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The triumphant return of Super Awkward Gal.  

Her usual awkward as fuck intro.  I don’t even know how to describe it.  There’s something off with her.  Really off.

0:45 – “My family is extremely Swedish.”

I…what?  I had to rewind this one to make sure that I heard it correctly.  Extremely Swedish.  What does that mean?  

First of all, she’s an American.  

Secondly, how can anybody be extremely…let’s just look at American.  “I’m extremely American.”  Does that make sense to anyone?  What the fuck does it mean?

Is this what you think of when you think of the Swedish people?  Super Awkward Gal?  Dark hair.  Living in California.  Doesn’t speak Swedish.  This is “extremely Swedish” to you?  

1:00 – “I made crumb-cock-cake this year.”

This is an example of the “extremely Swedish” things that she does over “the holidays”.  Making crumb-cock-cake.  

I mean, what’s Super Awkward Gal’s favourite Swedish tv show?  What does she order when she goes to Sibylla?  

Maybe she had a Swedish grandmother or something but who gives a fuck?  Maybe both of her parents were Swedish but I’m still not giving a fuck.  Those people might be Swedish but she’s clearly an American.  A dumbass American.  An American who enjoys going to Disneyland and other dumbass things that dumbass Americans enjoy doing.  Perhaps she’s a fan of mudding.

1:45 – “I appreciate you all supporting me and loving me.”

See?  That’s not something that a Swedish person would say.  They’re much more reserved and classy folk.  This is something that dumbass Americans would say.  Particularly dumbass Americans from California.  

2:00 – “Let’s talk about the SoCal Gaming Expo.”

Then she says that it was cancelled.  Who cares?  What does this have to do with Sweden.  Show me a single Swedish person who gives a fuck about the SoCal Gaming Expo.

She describes the 2020 cancellation of this convention as “the most devastating thing in the whole entire world.”  Remember this quote for what’s coming up.  I spoiled myself by reading the comments.

Then she says that she’s now co-owner of this convention because the previous owner didn’t want to bother with this nerd shit any more, presumably because it’s not profitable.  Her co-owner is some guy from The Game Chasers.  I’ve never seen that channel.

What about a Swedish Gaming Expo?  She should start one of those.  She’s extremely Swedish, after all.  All Paradox games.  

3:45 – She says that dealing with vendors at nerd conventions is “where her heart is.”  Erin also says that a lot.  It must be a California thing.  OR maybe it’s a Swedish thing and Erin is extremely Swedish too.

4:15 – She talks about getting a job at Disney again in May 2021.  She worked with horses.  Maybe she was able to use her experience herding reindeer in Sweden and apply it to this horse job.

4:30 – She says that she’s old.  She’s like 32.  Wait…can that be right?  I always say that she’s knocking on 40 but I was surprised to learn that she was about Erin’s age.  Let’s just say 34.  In any event, it’s never cute or funny to say that you’re old.  It’s just a really lame way to fish for compliments.  “Oh, you’re not old.  I’m old.  I’m 37”.  Then somebody will reply to that loser saying, “Oh, no.  You’re not old either.  I’m 40”.  And so it goes.  It’s, ironically, really childish.

4:45 – She says that she’s leaving the job this week.  I thought that she already quit.  She had some dispute with Disney because Disney refused to give a pay rise.  Or something.

I guess that she just got over it.

Oh fuck.  She’s not even leaving Disney at all.  She’s just changing departments.  “Guest talent”.  You know where they use these stupid work euphemisms like this?  Not Sweden, that’s for sure.  But they do enjoy using this shit in The Land of Opportunity.  

I also note that she said “Happy Holidays” earlier in the video.  This is a term that started to gain traction in the early 1990s and it’s a way to try to appease Jews.  The expression is exclusively used in the US.  They just say “Christmas” in Sweden.  Or whatever.  “Jul”.  Not many Jews in Sweden.

5:00 – Then she really, REALLY licks the anus of this department.  It’s unbelievable.  The “guest talent” department of Disneyland is saving the fucking world.  

You know where this sort of corporate bootlicking is popular?  The Land of Milk and Honey.  In Sweden?  No, they don’t do that shit there.  It’s a much more equitable country so you don’t get this sort of behaviour.

“I loved to be a facilitator so I facilitated a lot for Disney.”

This means something to somebody but…not me.  She’s talking about her job title.  She was a facilitator.  I guess.  We’re supposed to know what that means.  She’s just using stupid corporate buzz words again.  This is very popular in the US.  Not in Sweden, though.

And she was fired from this exact same job.  She was bitching, rightly, about Disney refusing to give their workers a pay rise.  But now she’s giving the desiccated corpse of Walt Disney a fucking rimjob.  It’s bizarre.  She’s a complete bootlicker.  

She was the same when she got a job at Screenwave.  She was employed by Screenwave for like a week before she quit.  But for that week, she talked about how everybody at Screenwave was doing God’s work.  This is the best company she’s ever worked for.  Everybody is amazing.  Everybody should sign up with Screenwave, even if you don’t have a Youtube channel.

Then a week later, she quit and talked about how shitty they are.

She’s totally fake.  Everything about her is fake.  Especially her Swedish ancestry.  “Extremely Swedish” my fucking ass.

6:15 – Pops (her husband’s grandfather who she was the [horrible] carer for) “took a turn for the worse.”

6:30 – “It was extremely tragic.”

