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The triumphant return of…this nutjob.

So the video starts with a cat massasging her tits. What the fuck is this? Why is this in the video? Is she not embarassed by this?

What she does with her cat in the privacy of her own home is her own business. I guess. I mean, there are obviously moral issues. But in any event, don’t put it on fucking Youtube.

This is almost as bad as the time when she showed her husband’s decrepit, senile grandfather taking a bath. Shortly before she killed the man. She has absolutely no fucking sense. Elder abuse and bestiality are not things that should be on Youtube. Should I really have to say that?

0:30 – “I put on some makeup because I was feeling a little down about myself so sometimes I do that.”

Eugh. Great. You guys like women talking about their depression, right?

It’s not limited to women, of course. You don’t want to hear anyone talking about their depression. But women are more prone to doing this, of course.

0:45 – She’s talking about how she hasn’t “vlogged” since some Disneyland video. “So many things have happened since then that are…emotional.”

Who fucking cares? Just get on with it.


She didn’t care this much when she killed her husband’s grandfather.

“And absolutely motivational for me to just continue on with continuing to try to be the best person that I can be every single day.”

Put that jumbled mess on a fucking motivational poster.

1:15 – “If any of you follow me on social media, you’ll know that I sold the fridge that I absolutely loved and adored.”

It was a refrigerator from the 1960s and she has it repaired by some guy who repairs vintage appliances. She made a video about it. And then…she sold it? Let’s hear an explanation. My guess is that it kept breaking and it was a pain in the ass.

1:30 – “We don’t know what our future holds, especially here in California.”

What? First of all, no explanation given for the refrigerator. But secondly, she fucking killed “Pops” to get this fancy house. Now they’re just going to move?

1:45 – “We sold our fridge because we are anticipating somewhere moving.”

Well…yeah. But where are you keeping your food now? In a cold, wet sack?

They have no concrete plans of moving but they sold their refrigerator. What’s next? The stove?

2:15 – Another reason for selling it is because it used a lot of electricity and she’s moving into “energy-focused hippyism.”

She is the absolute worst type of person on earth.

She’s broke. She said that she can’t afford to pay her bills. So what does she do? She gets a vintage refrigerator, pays some hipster douchebag god knows how much money to get it running again, she claims that all of the internal workings were replaced, and then she fucking sells it. Because now they’re “energy-focused hippies.”

How about being job-focused hippies? Have you considered that?

Like that fucking refrigerator was destroying the planet. I hate all of that shit where the blame gets shifted to the individual. Oh, you can’t travel because of the “carbon footprint”. Oh, you have to recycle. Oh, be sure to compost.

No. How about you fuck off? How about you go after the people who are actually responsible for pollution: giant corporations.

2:30 – Then she says that she got a new refrigerator and a new microwave. What? What happened to your “energy-focused hippyism”? What happened to you moving soon? THIS MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE.

They’re moving soon. Apparently. And they’re concerned about the environment. They’re also broke. So let’s buy a whole slew of new heavy appliances.

Fucking retard.

Then she shows the refrigerator. It’s fucking gigantic. It takes up half of their kitchen. Do you need a refrigerator this size for two people? What happened to the environment, you dumb bitch?

Their microwave was also enormous.

Get small, energy-efficient appliances, you complete and total buffoon. You’re killing the environment with your giant appliances.

And why get rid of her old one then? It makes no fucking sense. She had a perfectly good refrigerator. Use what you have. Don’t add to the landfill problem. Stop consuming.

It’s seriously the biggest refrigerator I’ve ever seen. It’s like a walk in closet.

3:15 – She says that they got rid of the old refrigerator because it didn’t keep food cold. Okay. So why is this now the third or fourth reason given for why you got rid of it? Why didn’t you just start with this one? This was your most convincing argument for why you should get rid of it. The other excuses were complete bullshit that made no sense. But okay, it didn’t keep food cold. Fine. That’s a legitimate reason to get rid of it.

God, is this fucking imbecile annoying.

4:15 – Then she says that she has a “deep freeze” outside. This is another freezer, I guess. She says that it’s because they have a “meat service”. I assume that this is a thing where meat gets delivered to your door.

Umm…dumb bitch….are you still thinking about the environment? Home delivery of meat? And to the point where you can’t even eat it all, it has to be frozen in a separate freezer dedicated just for that purpose?

Plus, let’s not forget about the harm that the meat farming industry does to the environment. Methane gas and whatnot.

4:30 – They also got a new washer and dryer. I can not fucking believe this. Which part of being an “eco-focused hippie” does ANY of this relate to? Mindless consumerism contributes negatively to the environment. She’s getting all new appliances. Needlessly. Also, aren’t they moving soon? Why are they doing this? Plus, they’re broke. Can’t pay the bills.

7:00 – “So you may be wondering, am I still working for a major California theme park?”

To be honest, I wasn’t.

And she says that she is. So what a fucking disappointment this. She’s a food and beverage manager. Let the good times roll.

