Numskull Pac-Man Quarter Arcade Cabinet Review – Bobdunga

This is now the THIRD gamer grrl reviewing this shit.  Retro Ali did one just recently:

Erin also did one but the review is gone.

Now it’s fucking Bobdunga.  Hey, Numskull, where’s my fucking Pac-Man quarter scale arcade cabinet?  If they’re sending this shit to these nobodies, can I be far behind?  You’ll reach an audience of…I don’t know…at least dozens of hardcore “gaming” enthusiasts.  Actually, let me check my statistics.

82 views yesterday.  That’s probably about average.  There are sometimes big spikes if somebody links to my blog on 4chan or something.

Let’s just look at stats from the past month.  Get the most recent ones.  Yeah, 78% Americans.  So this is perfect for Numskull and their fine Pac-Man quarter scale product.  The second highest audience is, oddly, Japan at 4%.  Presumably it’s American immigrants there like what’s his name…KidShorykun.  Maybe he’s responsible for all of these hits, actually.  But anyway, Japan and KidShorykun in particular: big gaming people.  And UK and Canada are close behind.  

Anyway, Numskull is obviously handing this shit out like candy.  They must have made millions of these things solely to give away to Z-list “Youtubers”.  John Riggs also did a review of this thing.  

I wouldn’t even fucking take it.  What do I need this cheap piece of shit for?  I’d play it once, just to see that it works, and then it would just take up space.  For eternity.  

I could try to sell it but it would have to be pick up only because I’m not dealing with shipping for this big piece of shit.  And who would buy a used mini-arcade machine from some random guy?  I’d have to offer it at a huge discount.  It’s $130 new so I’d have to sell it for like $50.  Then you have to deal with time-wasters and pranksters and people trying to low-ball you and all of this.    

And the recommendation is that you don’t let people into your house when you’re selling shit.  Because maybe they’ll bash you over the head, take your shit, and do butt stuff to you.  So I’d have to lug this thing to the nearest Starbucks and do the transaction there.  And maybe the guy doesn’t fucking show.  Or maybe he still bashes me over the head and takes my shit.  Probably wouldn’t do butt stuff at Starbucks at least.  And all of this for FIFTY BUCKS.

I didn’t even get into the actual WORK involved in receiving this product.  I’m expected to do a full review on the product.  That’s like an hour’s work to write this shit.  And these gamer grrls are doing VIDEOS on it which must take at least an hour.  For a product that’s worth fifty bucks in the secondary market and it would be a giant hassle to sell and you might get forcibly sodomised.  

That’s how desperate these gamer grrls are.  They’re willing to do all of this work for peanuts.  They’re constantly scrounging for PENNIES.  There’s no dignity in this.  Go get a job.  That’s where the dignity lies.  You don’t have to constantly beg for spare change and do all of this humiliating shit for literal trash.  

So how long is this video anyway?  NINE MINUTES?  Fuck.

0:00 – Oh.  Off her medication still.  Just watch it.  The first SECOND of the video, you can immediately see that she’s not right.  She says “hello” like a crazy person and then immediately an edit.  This is what she does when she’s a bit off.  Expect a lot of annoying edits and camera zooms.

0:30 – She thanks John Riggs for the “hookup”.  What a sick fuck he is.  What does he hope to get out of this?  What do you think?  Doesn’t Bobdunga realise this?  

Either she’s extremely naive or she’s a callous person who doesn’t mind stringing horny John Riggs along.  

“I don’t normally do unboxings.  I don’t normally open up retro stuff.”

Because you’re not buying this garbage.  Why would you?  Why would anyone?  But you got this for free under the condition that you make a video on it.  So that’s why you’re making a video on it.  This isn’t hard to understand.

0:45 – “I’ve always wanted a little arcade system in my room.”

Really.  Do tell.  

And if you wanted it so much, why not just pay the $130?  It’s not much.  I mean, for this complete piece of shit it’s way too much but $130 generally is not a lot of money.  

