I was going to this scam graduate school. I’m watching tv and a plane crashes into the first tower. They’re showing this footage over and over again. Then they say breaking news, there’s a second plane, and they show the second plane crashing into the other tower.

So I think, “Well, this is certainly something. I better get to class now, though.” For reference, I had nearly perfect attendance throughout my academic career.

I drive to the college and I see a couple of classmates outside. Nobody else seems to be around. I say, “Is there class today?” They say that they don’t know. We try the doors. The doors are locked. So we decide that there’s no class today. So we go to our respective homes.

I go home and some English woman who I talked sent me a message on Microsoft’s messagenger or whatever, “That’s terrible what happened by you.” And I said oh, yeah. Yeah. That thing in New York.

Then everything just went nuts. Jingoism up the anus. All of your rights being stripped away. War on Iraq for some unexplained reason.

My landlady installed a huge flagpole in the front yard and erected an American flag. Flags were everywhere. Some people have a problem with flags. I don’t mind them. But why now? Why are you suddenly such a patriot? They just got swept up in the hysteria. Hysteria that was fueled by the Jewish media.

Every fucking day it was something new. Now you can’t bring fluids on planes. Now you have to take your shoes off. Now you have let the security guard fuck you in the ass for five consecutive minutes. And it wasn’t just travel difficulties. They went on a mass spying campaign.

I left the country not too long after and was glad to be out of there.

3 thoughts on “9/11

  1. i wonder whatever our famous nostalgia farmer was doing on this day? she never talked about it and I’m genuinely curious to know what she would have to say to this “event”.

    i suspect that she would only learn about it and bin laden if britney spears talked about them

  2. That “rabbit hole” never ends….to the dancing “hats” to the fact that “they” still havent released a single still-frame of a jet hitting the Pentagon, to “structure #7″…it never ends…and yeah, im old enough to remember the hysteria and how “they” directed it, the way they wanted it to go…the only thing that surpassed that 24/7 insanity, was a bad flu, that rolled up a couple or so years ago….it never ends.

  3. I was too cheap to spring for cable tv so I just rented movies and played games on my tv. It was my off day and I spent most of the day sleeping in and playing Dreamcast. I had no idea about any of it until after it was all over. At the time I lived on ”American Street” and when I did get cable a while later I told the operator my address over the phone. She said “wow I bet you’re proud to be an American!” I said I was proud to be an American before September 11 and now I’m ashamed that the government let a third world hell hole attack us.

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