Pam and Gabriel Knight in New Orleans – Cannot Be Tamed

This is Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining’s first “short”. Totally worth it. She went to New Orleans because of some video game. Did she get her tits out at Mardi Gras? Unfortunately, no.

Instead, she wore some grandmother dress, ate crawdads (or something) and pastries, drank cocktails and coffee, went to some forested area, saw an alligator, went to a crypt, put a snaked around her neck, and…that’s it.

Who is she going with on these trips? She also went to Costa Rica not long ago. Is she going by herself? How fucking sad is that?

Oh my god. I thought that I had written like half of the article already. I only wrote three paragraphs. How am I going to pad this out? Let’s check out her Twitter.

Oh yeah. Global Accessibility Awareness Day. Perhaps my favourite holiday. The family gathers around the Global Accessibility Awareness tree. You sing Global Accessibility Awareness songs. You eat a big Global Accessibility Awareness turkey.

I read the Wikipedia article for Global Accessibility Awareness Day and I still don’t know what it is. So let’s move on.

Eugh. Who cares?

This isn’t going so well.

Oh, here’s Pam with her lesbian girlfriend Pele.

Wow. Somebody needs to study what Pam is doing in those Youtube videos. Because look at how Pam looks in those Youtube videos and then look at these pictures. What the fuck? Is it the lighting? Is it the makeup? She looks awful in these candid pictures. And this is how she actually looks. She’s doing something in these Youtube videos to make…that…look presentable. I’m not being insulting. I’m genuinely impressed. Whatever she’s doing it’s working.

It might just be the makeup. Because you watch these makeup videos that she does, or maybe she no longer does them, and without makeup, Pam is one homely woman.

Oh, she gave up. She hasn’t made a video in eight months. It was always some horny guy responding to the videos. “I don’t wear makeup, but you’re hot!” Shit like this. Or “I’ll make sure that my wife watches!” And the wife never watches. The wife is watching more interesting shit.

She got no views on these videos but it’s broadly similar to the number of views that she gets on her Point and Drink channel with Pele. So how much longer is Point and Drink going to last?

What could Pam make videos on? I don’t know. I think that she’s already making videos on stuff that she’s genuinely interested in: video games, makeup, alcohol. The problem is that she has absolutely no charisma.

Maybe she should go back to her blog. Let me see if I can find it.

She stopped the blog to focus on Youtube. No, that was a bad move. She needs to go back to blogging. Is she any less boring and condescending in print? Let’s see.

Well, her condescending nature shines through in these blog posts. That’s a turn off.

The blog is basically just about her and games that she likes. Why would I want to…read that? But that’s what her channel is basically about too. Similar question applies, I guess. Why would I want to watch that? But it seems somehow weirder in print.

Here’s an article where she mentions Youtube comments that she got which compliment her. Youtube comments saying keep up the good work, I like the videos. And she calls all of these guys sexist.

Interesting. This is why people don’t like Pam. She’s a horrible person. A total bitch. She hates men. And she’s condescending as fuck. AND BORING!

It even comes off in her writing. I don’t want to fucking read this shit. No wonder her blog failed. It didn’t fail because of the waning popularity of blogs generally, it failed because her particular blog sucked fucking cock. I don’t want to read articles about a condescending bitch calling every man on earth sexist.

2 thoughts on “Pam and Gabriel Knight in New Orleans – Cannot Be Tamed

  1. To think that I once thought of her as cute. Now all that’s left is for her ovaries to dry up, become alcoholic and to pretend being “lesbian” so that she won’t die alone.

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