Erin is in Disneyland. Again.

Wasn’t she just there?  I could swear that I was complaining about this just recently.


That was 7 December and she said that she was “out of town” so couldn’t stream.  Then when you watch the stream, she says that she’s visiting her parents.  

So is this all the same trip?  They’ve been in California since at least 7 December?  Why is nothing ever explained?  And Mike has been streaming all of this time, hasn’t he?  

Well, his last stream was from eight days ago and he was presumably streaming from his home.  Or else he just brought the posters with him.

And there was that picture that she took with Mike and Jimmy and the Screenwave Crew.

That was on 28 December.

So it would seem that they went to California around 7 December and returned to “the East Coast” at some indeterminate point and now they’re back in California.  So they made two trips to California within 40 days.

Why?  Why do they keep going there?  Why the insane frequency?

Neither one of them work and Mike apparently has money.  So I understand that they can travel frequently.  But why would they keep going to the same fucking place?  

You can go anywhere in the world, Erin has said numerous times that she’s never left the US, but they just keep going back to fucking Disneyland.  It doesn’t make any sense.  Why would they go twice in a  month in two separate trips?  

It’s just a total waste of money and it’s…stupid.  I don’t know how else to describe it.  I understand wasting money but this is idiotic.  

Erin is deeply unhappy so that’s why she keeps wanting to go back to California.  But who would go twice in a fucking month?  Forget about the money aspect.  Even if it was free, and assuming that we have no responsibilities, it’s fucking brainless.  

You’re in California.  You just arrived from “The East Coast”.  You spend two weeks there with your family.  Maybe you go to Disneyland while you’re there.  Then you go back to “The East Coast.”

You’re in “The East Coast” for a week or two.  Then you go back to California.  Does this make any sense to anyone?  Just fucking stay there for the month.  Why do all of this travelling?  Do they enjoy the stress of the airport?  Do they enjoy packing and unpacking?  

If I was Mike, I would say that this is enough.  I appreciate that he really enjoys buttsex and he has a good thing going there but these trips to California are way, way too frequent.  It’s not worth it.  It’s just an anus, Mike.  You can find another anus.

It’s not even about the money.  Who would want to go to California this frequently?  You can go anywhere in the world.  “Let’s go to Disneyland for the billionth time.”  No.  That’s enough of this shit, Mike.  Be a man and say that you’re not doing it any more.  And if Erin is unhappy, let her go live with her parents or Joe from Gamesack or whatever she wants to do.  Because this is fucking moronic.  She’s making a complete and utter fool of you.

I wouldn’t go to Disneyland once.  If I had a girlfriend who wanted to go to Disneyland, that’s a deal breaker for me.  I travel with my girlfriend.  We go to plenty of places.  Different places in the UK, different places in Europe.  If she ever said, “I want to go to Euro Disney”, I’d say, “I’m sorry but I’m not doing that.”

I’m an adult.  I don’t go to children’s amusement parks.  And I sure as fuck wouldn’t go twice in a month during two separate trips.

And look at this picture that she put on Twitter.  We’re supposed to be jerking off to this.  Why?  Because she’s showing her leg?  This isn’t the 1920s and she’s not some syphilis-ridden flapper.  We’ve all seen legs.  Legs are not titillating.  

What is this 35 year old woman doing at Disneyland posing for “sexy” pictures on a bench?  Other people have to sit there now, after she’s put her shoes and near bare ass on there.  


You know, you read what these gamer grrls write and you realise that you’re not exactly dealing with intellectual juggernauts.  These are some of the dumbest people on the planet.

That unfortunate man Games & Movies doesn’t seem to have replied.  He’s the guy who posts repeated videos of him going to Disneyland and hugging the costumed characters.  He also talks about Disneyland constantly in Erin’s streams and Erin always just replies with “That’s cool.”

Why doesn’t Erin go meet up with Games & Movies while she’s there?  He’s obviously local.  And the man is mentally retarded.  Massively so.  I don’t say this as an insult, it’s the reality.  It would make his day.  Mike can go as well, of course.  I’m not suggesting anything sexual.  Just go meet him.  Go to McDonalds with him.  Thank him for giving you $10 every month for years.

No, she won’t do that.  She doesn’t give a fuck about these retards who go to her streams.  

Just keep wasting Mike’s money on this stupid fucking bullshit.  Then when he inevitably decides that he’s had enough, move on to Joe from Gamesack.  I mean, it won’t last forever.  She’s already 35.  It won’t be long until she’s back living with her parents wondering where it all went wrong.  Why aren’t the horntards coming to my streams any more?  Why aren’t the suitors lining up to take me to Disneyland any more?  

2 thoughts on “Erin is in Disneyland. Again.

  1. They're at Disney World in Florida, but it's still pathetic. So are all the obvious thirst traps she posts to keep Joe from Game Sack and her other orbiters hanging on.

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