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This woman is awful so I’m going to filibuster for as long as I can before watching the video. I am NOT INTERESTED in saving money. That’s not a motivation for me. I’ll gladly pay more not to deal with any bullshit.

There are a lot of ways that you can save money or make money. There are these people who constantly switch bank accounts in order to get the “new customer” deals. They’ll pay you £100 to open account or there will be a 3% interest rate on your savings or whatever. And there are a bunch of criteria you have to meet before they give you the money. Not worth it. Not worth the hassle. But there are people all over the internet telling you to do this shit. No, thanks. I’ll just work instead.

You can save money by getting store brand cereal instead of the name brand stuff. No thanks. I’ll pay the extra 50p and get shit that actually tastes half-way decent.

I was purchasing some expensive software. It was over $3000. And the guy said, “If you fill out this form and send it to me, I’ll give you a $200 discount.” I said, “No thanks.” This was like 15 years ago. And the only way to get this software was through this guy. So he said, “What are you talking about? The software is $3000 without the form but $2800 with the form.” I said, “I don’t need the discount.” He then tells me that it’s required to fill out the form.

So here’s what I had to do that get that fucking pissant discount. I had to go to the library. Get the form printed. Because I didn’t have a printer. The printing cost, whatever, 10p a sheet. There were maybe two sheets. That’s 20p. But it’s not really about the money, it’s about the hassle of going to the library.

Then I had to scan it. Then I had to fill out this long fucking form. With a pen. I had to make sure that I didn’t make any mistakes because this is the only copy I had and if I fuck it up, I have to go back to the library.

Then I had to scan it because the guy didn’t have a postal address, this was all done through email. But he didn’t give me a form that I could fill out on my computer. It was a PDF file, I assume and there’s free software now that you can use to edit PDF files but there wasn’t 15 years ago. Not that I knew of anyway.

So oops, I don’t have a scanner. So I have to go to the fucking store and get a scanner. I got the cheapest scanner I could find. It was £20.

I scanned the document and sent it off. Oh, whoopdeedoo, I got $200 off this $3000 software and it only cost me £20.20 and two laborious trips. A paltry 5.9% discount.

I was right. I’ll just pay the fucking $200. I don’t give a shit. Don’t make me do all of this.

I still use that scanner like every week so it was a good investment but he didn’t know that. It’s quite possible that I could have used that scanner solely for that document that I had to send.

Broadband companies. People are always telling you to switch to get the best deals or at least threaten to switch. The broadband companies themselves tend to have cheap introductory rates for six months or whatever and then they jack up the price.

I’m not fucking interested in that shit. Just give me the price. The actual price. And I don’t want any fucking contract.

That’s why when my contract runs out, I never renew, even though the price can double if you’re outside of your contract period. I don’t give a shit. It’s not worth the hassle of having to be locked into a new contract. I don’t know what’s going to happen in the future. Maybe I’ll move. In fact, I’ll almost certainly move.

So I found a broadband company that gives a straight price, no discount, and there’s no contract. Perfect. The price is fair. I’ve been using them for six months. No problems. Three times faster than my old provider. £10 cheaper a month than the other company’s jacked up out of contract price. Great.

When I was living in the US, I was trying to cancel my AOL and some scumbag from a phone company kept trying to get me to switch phone companies. “Don’t you want to save money?” No, asshole. Don’t you get it? Not interested in saving money. I remember the exact quote that I gave him, “I have no interest in saving money.” I wasn’t even saying it to be an asshole or to end the call. This was my genuine belief and it remains so.

People like TheGebs24 don’t seem to get it. Fucking budgeting and whatnot. No. I don’t budget. I spend money freely and still manage to save money every month. I don’t have to count the fucking pennies and get the store brand baked beans.

I’m not saying that I’m Mr Money Bags but I just don’t need to do it. Alright? And it’s a huge hassle. Fuck saving money.

But we’ve got TheGebs24 over here bitching about the price of video games. Okay, well here’s how I’d solve that problem: don’t buy the games. Buying retro video games is not a necessity. Have you seen that woman’s house? She should be saving money for something decent. Stop blowing it on video games.

0:00 – So her first tip is to get your games from Asda. That’s a fucking grocery store. She shows the price at Asda versus Game. The game at Asda is £29 and at Game it’s £32.

Who gives a shit? The difference is negligible. It’s worth the extra £3 not to have to do your video game purchasing in the bargain bin of a grocery store.

You know how else you can get cheap games? Rooting through dumpsters and hoping for the best. But is it worth the time? It it worth the embarassment?

