The madilynn Paige Show – Newt Wallen

Uhhh…really? This is Newt Wallen’s latest prositute.

Why can’t he just get a girlfriend? I get it. He’s 40, no Brad Pitt, and he’s working in a movie theatre but how many people with mundane jobs and mundane lives and mundane appearances get girlfriends? LOADS of them. Just drop your standards and you’ll find somebody. But Newt rather spend time with prostitutes who are fives out of ten instead of women who actually want to spend time with him who are twos out of ten. Newt himself is a three out of ten so it’s not even that he’d be dropping his standards that much from what he’s can expect to get.

This guy is wasting his money on this shit and more importantly, he’s wasting his life on this shit. On fucking Skeletor over here. Can he not at least find an attractive prostitute?

I’m ten seconds in and she’s ANNOYING AS FUCK. She obviously thinks that she’s some hot chick. This 40 year old anorexia sufferer.

Do these people have absolutely no shame? I understand using people. It’s unethical, obviously but the concept makes sense to me. But these people are using NEWT WALLEN. What the fuck do they think NEWT WALLEN is going to give them? It’s just embarassing. They’re exposing themselves as complete fools.

1:15 –

Newt: Explain to the people who you are.

Skeletor: I have been a model for a few years. I don’t want to date myself here.

You’re over 40. Continue.

Skeletor: And I decided that it was time to grow and expand into a new venture.

Prostitution. Fine. Continue.

Skeletor: So I decided to become an actress. And my first feature film I met this guy and he seems pretty nice. I’ll keep him around, I guess.

She’s insufferable. Horrible female “comedy”. I don’t think that she gets the essence of comedy. You have to LIKE the person telling the jokes. If you hate the person, as I do this woman, nothing she says will ever tickle me. Especially not this fucking insult comedy where a 40 year old prostitute is trying to insult The Ideas Man. I mean, okay, Newt Wallen is a total scumbag and a piece of shit, but so are you. You’re in no position to criticise.

The essence of the “joke” is that we’re supposed to think that this woman is BETTER than Newt Wallen. “What’s this hot chick doing with Newt Wallen?” No. You’re not hot and you’re not better than Newt. You’re both a pair of complete subhuman pieces of shit.

Newt is promoting Martian Girl Massacre or something. As here:–2

This is another piece of shit movie that Newt is somehow involved in. Like Sucks 2 Suck. What happened to that?

They’re raised about $1,500 so far. Good luck with it.

5:15 – Oh, a shout out to the blog. “Some fucking psychopath online who writes a blog said that it’s not right for me to talk about celebrities who died because I’ve never talked about them before. Like I’ve never talked about Pee Wee Herman before.”

By the way, this woman looks uncomfortable AS FUCK while Newt is saying all of this. He’s bringing up the BLOG to a woman he just met? This is not how you get chicks, Newt. Not even if you’re paying for them.

But let’s assume that Newt has talked about Paul Reubens before. I’m willing to believe that.

But has he talked about Sinead O’Connor before? Or Pat Robertson? Or Barbara Walters?

BARBARA WALTERS! Show me the tweets about Barbara Walters, Newt.

He just mentions every fucking dead celebrity because he’s obsessed with death. Lanny Poffo dies? Got to tell Twitter! The last surviving Oompa Loompa dies? Got to tell Twitter! That guy who was in that McDonald’s commercial from the 1980s died? Got to tell Twitter!

Go fuck yourself.

“Then he went on a rant about how he’s gay and I was like who fucking cares?”

I’ll tell you who doesn’t care, Newt. This hungry prostitute sitting next to you who’s looking increasingly worried. She’s looking around for all possible exits right now. Planning a route in her mind for the nearest window.

5:45 – A horntard mentions Newt’s penis and then Newt mentions this, of course. Then this painfully unlikeable woman does some more god awful female “comedy” about this.

Can we just get back to creeping this woman out by talking about a blog that she knows nothing about?

6:30 – Newt says that he got a strike from Youtube for posting something about Screenwave that Screenwave apparently complained about.