“I absolutely love it. I am from food and beverage, actually.”

Is this really happening? Is she actually promoting “food and beverage” as some kind of dream job?

I’m not disparaging the “food and beverage” industry. Like most people, I’ve worked in food and beverage. It’s a common job that one does in one’s youth.

But is this what you want to do as a middle aged woman? I mean, it’s an honest job. I’m not taking anything away from it. People do it. But are they skipping to work every day and saying, “Oh, I love my job so much”? Only if they’re mentally ill are they doing that.

“I come from food and beverage”. Fuck off.

Then she says that her first job was at a restaurant called Ruby’s in “Warshington” (sic) state. She had to lie on her resume and say that she’s a cheerleader because they only hired cheerleaders. Uh huh. But actually she was emo. I see. Well, this is…this is all kinds of awful.

But that’s how she “comes from food and beverage.”

It would be like me delivering pizzas again. Yeah, I would do it. It’s better than doing nothing. But I wouldn’t say, “Wow, it’s great to be back to delivering pizzas again. This is where I want to be as a middle aged man.”

Then she goes over her career trajectory, which was mostly restaurants. She says, “Food and beverage is where I need to be and want to be.”

It is so fucking delusional. It has to be. She’s like 40 years old.

Take Newt Wallen, for example. He’s working in the movie theatre. But he openly says that he doesn’t want to do it. He does it because it’s a job and it pays but he doesn’t want to do it. I get it. That’s the normal response.

He doesn’t make out like it’s his dream job.

But this woman is talking about “food and beverage” like it’s something that she was put on this earth to do. Food and fucking beverage.

And she was talking about a manager that she had in some restaurant who taught her that you could be a manager AND be a little silly. So she takes that philosophy to her new role as a food and beverage manager.

This is…this is so bad. How can they afford all of this shit on a food and beverage salary? I don’t think that the husband is an investment banker. Well, this is why they can’t pay their bills, I guess.

8:45 – “Probably the number one question I get right now is why did you sell So Cal.”

This is the nerd convention that she became part-owner of. And then sold it within a year.

She didn’t have time. That’s the answer.

9:45 – “I will tell you that that expo is my heart and my soul. It is my passion.”


Let me recap:

  1. She buys a nerd convetion.
  2. She says that she has NO TIME to run it.
  3. She sells it within a year.

It’s her “soul and passion”. She’s just so passionate about it that she can’t spend any time on it. So she says, “Fuck this. Let some other sucker buy this nerd convention.”

“Sometimes you have to learn to let stuff go.”

She didn’t cry after she killed “Pops.” But she’s here getting emotional over a NERD CONVENTION that she didn’t give two shits about, didn’t spend any time on, and sold within a year.

This is fucking psychotic behavior. She just all of a sudden starts crying. OVER NOTHING. A real contrast to that video where she dispassionately talked about “Pops” dying (from her killing him).

Then she complains that her business partners weren’t as passionate about the nerd convention as she was. But…SHE DIDN’T DO ANYTHING! So…they did less than nothing? Fuck off.

Then she ends it in her usual awkward fashion where the camera lingers for like three seconds longer on her weird expression than it should.

  • “My reality hit was not that I was happy you sold to focus on you being your best you, but came to the realization that, if you’re not involved with the expo, I may never run into you in person again. I hope that’s not the case.”

Well, well, well. John Riggs back in the house. Perving on the ladies as per usual. And what a fucking mess that is. Does it even make sense? I think that he was typing that with one hand.

6 thoughts on “Life Update: New Job, New Fridge, & SoCal Gaming Expo News – Super Retro Gal

  1. I flagged and reported her elder abuse videos. Everyone should! It didn’t work. The channel wasn’t taken down.

  2. Yeah I was about 30 seconds in and she puts out massive “get to the fucking point” energy. Also wow, big surprise John Riggs shows up. It cannot be a coincidence he finds all these videos and female youtubers. It’s so obvious what you’re doing you fat creep. What is the story with the grandfather though? lol

  3. I was thinking, how much effort is it to run a nerd con? It’s one weekend a year! 11 months out of the year you just keep tweeting about how it’s coming soon and will be awesome. Ever con’s website is never updated until a month before go time. So you just what? Email out to a bunch of people to set up tables and stuff or be a guest speaker like JOHN RIGGS, it seems like it does the work itself. They want to make money by selling games or they want publicity. So you just pencil in names to times and spaces. I can imagine the day if the con being a long busy day but it’s one weekend a year!! What is so hard? What happened to her real estate license? Why work food and beverage when you don’t have to? Unless you make wedding cakes or $500 dinners you won’t be well off from it. Maybe bar tips but she never says anything helpful. How do you own a convention anyway? It’s just the name. It’s like owning royalties I guess. Just a copyright on paper. If you had your own called the California Southern Expo you could probably avoid a lawsuit as it is. I’d love to see someone put up a competing con across the street from one of these one day just to piss em off

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