Tuesday Night Schlock stream – Newt Wallen

I’m not watching this but I did get an anonymous message from the Newt Wallen Tip Line that I got a mention in this livestream. So let’s check it out.

1:52:00 – “There’s something about me that makes conservative men want to turn me.”

Actually, nobody gives a shit, PVC Bondage Guy. I’m sorry to burst your bubble.

“I told you about the guy who I met at the concert who wanted to turn me into like a trad girlfriend.”

Maybe he recognised that you’re mentally ill and was trying to assist.

“And then there’s the British blogger dude.”

Let me clear up a misconception. Well, actually, I suppose she’s right. I am a citizen of the UK. So yeah. I’m British. Thank you for your sensitivity, PVC Bondage Guy.

Just today I was talking to somebody from work. I’ve known this guy for years. I’ve spoken to him many times. And I mentioned that I’m an American. He couldn’t believe it.

How is it possible? I live in Scotland. There’s no way that I sound Scottish. And I’ve never said “aye” or “wee” in my life.

My accent has obviously changed from living here for 20 years. But I used to always get, “So what brings you to England/Scotland Mr American Man” type comments as soon as I opened my mouth. Nobody ever said, “Hello there, fellow British man.” And that annoyed me because I’m just here to soak up the local culture and integrate into this fine society.

But PVC Bondage Guy gets it. I’m living in the UK. I have citizenship in the UK. I should consider myself British. And so should other people.

It’s similar to PVC Bondage Guy considering herself to be a man. When she said that, I said no problem. She’ll be PVC Bondage Guy now instead of PVC Bondage Girl. It’s all about sensitivity.

But astute observers of the blog will note that my knowledge of American popular culture between the years 1985 and 2005 is vast and deep, having been born and raised in the country.

“Who in the beginning wanted to turn me into a pretty little trad wife.”

She’s referring to me. No. I’ve made comments that she would look better without all of this makeup and doing something with her hair and, you know, not wearing the bondage gear. But there was no romantic interest. No offense to PVC Bondage Guy but my heart belongs to that chubby Asian woman who appeared in a couple of Screenwave videos. God, I would eat that chubby Asian pussy every day. But I digresss.

“And he’s still talking about it. He’s still like, ‘We should wash that ugly makeup off of Metz, put her in a pretty pink dress.”

She’s referring to this article:

“Look, you can do all of that but I’ll still be me.”

I’m not trying to change PVC Bondage Guy’s personality. I was giving her appearance advice.

1:52:30 – Then Newt, who was stewing this whole time, interrupts and says, “I blocked that dude’s site. I don’t look at any of it. I don’t go over there any more.”

Newt, if you don’t want to go to the site, just don’t go. Exercise some self-control. But no, he has to actively block the site through the “hosts” file or whatever he’s doing because he’s just such a huge fan of the blog. “Oh, I’ve got to read that magnificent prose. I just can’t help myself.”

“He had some nasty things to say about Madilyn because she told me that she saw it.”

So now we know that this old prostitute also reads the blog. And all I did was call her an old prostitute. I mean…she’s an old prostitute. What can I say? I’m a journalist. I can’t lie.

But Newt is upset because this old prostitute told Newt that I said nasty thing about her. So Newt has to pretend to give a shit about this. Because he doesn’t want to lose his old prostitute “friend”.

I think that’s the article. It got a lot of comments. Did anyone talk about her?

Not really. Nothing too bad anyway.

Oh, I said that she was anorexic as well. And called her Skeletor. Well, look at her. And she mentions drinking a protein shake. She obviously has an eating disorder. That’s not something to insult somebody over, in normal circumstances, but she’s also a highly objectionable person. AND A PROSTITUTE! An old prostitue. An old, annoying, unpleasant, conceited, deluded prositute. Am I allowed to say that? I’m just dining on some of that delicious free speech. Voltaire would be proud.

And she wouldn’t have even known about the blog had Newt not, bizarrely, mentioned it in the video that he was doing with her.

Newt say, “I love the thing where he says, ‘He’s clearly paying these women but where does he get the money from?’ because I’m apparently not allowed to have friends.”

These aren’t your friends, Newt. You must know that. You can not possibly be this retarded. What happened to your “friend” Fallon when the movie ended? These are prostitutes, Newt. They’re using you for whatever tiny bit of money they can milk out of you. Anyone with a brain knows this. How many times can the same thing happen to him before he figures it out?

And then PVC Bondage Guy goes on about religious people who want to change her. And the previous discussion was about just general conservative people who want to change her. She mentioned Trump supporters. I hope that I wasn’t included in this. I’ve made it plain every time I’ve mentioned politics that I don’t care about Trump or any of this bullshit. I’m interested in wealth redistribution. None of these billionaire politicians represent my interests.

2:55:00 – Then PVC Bondage Girl again refers to “The fucking British dude”. Such sensitivity. I like it.

She claims that I say that she’s “always shaking things”. I think that I’ve been misquoted.

But anyway, she’s wearing a corset in this video and constantly shaking her tits.

So that’s PVC Bondage Guy and her obvious infactuation with me. Well, I’m flattered, PVC Bondage Guy. But I like the ladies. You know? Not dudes like PVC Bondage Guy.