7:00 – This woman is adjusting the…whatever this is that she’s wearing…some nightwear. But not in the way that women usually do. She’s adjusting it to show MORE cleavage.

Newt and this prostitute are also suggesting that they’re sleeping together. Because that’s hot, right? When you pay old crack addicts for sex?

7:45 – Newt says that he bought this woman protein shakes. Ew. This is not healthy. There’s a clearly malnourished woman with an eating disorder here and Newt is aiding this behaviour.

8:00 – This prostitute says that her shoes are for “modeling and posing but not walking in.”

Can we see this woman’s modeling portfolio?

Oh, I found it. I think.

Covered in tattoos. At least 40. I’m thinking 45+ after seeing these pictures.

$200/hour for nude modeling. Yeah, I’ll pass on that.

9:15 – “I was talking about why I create, why I want to make art, and it makes me emotional sometimes.”

This is Newt explaining why he cried in a recent stream while talking about what a doody head Tony from Hack the Movies is. Fuck off.

And again, this prositute is creeped out as fuck by all of this.

9:30 –

Newt: It’s the Madilynn Paige Show today.

Skeletor: Exactly. It’s all about me.

Newt: It’s about making people go and follow you on social media, and you become famous, and forget all about me.

Skeletor: I don’t know about that. I don’t forget my friends.

She stated earlier in the video that she only met Newt a few days ago. But now she’s in his home wearing some nightwear and spending the night. I mean, that’s normal behaviour for a prostitute but not for friends.

But anyway, Newt is speaking from experience. He hires prostitutes to make movies and then when the movie is over, the prostitutes stop speaking to him. It’s just common sense but for whatever bizarre reason, Newt considers prostitutes who he hires to make movies with him to be his friends.

12:45 – She stands up to get a hat. That wasn’t nightwear. That was a top. Apparently. A top that looks like nightwear. And she’s wearing booty shorts. As a 45+ year old woman. Who wants to see this?

I’m going to wait for this hat and then turn this shit off. I can’t possibly watch this for another three hours. It’s impossible. Nobody is watching this.

13:00 – Newt is describing the movie that he apparently made with this woman. She plays a camwhore and he plays a porn director. He promises “lots of nudity and lots of gore.”

We get it, Newt. Tits and gore. Change the fucking record.

Then she comes back and she’s wearing a Santa hat.

What? I waited 30 seconds for this? What a waste of 30 seconds that was. Fuck this shit. I’m not going to spend one more second on this obnoxious as fuck crack addicted old whore.

16 thoughts on “The madilynn Paige Show – Newt Wallen

  1. OF COURSE Newt reads this blog.

    HI NEWT!

    Tell fake Horseface we said hi as well. Can’t wait to not see the “movie” you’re working on with her, because it’s all made up in your mind and not a real thing that will ever come out!

    Never forget: you’re a pathological liar and plagiarist!

  2. Hahaha check out PVC Bondage’s Instagram @metzger61 – EVERY photo has her tongue out.

    She’d look BETTER if she soyfaced in every photo, instead.

  3. Oh fuck off Newt. You know damn well it’s weird as shit how you consistently and obsessively post after every celebrity dies and SOMEHOW you always have a personal connection to every one of them. It would be one thing if you just are going RIP, but no, you go on about them and how every single time they have some meaning to you or you wanted to fuck them or some broken part of your childhood was filled with their work. You’re so clearly doing all this in an effort to parasite yourself onto their life and death and make things about yourself. They’re DEAD and you’re still obsessed with attention whoring yourself. At every opportunity. Also you’re only mad Paul Reubens is being noted for his gay or bisexual life because well…you yourself Newt are clearly bisexual yourself. You’ll clearly take anything you can get because you’re a sadsack loser. There’s so much evidence at this point you are. So enough Newt. People are going to talk about you as long as you publicly post all your bullshit and lies. Either stop making a spectacle of yourself or shape up and act your age for once. Go to therapy. Spend your money on a professional instead of prostitutes and this facade of a movie making hobby you pretend you’re succeeding at. Also how is it that Tony from Hack the Movies literally works in his basement and quit his job to do this, and yet he’s not as pathetic as you? You could have shaped up so much by now, but you doubled down and are just as bad as ever. You’re clearly hopeless.

