Little Nemo: The Dream Master on NES – Erin Plays

She’s a big Little Nemo fan, guys.

Purely by coincdence, she recently finished the “L” streams in her PAINFULLY boring NES A-Z streams on Twitch.

0:00 – “Hey guys. Today I thought it would be fun to do a let’s play on Little Nemo: The Dream Master on NES.”

Why now? Why a day after you finished the “L” stream in your NES A-Z bullshit? Can you just be honest with the audience for once in your pathetic life? You recently played the gamel, for the first time in your life, on stream, for money. Fine. Nobody cares. It’s the dishonesty that’s disgusting.

“So a lot of people grew up with this game.”

But not you. Who gives a shit what a lot of people did? A lot of people have jobs. A lot of people don’t get fucked in the ass for Youtube promotion. Focus on what YOU’RE doing. We want to know what YOU did. What’s YOUR experience with Little Nemo: The Dream Master?

“And a lot of people really like it.”

But YOU don’t. It’s fucking ridiculous. Why can’t she just say, “I never played this before”? NOBODY WOULD CARE.

“I’ve never gotten too far into it.”

AT ALL! BECAUSE SHE’S NEVER PLAYED IT BEFORE. The only time that she played this game was recently, on stream, for money, for a few minutes. THAT’S IT. Why can’t she just admit to this?

You know. I’m suddenly reminded of where I saw this game before. Mike was playing it with Erin. On stream, of course. And he was trying to explain the game to her and she didn’t give the SLIGHTEST of fucks about it. But now she wants you to think that she’s all about it. Let me look this up.

I don’t mention the game but it’s Little Nemo.

Mike: Why can’t you touch these fucking things?  You know why?  Because you’re supposed to put the candy in them before you can get in them or whatever.

Erin: (sarcastically) Put the candy in them, Mike.

In that video she also says, “I feel like I should enjoy it more than I do but I made it to the second area and I was like fuck it, I can’t.”

That’s not a direct quote but it’s a paraphrase. Second “area”. She stopped on the second “area”.

And this was after Mike asking her if she ever played this on stream. He actually said “Have you played this on stream before” because he knows that that’s the only time when she plays video games. And she says that she has played it on stream before.

It’s a fucking joke. She’s playing this game for this Youtube video of a game that a year and a half ago she said that she didn’t like. And the only experience she has with the game is briefly, on stream, for money.

By the way, that stream was responsible for my best article.

1:30 – This is the worst Little Nemo: The Dream Master footage ever recorded, by the way. And it’s edited. Even in edited form, this is the worst. She’s constantly jumping. Why? Stop jumping. And she doesn’t know where anything is. She keeps going around in circles.

“I don’t remember if you have to find literally all of the keys to progress.”

It’s not a matter of not “remembering”, Erin. It’s a matter of never having possesed that information in the first place. You don’t fucking play the game. You never have. Your experience is entirely on stream, for money. Briefly.

2:00 – “I’m not an expert in this game, obviously.”

Well no fucking shit. So stop trying to present yourself as one. “Guys, I only played the game recently for a stream and I thought it looked cute so I’m making a Youtube video.” Cool. Nobody would care. Not one fucking person. But she has to constantly lie about it.

2:15 – “If I remember, I think it’s the…second stage that I have a hard time with.”

I can’t fucking do this.

5:45 – “Look at these spiders. They’re like ‘hmmmmmm.'”

Watch out, Rich Little.

That guy’s dead, right? Let me look this up.

No. He’s 84.

“I think they’re spiders or maybe they’re like weird, alternate universe Popples.”

This is actually a fake interest that I gave Erin and she’s subsequently adopted.

I mentioned Popples twice, in April and June 2021. I mentioned them as a joke of things that Erin could pretend to be interested in that were before her time.

After writing those articles, Erin genuinely started dropping Popples references. What a coincidence. Never mentioned Popples before, then I mention them as a joke fake interest that she can adopt, and then suddenly she’s a big Popples fan.

6:30 – I’m starting to think that this is a just an edited version of her stream. Because she’s saying stuff like, “What should I do now?” when she gets stuck, which is often. Then there’s an edit. Like she looked at the chat and the horntards told her what to do.

So she didn’t even play this for the purposes of making a Youtube video. This is just a repackaged stream. Unbelievably lazy content.

Let me just check. I can compare the shirts that she’s wearing.

No, it’s a different shirt. She’s wearing a Jimmy Eat World shirt on the stream. So apparently this video is just for Youtube. She’s a big Jimmy Eat World fan, by the way.

So after the edit, she says, “So I think now we turn into this Honey Nuts Cheerios bee over here. Isn’t he cute.”

Fuck off.

8:30 – “I like the background with all of the little flowers. I think it’s really cute.”

Die in a fire.

By the way, she has no idea what she’s doing, where she’s going, how to play the game, where anything is, what the powerups are, how to do anything. She’s surprised by everything. It’s almost as if she’s never played this before. Oh right.

10:45 – “So now we have to be this lizard guy. I still think that he looks like a dinosaur. Maybe that’s just because he’s purple.”

Great paleontolgy knowledge, Erin.

12:30 – “So that was my attempt at getting further in (checks title screen) Little Nemo: Dream Master on the NES.”