She’s a pleasant guy. And intelligent. I’ve always said this. But she’s also really mentally ill. And I’m not interested in wooing this man for that reason as well. I think that she should get the help that she needs. I’d be a complete scumbag like Newt Wallen over here if I pursued anything with this man. I’m not here to take advantage of the mentally ill. That’s just common decency.

But Newt is all about exploiting the mentally ill. Put your corset on and bounce your tits and maybe we can get 15 cents for this video. Keep up the scumbag behaviour, Ideas Man. You’re saving the blog in these lean Erin-less times.

13 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Schlock stream – Newt Wallen

  1. He has to block the site? Dude’s such an attention whore that even when he receives negative attention, he can’t stop thinking about it. You live in his head rent free.

    “He’s clearly paying these women but where does he get the money from?”
    The failed crowdfunding projects most likely. Indiegogo lets you keep the money you have gathered even if your campaign is not successful.

  2. There is the former porn star named Mika Kim. She only did like 3-4 videos I could find, all when she was 18. She probably quit because it paid nothing, she found a boyfriend, her ass hurt too much or all of the above. But my point is she looks very much like Kelsey Lewin from metal Jesus crew. The only one people seem to not hate because she’s not fat and not ugly. But if you look up pictures of both and compare them side by side it’s very uncanny.

    Why the fuck does her channel, Kelsey Lewin, not Mika Kim, have 120k subs? The videos are basic wiki reads. That faggot metal Jesus put her in his channel and the retards ate it up. Then she set up her own channel with shit he owned made a dozen videos and gave up. She doesn’t deserve it. Didn’t earn it. Now she sits on some “board” of some games
    ”preservation society.” Total scam. Send these guys your money and games and they’ll “preserve” them. It’s the perfect way for a hoarder to get rich.

    Not to mention she has owned a game store with her ex husband since she was like 20. Where’s the money come from? How can people stand to work with someone they divorced? There’s only a few reasons people get divorced and one is that one spouse wants to have sex with other people. It can’t be money because the store is open. What could it be? The guy was gay? Maybe! But that’s still the same reason.

    Anyway it just makes me wonder what Mika Kim is up to. She had a bright future in porn then she just disappeared. At least she has the videos to be remembered by. Will the same be said about Erin or PVC Bondage guy?

    1. I’ll defer to your expertise on Mika Kim but why assume that she wants to be a Youtuber? Maybe she’s happy living in anonymity, away from the sodomy and whatnot. Maybe she has a family and a job that she enjoys.

      In any event, I don’t think that pornography is the way to fame and fortune and Asian women have a particularly difficult time with it. Not to be racist or anything but they pretty much look the same. If you’ve seen one slim Asian woman with small boobs, you’ve seen them all. How can you expect to stand out?

      I read an article years ago from some Asian porn “star” talking about how she lived at home while doing porn and her parents knew about it and they’d call her a slut and suchlike for doing it. But they would still take her money from doing it. She was supporting the family through her porn career. It was implied that there was some weird shit going on with the father.

      But anyway, she went on to say that she quit the business and she was happy with her decision because she could finally take a dump without it hurting. She did a lot of anal scenes.

      And what was it all for? She got nothing out of this other than a sore ass. No money. No fame. Nobody knows who she is. So I put porn and Youtube in the same category in terms of poor career choices.

      1. Nah I don’t assume she wants to do YouTube but that would be funny for a day. I have heard Annie Cruz, also Asian, also hot, also sore assed, became a twitch streamer but I can’t be bothered to look it up. Still there are retired performers out there. Do they work retail? Marry up? If a porno queen can’t what chance do any gamergrrls have?

  3. HI NEWT!

    No matter how many sites and blogs you block, you’ll always be a PLAGIARIST, PATHOLOGICAL LIAR, and CREEP!

  4. He really can’t just avoid this blog? He has to “block” it because he can’t resist coming here? How weird.

  5. Isn’t this supposed to be a dialog? If so, why block one of the sides?

    The world has to endure those unwatchable videos, let the world comment on it! Receive feedback and improve!

    1. Newt has to pretend not to like the site now because this prostitute “friend” of his is angry because I called her a prostitute.

      So now PVC Bondage Guy has to pretend not to like the site too, because Newt is pretending not to like it, and she doesn’t want to cause problems with him.

      But they both like the site. They’re both big bloggerheads. But their situation has become a complicated tapestry of lies now. And that’s unfortunate. I don’t want to cause any problems for The Ideas Man or PVC Bondage Guy. I’m just writing a blog here like it’s 2002.

      1. I highly doubt he did shit. I bet he didn’t and reads every post you make about him still. He craves attention nonstop, but he suddenly doesn’t? That isn’t how that works lol. He’s also a known liar, so.

  6. Newt, PVC, and Old Prosty the Snowman all STILL read this blog. They love attention and it gives them something to talk about and play the victim on a livestream for 30 viewers most of which are bots or pedos. Newt now has all these new projects coming out that’s he’s writing for, but actual filmmakers are on strike, so he’s crossing the line and trying to make movies now because no one else will. What a pitiful scumbag

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