1:00 – Then she does a full on commercial on OTHER shit that Numskull sells.  She starts it by saying, “Oh, by the way” like she just suddenly remembered and this is all off the top of her head.  No.  This is scripted.  She’s doing a full commercial for this company.  And for what?  A $130 piece of trash.

1:15 – She says that Numbskull does stuff for “nostalgic gamers”.  This misuse of the word “nostalgic” has to stop.

“I really want to get my hands on their Playstation merch because it looks really awesome.  So Numskull, if you guys are watching this video, please (sucks teeth) please send me some Playstation stuff because I could wear it on the video for you guys.”

So fucking buy it, you bum.  She’s literally begging for CLOTHES.  Cheap clothes.  And she’s openly saying that she’ll promote the company some more in exchange for these cheap clothes.

Do none of these unemployed “gaming” “Youtubers” have any integrity?  They’re willing to sell out for T-SHIRTS.  

These quarter scale machines are trash.  But there’s not ONE “Youtuber”, to my knowledge, who has said this.  Because they’re all getting this shit for free in exchange for a video on the product.  And of course the video is going to be positive.  If it’s negative, that’s the last free piece of trash that you’ll ever get.  

So they’re willing to sit there and lie about these shit products for…basically nothing.  T-shirts and big pieces of trash.  They’re willing to sell their good reputation and their impartiality and all of this shit for trash.

It’s not like a rock star being offered millions of dollars to do a Coke commercial.  I could understand that.  Millions of dollars.  I’ll take that.  Who gives a fuck?  I’m not an artist anyway.  I’ll take the money while the going is good.

T-shirts.  Shitty little arcade machines.  That’s what they’re selling out for.  Just get a fucking job and you’ll make more money than this.

2:15 – She reads the certificate of authenticity which claims that there are “only” 10,000 of these things being made.  How?  I’ve seen close to 10,000 videos on this thing.  Joe from Gamesack is another one who shilled for this piece of shit.

Bobdunga is surprised by everything in this fucking box.  The certificate of authenticity and now the “collectors” coin.  Why is she surprised?  She hasn’t seen any of the thousands of other videos/commercials about this product?

3:30 – She again profusely thanks the good people at Numskull for sending this $130 piece of shit.

5:00 – She points out the volume slider.  “So that means we’re going to get sound too.”

Oh.  Sound too, you say?  This thing has it all.  Graphics AND sound!  The future is here!

She has a terrible set up for this.  She’s just sitting it in her lap and sometimes showing the screen to the camera.  And she refuses to take the protective plastic off of the screen because she doesn’t want to…I don’t know…drop it from near mint to very fine condition.

 5:30 – Then she managed to turn it on and the game starts and she almost shits her pants.  Look at this fucking fake “reaction”.  She’s putting Retro Ali to shame.  

Earlier in the video, she actually expressed doubts that this thing even played Pac-Man.  What the fuck did she think it was?  Hasn’t she seen any of the videos on this?  Didn’t John Riggs tell her what this is?

And this is product that she said she really wanted.  How could she really want something that she, apparently, knows NOTHING about?

5:45 – “Look at that!  That actually plays!”

Didn’t you know this already?  Didn’t you know that a product that’s a quarter scale replica of the Pac-Man arcade system plays Pac-Man?  Didn’t you know that such a product has sound?  

She’s also used the word “cute” or similar probably about 30 times so far.  No exaggeration.  Not even Erin said “cute” this many times.

6:00 – “I would buy another one of these.  I would buy one for myself if they didn’t send one.”

Oh right.  I’ll look forward to that video.  Which one are you going to get, Bobdunga?  Bubble Bobble is always “cute”.  And show us the receipt.

Then she goes on and on and on about how amazing this thing is and she just can’t believe it.  A mini arcade?  Wow?  How did Numskull do it?  This is fucking great!

