Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Quarter Arcade Review – Erin Plays

Aw yeah. Some Erin Plays action. How I’ve missed this. What a terrible thumbnail, by the way.

0:00 – “Numbskull Designs was kind enough to send me their latest product: a quarter-scale replica of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade machine.”

What? I waited a week for this? A crummy commercial?

She’s done NUMEROUS commercials for this company. Let me look this up.

Oh wait. That was…Retro Ali? Huh.

Here’s one by Bobdunga:

But here’s one from Erin:

I know that Erin has done many more, though. I probably just didn’t use the name “Numbskull” in the article. I often intentionally omit the name of the company so as not to add to the advertising.

Anyway, then Erin shills HARD for this thing. How did they pay her for this? It couldn’t have just been for the free…whatever this piece of shit is. She wouldn’t shill this hard merely in exchange for this thing.

1:30 – “It’s a classic Konami, side-scrolling, beat-em-up, from the golden age of arcades.”

Uh huh. The game sucks dick, that tiny machine sucks dick, and you suck dick. In exchange for Youtube promotion.

By the way, is Mike even promoting Erin any more? Not that I’m seeing. So does that mean that buttsex is over?

Oh, I should have mentioned that Erin is in the world’s laziest April costume. This is the only way she knows how to do things. Why bother putting effort into anything? Just any old yellow shirt will do.

2:30 – Now there’s extended talk about the NES game. IT’S TOTALLY IRRELEVANT. But I guess that she got desperate for things to talk about. Has she mentioned colours yet?

3:00 – She finishes the video by telling you what website to purchase this piece of shit from.

How much do you want to guess these things go for? I’ll say…$300.

I was about right. The prices vary. The official website doesn’t even sell them. There are just links to places where you can buy this shit. And there are a bunch of stupid variants if you want to spend more money for a stool and/or something signed by somebody.

Well, the comments but be heaving with angry vitriol, right?

No, of course not. But people are complaining about the price. It’s true. How much is a full sized machine? It can’t be much more than $300. I don’t mean TMNT, that’s probably more expensive because it’s four players, but how much is a cheap arcade cabinet?

I’m seeing a website that sells flatpack arcade cabinets for about $400. Monitor not included, so that’s another $200 or so. This thing looks like crap but…it’s full-size.

But I was thinking more an actual arcade cabinet.

From a quick search, I think about $1000 minimum. But that’s for a working game.

  • “Company sends you something free and you talk about it #ad”

Oh, finally somebody is directing their ire at Erin instead of Numbskull. That’s where the ire is rightly placed.

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