Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – Double Review – Cinemassacre

A double review. Double the green screen. Double your boredom.

0:00 – He starts with weird, fake enthusiasm. I prefer James’ genuine autistic disinterest to everything that isn’t poop as opposed to this weird and creepy fake enthusiasm.

0:30 – Jimmy likes how both films have the word “Empire” in them. He loves that autistic wordplay.

0:45 – “So I’m thinking, ‘Oh boy, everybody is going to ask me about Ghostbusters and everybody is going to ask me about Godzilla.”

James, let me bring you down to reality. Speaking for myself, somebody who has been watching your videos since 2007 or 2008, I don’t give the slightest of fucks what you think about these movies. I didn’t even know that they were coming out. I didn’t know anything about either movie. I have no interest in this. It’s completely off my radar.

And do you think I give a fuck what some 40+ year old autistic man thinks about these movies? I don’t give a shit. Alright? Is that okay with you? Sorry to damage your fragile ego, but nobody gives a fuck what you think. You’re a total has been.

0:45 – He starts going on about the minutia of purchasing tickets. James…are you fucking kidding me? NOBODY CARES! Figure it out. We don’t need to know about the different show times and venues.

2:00 – He’s talking about a Garfield trailer that played before the movie. This better be relevant.

No. It wasn’t. He just made an autistic reference to Bill Murray voicing Garfield.

3:45 – Winston is scolding Ray saying, “We’re getting too old for this.”

Well…yeah. Just looking at these screenshots, how fucking old are these guys? 80? This is insane. Let me look this up.

Bill Murray is 73. God. That’s a rough 73. Dan Akyroyd is 71. Ernie Hudson is 78.

What’s the retirement age in the US? 66.

I wonder if I’m entitled to any social security in the US. I only worked there a couple of years. I think that I’m entitled to something. Is it based on how many years you worked or anything? Because I think that’s how it works in the UK.

Aw, you basically have to have worked for 10 years in the US. That sucks. I think it’s 20 years in the UK to get the full amount. If you have less than that, you get a reduced amount. What? It’s 30 years. That’s fucking bullshit.

I never did anything with investments or pensions. Fuck it. They’re not going to let me starve. In the US? Probably.

Anyway, I don’t want to see elderly ghost busters. It’s ridiculous.

God. I’m really struggling to watch this video. I’d rather go back and talk about retirement plans than listen to this boring as fuck video.

5:45 – I’m losing the will to live but James talks about how Ghostbusters was a comedy. Was it? I mean, I guess but I can’t remember anything funny. I saw the movie, I think, probably more than once, but I’m not interested in it. I don’t get the appeal. More stupid 80s *nostalgia* from people who watched this dreck as children.

9:00 – James liked the movie. Great.

9:30 – Godzilla. I’m guessing that he likes this one too. Great.

10:45 – Jimmy says that can’t go to the cinema to see a movie unless the whole family wants to see it. What is wrong with this guy? Ever hear of a babysitter? Take that beast of a wife out on a date, you autistic piece of shit. It’s called romance.

This guy is in prison. He can’t do ANYTHING because he has children. I understand that there are responsibilities. There are certain things you can’t or shouldn’t do. You don’t want to move house. You don’t want to change your job. You don’t want to take as many risks. Whatever. I get it.

But you can’t see a movie? I’m pretty sure that you can, Jimmy. Put an ad on the local delicatessan’s notice board stating that you’re looking for a babysitter and are willing to pay ten bucks an hour. You’ll get offers.

What a life this guy leads.

12:00 – I’m stopping the video here. This is stupid. I don’t give the slightest of fucks about “Hollow Earth”. I don’t know what it is. I don’t care what it is. Fuck this extreme nerd bullshit.

Let’s see what the boys on Reddit had to say. Something gay, no doubt.

Well, it’s largely Photoshopped pictures of James Rolfe with his mouth agape. “Gaping maw beckoning for a cock”. Hm. Yeah. We all have fantasies but we don’t all post them on Reddit.

The rest of the responses are “memes”. 5.40. No time. You know the homosexual drill. This was totally worth my time to check that complete trash out.

The people who post there aren’t just gay, they’re stupid. They’re stupid gay men. I guess that stupid gay men need a place to congregate but why around Cinemassacre? What about James Rolfe attracts stupid gay men? And why are there are so many stupid gay men anyway? I mean, it’s like retard levels over there. They’re repeating the same unfunny, homoerotic shit every fucking day.

2 thoughts on “Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire and Godzilla x Kong: The New Empire – Double Review – Cinemassacre

  1. Was reading autistic Bimmy’s retarded book and god fucking damnit! What a moron! I’m going literally brain dead trying to decipher this drivel. It’s easy to skim through because I’ve read so many excerpts before but one nugget that made me laugh. He paid his sister $20 when they were kids to be in one of his “films” and then she still flaked on him! haha!!

    The typos are a riot but this heading was funny “COLLEGE CHAOS P(ART 2)” I thought, what the fuck? How did you miss this?! then the next part “COLLEGE CHAOS P(ART 3)” What the fuck did he do? copy and paste then change the number? This is where I tapped out. I can’t stomach this drivel. It’s more self absorbed than the books Kim Il-Sung wrote about his own mythology that North Koreans are still forced to read daily.

    As for this stupid video, he must be slipping because this could be easily two separate videos for double money, so god know what’s up with that. Fuck him, if he cuts his pay in half, I don’t care. Were there stupid sponsers? Maybe the gravy train is finally derailing.

    One more thing, though, people on the truth sub bash April all the time saying Bimmy is cucked or whatever, and that she hates his line of “work” and that’s why he’s given up on it. But, the “forward” is the most ball licking praise for another person I have ever read. More than the way Bimmy self-fellates himself! So something doesn’t add up there.

    As for social security you can combine US savings with another country even if its less that 10 years, it can be combined with the UK and maybe bump you up to 30. There is also a minimum of $900 a month or something under sone qualifications. Apparently very few get this because most everyone gets more than the minimum. What you could do I make up some fake freelance income, like $3000 a year, pay $176 in SS tax and add the year or quarter to the total.

  2. The worst part of his book for me was the revolting detail that he got into regarding his wife’s pregnancy. I suppose you didn’t get to that part.

    I’ll have to look into that Social Security thing when the time comes. But that’s good news that it wasn’t a total waste of time, hopefully. It was only a couple of years anyway.

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