The manager jobs that Newt is going for…I mean I guess it wouldn’t hurt. It’s not like he’s going for a job interview as a “team worker” at McDonald’s.

Where was I going with this? Job interviews…Ideas Man…movie theatres…smart/casual attire.

Oh. Fucking wearing jeans on Friday. Fuck that. It’s bad enough that I have to buy all of this shitty smart/casual attire that I’ll never wear outside of work but now I have to buy a whole set of a jeans and casual but not too casual shirts? Fuck you. Pay me more and I’ll consider it. But for £8/hour? Suck a dick.

I forgot how terrible it all was. With wearing suits to work, it’s actually much better. You wear the same fucking suit every day. You get five shirts. You get few ties. You’re done. Rotate it out. Nobody cares.

I’ve been using the same shirts for years. They’re falling apart. But I refuse to buy new shirts because I hope to stop doing this job soon. Same with the ties. I’m down to two that still aren’t completely destroyed but I’m not buying new ones because in a month’s time, I hope to be out of here. Whether I find another job or not. Fuck this shit.

Maybe I should move to Philadelphia and see if I can get a job at Newt’s cinema. There’s going to be an opening soon, after all. Would I make videos with PVC Bondage Guy? Probably not. No, I’d get the fucking black woman with the big tits and phat ass. Pay her fifty bucks a video or something.

9 thoughts on “Newt’s Job Interview Attire

  1. Good on ya for going with the suit. You can see how far society has slid by now people dress. It’s looks like pajamas half the time. Grown men can’t tie a tie so save their lives. “Dressing up” is a button down shirt untucked with jeans and boots. Jesus god!! It’s because everyone got too fat for one. So it just became saggy jeans with your fat ass hanging out and a XXXXL basketball jersey. This is well dressed in 2024 sadly. I did the same thing only about half as cheap. I wear suits to everything. You always look like the boss and it’s just easy to do. I didn’t realize how stupid everyone else looks not in a suit. I get it if you’re just getting gas for the car or whatever but in a work environment with adults everyone looks like a kid. Except it’s not an SpongeBob tshirt for an 7 year old it’s a Slayer shirt or some shit for an 35 year old man child. In a suit guys 10 years older than you will call you sir. It commands respect!!
    Also when you aren’t a massive fat ass they aren’t so uncomfortable. I don’t get the red though. I see a lot of guys do this. Ones who don’t have a suit. Any color except white or light blue with an ugly tie and never top button up either.

    1. I wear sweatpants and band t-shirts, and I’m doing fine, buddy. I’m sorry that a three-piece is the only thing that can hide your insecurities, but I’ll be goddamned if I’m dressing like that to go pick up dinner or whatever.

      You sound like a fun time.

    1. Oh yeah. I saw this morning that he wrote something like that on Twitter. It’s about him thinking of leaving Youtube because he got a new job, health problems, and his channel getting flagged for obvious violations. It’s probably for the best. There’s no market for anything that he does. The self-proclaimed Ideas Man has exactly two ideas: tits and gore. Both done poorly.

      1. It’s hilarious he even said that. Like yeah no shit your channel gets flagged for that stuff. You’re ironically obsessed with that stuff. It took your videos getting into trouble for you be smacked with reality on that apparently. It really, REALLY pisses him off that dumbass “joke” video got taken down clearly.

        1. His channel has no views because no one wants to watch the boring, low-effort content. Videos filmed in his car, yea, real engaging stuff there Newt.

          27 members on his Patreon tells you no one wants to pay for this content either.

          Well, if he shuts down his channel, he can finally finish that comic book… hahaha! Nah, that’s never coming out!

          Maybe we’ll get one last video before he shuts it all down, an announcement for a GoFundMe for his “medical issues”, no doubt.

          1. I, for one am still holding onto hope that we’ll get Florida Man comics and that “Fallon shower scene” from Sucks2Suck.

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