Then she takes another game from Asda. It’s £24. At Game it’s £26. WHO CARES? Is this just an advertisement for Asda?

And she wanted to check some other site but her signal wasn’t working. Or something. She probably ran out of credit on the cheapest pay as you go sim she could find.

1:15 – She’s showing her tits. She’s like 45. I mean, come on. I’m about the same age as she is but nobody wants to see my tits either. Have some self-respect. Grow old gracefully.

1:30 – Some Princess Peach game is £5 cheaper at Asda but some Mario game is 1p cheaper at Game. So…who cares? You’re at the store. These are tiny differences. You have to also factor in the cost of gas. Your time. The effort. Just get whatever is there at whatever store you’re at. You can’t go around checking prices at every store in town.

Even if this particular Asda has cheaper prices than Game on this particular day, that’s not the case across the country. Prices fluctuate.

Even as a kid, when £5 was a lot of money, I wouldn’t give a shit about this. “You want me to check every store in town for the best price? Fuck you. I’ll just go to the closest shop.”

What adult cares about a £5 difference in video games? Just don’t get the games.

2:15 – I’m about to turn this off. She’s annoying. She says “get in” and “40 squid” instead of “quid”. I’d even find “quid” annoying. It’s like the equivalent of “bucks”. A slang term for “dollars”, or “pounds” in this case.

And all she’s doing is comparing the prices of the games in Asda with how much they’re going for on the Game website. She’s not even going to an actual Game store. How lazy is this?

She could have made this video with no effort at all by just staying in her hovel and comparing the prices between Asda’s website and Game’s website. And show her tits at every price reveal.

Super Mario RPG is £3 more at Game. Well, that’s fantastic.

I think that I’m done. Pick up some bread that’s expiring tomorrow while you’re at Asda, Gebs. They put that stuff in the discount bin for slightly less money. Get in a fight with a hobo over it.

Fucking Asda. I wouldn’t set foot in Asda. It’s a grocery store for the completely impoverished. And it’s a false economy. Yeah, the food is cheaper but it tastes like shit. Is that what you want? Pay a little more and get much higher quality food.

3 thoughts on “GO HERE and YOU will SAVE MONEY on Video Games today!! – TheGebs24

  1. The truth is digital games are much cheaper. Except for first party Nintendo games which never get a discount past 15%, same price as used, and sports games that will devalue to $1 almost overnight, they’re all much cheaper if you just wait around. I’ve seen every major game of this gen sell for 50%off at some point except Nintendo of course. But they can’t accept this because they have to have a collection to resell someday which will never have the value it once did but they think it will. I wonder if this “bubble” of used games has come
    About because these assholes actually aren’t playing them anymore? Just hoarding. It’s like owning a house no have been understood. They call a house and investment. Houses that aren’t brand new should be worth nothing. Everything inside is used. Used kitchen bathroom floor etc. you didn’t choose the layout and design but you’re forced to pay half a million dollars for this why? Because all the assholes got together and decided they won’t lose money on the house they bought. Everything else on earth loses value. A 20 year old car is worthless but get a bunch of new parts and off ya go. Same for a House. A 20 year house will need a new water heater stove bathtub and a bunch of other shit. How much does a 20 year old car cost? 0.
    These games were worth retail, $40 or whatever because they supported the income of the creators and manufacturers and the store etc. they all fell to almost nothing because you’re not supporting anything with a 10 year old game and nobody gave a shit anymore. Honestly I think they only had some value because genuinely nice people would offer $1 to feel like they weren’t stealing. But the price was to get the game. Now that these things are $100 or whatever each, no ones letting go. No one can just say oh this was worth 50 in 1991 but I can play it on a pc for free so here take the cart if you makes you feel better, retard. This is worthless plastic.

    1. I suppose it’s like cd’s. People aren’t buying cd’s, are they? They’re worthless. You can just download everything. You can listen to whatever you want on fucking Youtube for free. I wonder why video games didn’t get the same treatment as cd’s.

      DVD’s, same thing. Nobody’s buying DVD’s.

      1. Yeah I thought about that no could probably get every album I ever liked for about $100. The medium itself is worthless. Just plastic. I don’t know of anything on YouTube that’s about collecting music. Hey look at my pickups! I got the Better Than Ezra CD for 50 cents!! But for some reason these assholes are adamant that old games, which have little value, and that they will never play, that they buy cannot be sold for a loss. Only for a massive profit. It’s more proof that gaming, the hobby we love has always been populated by retards, unfortunately.

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