Tipsy Zap And Bad At Math?! – Zap Cristal

This is just sad. None of this is funny, certainly. It’s Zap Cristal and Mr Wright Way II being fall over drunk on stream, for no money.

Zap Cristal has a son. The son is, I don’t know, 12? And she just brings all of these strange men in to live with them. She MARRIES these strange men. And then they get drunk off their ass.

I’m reminded of my own childhood. My mother didn’t marry a bunch of different black men. It was nothing like that. But my father would drink. Quite a bit.

He worked a lot and he would be away from home for days at a time. But when he was home, he was usually drunk.

That being said, I don’t remember ever seeing him take a drink. He at least had that much respect for his family. He would drink but he would do it in his room with the door closed. Or he’d go to the bar with his friends from work.

Many memories of him coming home drunk off his ass. Stumbling around. Doing weird shit. And my mother always had to argue with him to go to bed. They wouldn’t yell, she would just keep encouraging him to go to bed because he was a nuisance.

Then he died. It was alcohol-related. I was like 12. And that was that. He was younger than I am now.

I look back and I wonder how sad he must have been with his life that he would drink like this. He had a wife, he had children, he had a decent job, he liked his job, but he spent all of his free-time drinking. I don’t have many memories of him being at home while sober.

I understand maybe he wanted to do something else with his life. Maybe he wanted a better job. Maybe he wanted to be single. Maybe he wanted to travel the world. Whatever. But you have children. That was a decision that he made. Can you not keep it together for the sake of your children? Can you maybe do some parenting? Take an interest in your children’s lives? Maybe drink in moderation?

It’s extremely selfish behaviour. And bafflingly irresponsible.

It caused me to abstain from alcohol. I was in my late 20s before I drank any alcohol. And even then, it was just socially and in moderation. I might have had 100 beers in my life. I have no interest in any of that. I don’t even see the appeal. It tastes like shit and you feel nauseous afterwards. Who would want to do this at all, let alone every day?

But you have Zap Cristal over here ruining not only her life but the life of her very unfortunate son. I don’t find anything remotely funny about that video or the situation where she’s just marrying random black men. She’s ruining that kid’s life with this selfish, self-destructive behaviour. And for what? Is any of this even fulfilling? Put your energy into raising your child, not your shitty fucking Youtube channel that nobody even watches.

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  1. I noticed she hacked off her hair. Not that she was hot before but that’s the death knell for a woman over 35. Oh. Rights she’s too hot to be an influencer. But once a woman hits 35-40 and that hair gets cut, it never comes back. Hair, long hair is the key to beauty because it subconsciously tells so much about age and health. And in older women it says that she’s still got something. I have a neighbor who has grandkids but she still dresses hot and never cuts her hair. It does a lot. I’m not beating off to her or anything but I was shocked to calculate how old she actually could be.
    I’d say those old, very old, touched up photos of her aren’t so bad, because of her hair. Now what’s she got? Besides yet another black stepdad for her keed.

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