Why didn’t you do this in your spare time, Erin? Get decent at the game and then make the video? Wouldn’t that make a lot more sense?

She can not bring herself to play these games in her spare time. She HATES video games. She hates everything about this. She hates her life and she hates you, the viewer.

Terrible, terrible, dog shit, horrible, piece of shit, fuck that dumb bitch video.

Comments. Let’s see if Joe from GameSack gave her some protips.

  • “Erin is DREAMY”
  • “watch a walkthrough before streaming games it will really help you”

Are you suggesting putting the tiniest bit of effort into these videos? Don’t be ridiculous.

  • “I thought Alice from Elm St 4 and 5 was The Dream Master! THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!”

That was from Tony from Hack the Movies. What a card. He’s trying to replace Joe from Gamesack as the Alpha Omega orbiter.

  • “Another video awesome your spoiling us. Thank you so much !!!”

Erin replies, “Haha, I’m trying to get out videos more quickly. Thanks so much for watching!”

Just keep churning out the total shit. This is how you’ll become a big hit on Youtube. That and getting fucked in the ass by Mike Matei.

13 thoughts on “Little Nemo: The Dream Master on NES – Erin Plays

  1. We joke about Erin moving in with Mike and giving up ass sex in exchange for fame. I guess she did get some. But no one ever bats an eye that Matei let a complete stranger move in with him! She could be a killer. She could be just a straight up normal psycho bitch. She could and still can, drop the dime on him and spill all kind of secrets. Not that the ball licking fan base would care. What the fuck is HE thinking?

    1. He was a lonely, desperate guy with low self-esteem. I believe that he had recently ended his relationship with whoever that other woman was, Claire or something.

      How many of the horntards would let Erin move in with them straight away? All of them. They’ve got nothing to lose. Same with Joe from GameSack and Tony from Hack the Movies or John Riggs or any of these guys. They’d all let her move in straight away. What do they care? Some free butt sex? They’ll take their chances on her being a psychopath.

        1. Yeah, I heard that Tony was doing porn with Mint Salad now. And I looked into this. I didn’t see the actual video but it’s apparently on Mint Salad’s OnlyFans. You need to insert your credit card details to see it and I’m not doing that.

          But I looked further into what Mint Salad is doing and it’s just revolting. She has a Fansly that’s just about her urinating and getting pissed on by her fat hillbilly pimp. And this pimp has a Fansly too which is some kind of pornographic podcast with Mint Salad.

          Mint Salad is an autistic orphan who’s clearly being pimped out. Literally. I don’t just mean with the Fansly, I mean literally guys are paying this fat hillbilly pimp to have sex with her. And you have fucking Tony and Horseface tee heeing about this like it’s some form of women’s empowerment. And now Tony is actively engaging in this exploitive behaviour with this woman who’s being trafficked.

          I wrote a whole article about this but I haven’t published it. But I was so revolted by all of this that I went back to my old banner and I’m not sure if I’m going to talk about Tony any more.

          1. wasn’t there a thread on reddit around early 2021 about how someone found out that tony had a premium porn hub account? maybe his latest venture ties in with this

          2. Expose the truth. Maybe he is another Bob Magnaran. Or whatever hemisphere name was. The guy that Justin knew who did hard time.

          3. He’s now become Tony from Hack the Porns. Can you imagine someone dedicating his whole online presence to reviewing porn videos? Better yet, the thought that Cinemassacre is actually involved with people like this boggles the mind. Cinemassacre, which for most of its history has just been an innocent youtube channel just looking to talk about NES games and little else. Now it has literal pervs running amok.

          4. There’s really nothing more that I said in my article that I haven’t said here. It’s easy enough to find the Fansly where she’s getting pissed on.

            Apparently, the video, or at least a preview image, is on her free OnlyFans. But in order to subscribe for “free”, OnlyFans requires your credit card details. I’m not doing that. Somebody said that they had a screenshot but they didn’t send it to me. Without this, there’s really no article.

    2. Mike is a loser with no future. He can’t afford to be picky. And if anyone is to go nuts and kill someone, it is him. Look at how he rages like a psycho for hours everyday on those gaming streams. If he keeps doing that for the rest of his life it is only a matter of time before he snaps.

      1. I’m not a Mike fanboy or anything- but i have to play devils advocate here. “Mike’s a loser”…sure, okay its debatable perhaps. But……What do you do for a living? Mike can put on his resume “co-creator, co-owner and creative force of a wildly successful channel with millions of fans”…i mean, technically. Right? Again. What do you do for a living? I would wager you couldn’t put something that “cool sounding” on your resume. Maybe you could? “He can’t afford to be picky”….again. up for debate. The retards on The Cinemassacre truth seem to find him dreamy. Post a picture of your mug. Would they swoon over your face? Be jealous. Again, lets see your face. All im saying is. If you’re talking shit, put yourself out there in comparison. What do you do for a living. And lets see an up close selfie. Make sure to smile so we can see those straight, pearly whites as well. Give the Cinemassacre truth fags some spank bank material.

  2. Pretty shitty video, yes. If she is into the “I am a cute gamer girl” then her image should appear bigger, instead of just one corner of the screen. Throw some cleavage and make up for god’s sake.

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