She can barely keep a straight face.  She HATED this guy.  She HATED taking care of him.  She was just waiting for him to die.  You could see it in everything that she said.  And she had that deplorable video showing her giving him a bath.  Fucking unbelievable.

I reviewed that horrible video here:


“My husband and I got married and immediately moved into this house to take care of him.”

This is what I’m talking about.  She has massive resentment over this.  “Oh, I just got married and now I have to take care of this fucking zombie.”

I appreciate that it’s a difficult situation and you’re not even related to the guy but you presumably agreed to this.  And I assume that you’re getting the house when he dies.  So…whatever.  She’s just been waiting for this guy to die for four years.

6:45 – “I really believe that it’s important to take care of your elders.  I’m really traditional.”

Uh huh.  Some of that traditional Swedish elder veneration.

7:00 – Then she shouts out the video that I mention above and says, “A lot of you told me that I look sad in that video.”

It’s not about you, you conceited bitch.  It’s about this unfortunate old man who has to have a lunatic recording him taking a bath and talking about what a child-like, mush brain burden he is to you.

7:00 – “His key, unfortunately, had a fall.”

Good for his key but what does it have to do with him?  He lost his key or something?  What the fuck is she saying?  I listened to this five times and I still didn’t get it.  She has a real diction problem.  I often have trouble understanding her.  Maybe it’s just her Swedish accent.

Then she says that they would put him to bed at 7:00.  She’s talking about this man like he’s a child.  She does this constantly.  This is why they have professional carers.  I’d rather entrust my loved ones to somebody making eight bucks an hour who hates their job than this fucking lunatic.

So this man fell out of bed, they didn’t take him to the hospital, and she just went to work.  She came back from work and he had fallen again and was confused.  So they took him to the hospital where they determined that he had had a stroke or a heart attack.

Why is she working anyway?  She had previously said that she couldn’t work because she had to take care of “Pops” full-time.  But now she’s just leaving him at his home unattended?  And when he falls and can’t even stand up straight she says, “Okay, going to work now.”

8:45 – She says that they’re looking for a nursing home for this guy.  She says, “Our home is not set up to take care of an elderly person.”

It’s not her home.  It’s his home.  This is creepy as fuck.

Then she says, “I would have to quit my job.”  Yeah.  That’s what she’s been doing for the past four years, as far as I’m aware.  Why did she suddenly go back to work?

“And I wouldn’t be getting paid for it.”

Yeah.  We know.  You haven’t been getting paid for the past four years.  What happened to you being traditional and taking care of the elderly?  You suddenly stopped caring about that?

This woman is pure evil.  She can not wait until this guy dies and she can take his home.  

9:00 – “So we’re taking one for the team and unfortunately going to have to pay for him being in a home.”

In case you’re misreading, let me make it clear.  She’s not saying that it’s unfortunate that he’s going to a “home”.  She’s saying that it’s unfortunate that they have to pay for it.

9:45 – She shouts out the people who told her, “I’m super sorry for what you’re going through.”

This is all about her.  Nothing about this unfortunate old man.  He has a catheter now so she can’t take care of him any more.  She doesn’t deal with urine, apparently.  So fuck that guy.  Get out of your home and just die already.

10:00 – “We can’t bring in a nurse or somebody else into our home.”

Why not?  And again, it’s NOT their home.  I’m telling you 100% that the house belongs to this old man.  She’s said as much before.  But now she’s describing it as “our home” (i.e. her and her husband’s home).

There’s no explanation for why they can’t have a nurse or a carer come into the home.  They just say that they can’t.  Why not?  It’s this guy’s home.  Can he afford it?  You just don’t want to blow through your inheritance?  

10:30 – “So be looking forward to more streaming, be looking forward to more videos.”

No, I’m not looking forward to any of that.  This is a deranged, dangerous woman.  Somebody should report her to the police.  “There’s a weird Swedish woman trying to kill her husband’s grandfather to get his house.”

“Find our chocobo cookbook.”

What is she saying?  Fucking chocobos.  That was her video idea, by the way.  A video about chocobo cooking.

10:45 – “Like I said, I’m very traditional, I cook almost every day for my husband.”

It’s so disingenuous and just downright evil.  And you read the fucking comments and it s like these people are on another planet.  They actually praise her.  They talk about what a great person she is and how selfless she is to take care of “Pops”.  And film him while he takes a bath.  And neglect to take him to the hospital after he had a stroke.  And constantly hoping that he finally dies so that they can take his house.

Are these people watching the same video as I am?  

Mike Matei leaves a comment.  It’s a Christmas tree.  This woman is Erin’s BFF so I guess that that means that Mike has to somehow communicate with her too, even if it’s just in this pathetic fashion.

By the way, I don’t know if Mike is dyslexic or what but he never writes anything remotely interesting and he has a really hard time reading.  You see this all the time in his streams when he’s reading text.  If he comes across a fictional name, he usually just skips it.  Or sometimes he’ll make an attempt but gets it clearly wrong.  He’ll transpose the letters and shit.  Like in Mystery Dungeon, he kept calling Torneko “Torkeno” even after the chat corrected him probably 100 times.

Maybe he’s just a bad reader.  Maybe he met James in special education.

NewWaveJunkie also replies.  He replies to all of the gamer grrls.  Erin, of course, and I think Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining and also a bunch of ones that you’ve never heard of.

– “Brooke! It’s so great to see you again! I know how quickly situations can change for elderly loved ones so my heart goes out to you. All my best to you guys and Pops.”

What a creep.

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