It’s just stupid.  Fake and stupid.  

And she played the fucking thing ON HER LAP, for a few seconds, one-handed.  Does this look like fun to anyone?  Having a big piece of shit on your lap and playing with one hand while trying not to drop the whole thing?  

6:45 – She directs the viewer to the Numskull website where you can purchase “an array” of fine products.  

7:15 – “I’ll be honest.  I thought that if I didn’t like this, I’d probably re-gift it but I’m probably going to keep it for myself.”

Why would that thought even enter her mind?  Her entire life, she wanted a mini-arcade machine.  That’s what she said at the start of the video.  But then she was surprised that this thing even functioned.  And now she says that she contemplated getting rid of this thing.

What was the point of this video?  John Riggs hooked her up with this thing, this thing that she always wanted, Numskull are the greatest company on earth for sending her it, and now she says that she planned on “re-gifting” it.  It doesn’t make any sense.  There’s a lie here somewhere.  Likely multiple lies.

7:30 – “I’m just so fascinated.  How is it that you guys made me so fascinated by Pac-Man.  Like Pac-Man?  Really?”

Hey, Bobdunga.  Let me show you something that’s going to blow your mind: Gameboy.  


She just can’t get over the fact that an arcade game can be played on a machine that’s…the size of a small child.  

You can play Pac-Man on your fucking phone.  Doesn’t she know about this?  It’s completely mental.  But look who we’re talking about.  This is “on brand”.

8:00 – Then she begs Numskull to send her “Mappy stuff”.  MORE FUCKING BEGGING!  This is disgusting.  She just got this fucking thing for free but it’s not enough.  She wants more free shit.

And she just got through saying that if they DIDN’T send her this thing, she would have bought it anyway.  And she went on about how Numskull has LOADS of cool products.  

Fucking buy it then.  Buy this awesome shit from Numskull.  They just sent you a fucking free $130 piece of shit.  You can’t return the favour by purchasing something?  Not even a $20 t-shirt?  

Of course, the favour was doing this commercial where she fawned over this load of garbage but still.  This is disgusting how she keeps begging for more shit.  GET A JOB AND BUY IT YOURSELF!

8:15 – She says she’s going to show her sisters after she finishes recording this commercial.  So I guess her whole family recently moved.  I wasn’t sure if it was her whole family or she finally decided to get her own place or what.  Of course, she doesn’t have a job so it’s difficult to get your own place.

8:30 – After she YET AGAIN encourages the viewer to visit the Numskull website and goes on YET AGAIN about how awesome this thing is, she says, “Numskull did not pay me to make this video.”

How stupid do you think we are?  The machine IS THE PAYMENT.

Thank you, Porsche for sending me this 911.  It’s an excellent car.  I encourage everyone to buy it.  The people at Porsche are the best people in the world.  But I have to stress, Porsche DID NOT pay me for this review.

Then she ends the video by saying that it’s cute.  In case you missed that bit of information the first 400 times she said it.

Roll Patreon supporters.  

By the way, she has 110 “patrons” who are paying between $1 and $20 a month.  As a really rough guess, I’ll say that she’s making at least $300/month from these horny losers.  So she has money to spend on whatever cheap Numskull shit she wants.  Especially considering that she has no bills to pay because she lives with her mother.

1,100 views.  Was this even worth it to Numskull?  The production cost of this thing is probably $10.  But shipping has to be…I don’t know…at least $20?  So $30 for this Bobdunga commercial.  For a product that EVERYONE already knows about, except, it would seem, Bobdunga.  How many sales will be generated from this?  Zero.  But Bobdunga helpfully puts a referral link in the description just in case.  She’ll get something like 1 cent for every 100 clicks.  That’s worth it to her.

– “They sent me one of those a while back and man they are awesome!!!”

That was from Pixel Game Squad, a channel with 35,000 subscribers.  Still 10,000 more than Bobdunga.

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