  4. “This is Newt explaining why he cried in a recent stream while talking about what a doody head Tony from Hack the Movies is. Fuck off.”
    Can someone fill me in on why these two hate eachother?

    “He promises “lots of nudity and lots of gore.”
    In a film that will never get made. More lies and empty promises. What happened with Sucks 2 to suck? Or Midnight Show? Or Planet Frankenstein? Or Amityville Arcade? Checked out the crowdfunding pages for two of them and he just leaves people hanging with no updates.

    1. Tony fired Newt from Hack the Movies after the plagiarism incident, and they are no longer on speaking terms.

    2. If Newt talks about “Amityville” garbage one more time I’m gonna vomit.

      It’s literally what only F tier filmmakers and horror fans talk nonstop about. RedLetterMedia made an entire video about this fact just last month. Oh the irony. Which is made more hilarious by the fact both Tony and Newt are seething with jealousy about their channel and always have been lol.

      1. It’s hilarious that Newt was trying so hard to get his work noticed by RLM but when his wish finally came true, it was the plagiarism they noticed. You’d think that would teach him a lesson to not be such an attention whore, but no.

  5. Wait a minute… Redhead with no job or career. Depending on a loser guy to pay for every single need. Fake retro love… Are we looking at the future of Erin?

    1. You have to wonder when/ how Erin and Mike will end. They live together. At least 5 years. Why not get married? Girls want to be married. They aren’t happy with cohabitation. So she just lives with him forever without a wedding? If they break up, she will live somewhere else. She will have to play games, on stream, for money, somewhere else. People will notice. People not in the loop will constantly ask “where’s Mike?” She will have to talk about it every day. Eventually one will get fed up with other. There probably is, surprisingly, a never ending fountain of girls younger than Erin who will follow the same exposure for butt sex path, so why keep her around forever?

      1. Oh if they break up she’s starting an Onlyfans within two weeks guaranteed. She has no serviceable skills that any sustainable income would be derived from, so she’s immediately going to sell her body like the predictable loser she is. The truthers will be her new soirce of income in fact. They can’t wait to do it and be her sugar daddy more than Mike is. They’re quite open it about. That and being gay as shit constantly.

        1. Good point. Hey I hope the author reads this because I was reading on The Truth Reddit that someone was stalking Kieran. No idea what the reality is but a true psychopath, good old garbage stabber said something about it like “oh that’s awful nobody should be harassed in real life like that. This is just for muh lulzzz lol” then he went back to sending 100s of death threats here, I imagine. Then the next day I saw some guy ask him how he can reply to every post on there.

          1. He’s definitely the number 1 suspect for any insane behavior.

            It’s never just trolling with him. He’s an actual psychopath, and a limp dick pansy obsessed with Mike Matei of course.

          2. Yeah, I read that. It’s almost certainly him who was stalking Kieran. Half of the people who post on that sub are just his various alts.

            I managed to ban him, though. He hasn’t posted anything in months. He still tries to get into the site almost every day, though. I can see the blocked attempts in the firewall. It’s pathetic.

  6. You really want to be sick watch the other livestream with PVC bondage guy and Madilynn. It’s so awkward and weird. One is money hungry, one is mentally ill, and the other is a loser pimping them out. Madilynn isn’t wearing underwear and constantly wants donations or money and Newt won’t let it happen because it’s a community. She looks at times that she wants to flip out and leave over PVC/Newt and the chat losers. They drink heavily and it gets worse and worse. It only stops so Newt can drive the red head to a hotel he paid for so she can shoot content and make money on Onlyfans. I don’t know who would pay for her content, but good for her and her “art”. I’m sure she will never be back and Newt will never make her a big star or put her in anything but weird trading card videos

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