NEWTrition: Super Saiyan ramune drink – Newt Wallen

0:00 – Newt is with some FLAMING homosexual black man in a dollar store.

Now, I recently commented about how I want to see black WOMEN on the Schlock & Awe channel. Because Newt is always talking about how awful white people are so I suggested, well, let’s see some homies. And there are more black people in Philadelphia than there are white people, or any other race. So there’s no excuse. Other than, Newt is a fraud and a hypocrite.

But I was saying that I want to see black WOMEN. I specifically requested big chocolate tits and a phat ass. This homo has neither.

I was talking to my black girlfriend about homosexuality. It’s not a topic that comes up frequently and I don’t say “faggot” or use any derogratory language because I’m not a cretin but she knows that I’m not big on the poo pushers. But she is. She’s all about homosexuality and being inclusive and embracing all kinds of degenerate behaviour.

So I said, “You know, it’s kind of surprising because black people tend not to be so accepting of homosexuality.” And she said, “Well, there you go. There’s another example of your small-minded views. I’m not like that and I know many black people who aren’t.”

But of course it’s true that black people are the least accepting of homosexuality. It’s part of the culture. It’s one of the more admirable aspects of the culture. They should focus more on that part of the culture and less on the criminality and absentee father parts of the culture.

So anyway, we’ve got Nick here. He’s balding but chooses to have a large afro. He’s covered in tattoos. That’s another thing. Black people aren’t terribly into tattoos. Given the skin tone, it doesn’t have the same appeal as lighter skinned people.

Newt says that they’re at FYE. What the fuck is that?

Entertainment retail stores. Whatever that means. Oh. CDs, DVDs, games. Like Best Buy minus the computers. And who’s buying any of this shit today?

I’m looking at their website. I suppose it’s like Game Stop or something. They sell Funco Pops and shit like this. Nerd shit.

So anyway, I think that Nick works there. So it’s not even Newt’s friend. This is like that Seinfeld episode where George is trying to show his boss or a co-worker or something how progressive he is but he doesn’t have any black friends. So he asks an exterminator who the company hired to pose as his friend.

Nick, Newt’s new best friend, is showing the anime beverage that he’s trying to sell to Newt. $2.00 for a tiny bottle. What a steal.

This is an imported item, I guess? That would explain the price. And Newt asked to be shown how to open it so…it must have been something unusual.

1:30 – There’s a ball in the drink. Newt doesn’t know what this is. It’s for carbonation. Cans of Guiness have the same thing.

Anyway, Newt didn’t care for the beverage.

That was awful. Why was he doing this video with this homosexual employee? Just to get some diversity on the channel? I’m not counting this. Newt needs to PAY for a sexy black WOMAN to appear on the show. Just like he pays that old whore Fallon or that crack addict red-haired woman or possibly PVC Bondage Guy. God, if anybody should be getting paid, it’s PVC Bondage Guy. She’s in every fucking video. I think that she was filming this one.

What other videos does the Ideas Man have? A couple of “behind the scenes” videos of his latest shit “movie” with prostitutes that nobody will see. Great. Maybe I’ll check that out later. He also has a Ghostbusters review where he talks about the red-haired woman and the Italian and Reddit and maybe I get a shout out. I’ll have to check that one out too.

Why does he even mention Reddit? I don’t think that people talk about him on Reddit that much. It’s been years. So I’ll give those homos on TheCinemassacreTruth credit for this one. They will repeat the same shit day after day, year after year, but they seem to have dropped Newt from their rotation. Good for them. And good for Newt.

Oh, Newt blocked me on Reddit. What a fucking coward. Like I was even interacting with him or reading his messages. I only found out about it now when I went to check on his sub-reddit that nobody goes to. He probably blocked me years ago.

Anyway, he hasn’t posted in three months.

2 thoughts on “NEWTrition: Super Saiyan ramune drink – Newt Wallen

  1. That’s pretty funny. The timing. He finally found a “brother” that would be on a video with him literally right after you called him out for only being around crackers, while constantly shitting on them. I think he reads your blog- probably daily. He at least checks to see if there is any Newt news that you cover…or if it’s about “The Italian” or “The Redhead”…i could see him thoroughly enjoying those posts.

    1. He definitely comes here. PVC Bondage Guy too. They openly admit it. And the logs show a lot of hits from Pennsylavnia so it’s not just them . All of Screenwave are big blog fans, James Rolfe is visiting every day, Mike Matei, Erin. Everybody. The whole crew. They’re hanging on my every word. I’m the most powerful voice in the Screenwave and Ex-Screenwave community.

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