The Little Mermaid Review….kinda – Newt Wallen

0:00 – It starts with this woman, Lana, I think her name is, saying that seven years ago she was robbed at gunpoint outside of the theatre. Really? In rural Pennsylvania? That’s surprising.

I have a £1000 coat that I wear. It’s not some gay shit with a logo on it, it’s just a high quality coat. And people can tell. I get a fair amount of compliments on it. Mostly from drunken men but drunken men have an eye for fashion.

I never worry when wearing that coat. Even though I live in what’s considered one of the more dangerous cities in the UK. And I go through what are considered the scummier areas of the city. Never a problem. You see some hobos and drug addicts and whatnot but nobody hassles me.

When I lived in London, people would talk about bad areas and how it’s so dangerous. Really? These fucking faggots with this camp accent are supposed to be intimidating? What are they going to do?

There are gangs in London. Youth gangs. They literally ride their bicycles. That’s how they get around. And there are sometimes stabbings. Usually not even with proper knives. They use makeshift stuff like they’re in prison. It must be difficult to get knives. I think that you have to be over 18 or something to get decent knives.

The gangs are overwhelmingly black. Same as in the US. Draw your own conclusions. But again, a black guy with a camp fucking accent is not intimidating. Even when he’s tooling around on his fucking bicycle with a cheap pen knife in his pocket.

So I don’t know. It’s all relative, I guess. If you’re from rural Farnham or something, then you might be scared of living in London. But I grew up on the mean inner city streets in the US. It takes more than some fag on a bicycle to intimidate me.

But more to the point, you just don’t really see much street crime in the UK. At least I don’t.

1:00 – Newt tells a bizarre story about a black child who comes into the movie theatre looking for his mother. His grandmother works at the cinema. He sits next to Newt and these two other people and starts talking to his mother on his tablet. They’re all waiting for the movie to start. I think that it’s only this couple and Newt in the theatre.

So anyway, as this child is talking to his mother on the tablet, Newt is thinking, “Why does the mother never once say, ‘Who’s the white guy?'”

And they all start falling over laughing at this story. What? Why…

The child is obviously familiar with the cinema, what with his grandmother working there. I believe that this is a cinema that Newt works at as well. So the child sits down near to Newt and starts talking to his mother on his tablet. That’s all that happened.

But Newt talks about this like it’s completely insane. And Newt can’t understand why the mother isn’t asking the child about these white people sitting next to him. Like white people are prone to…what? Assaulting black children? Is that what Newt is implying?

Why did he even mention race? It wasn’t…none of this was relevant to the story. I don’t even understand the story. Why is this so funny? The child had legitimate business there. His grandmother works there. And he’d obviously done this before, based on the fact that he wasn’t uncomfortable about any of this.

I can see, at first, finding it strange that there’s this kid wandering around a closed theatre. But they find it funny even after they know the circumstances of him being there. I don’t get it. The kid was entitled to be there. His grandmother works there. His mother wasn’t worried because she knows that the grandmother works at the cinema. The mother can see that the child is at the cinema. What’s so fucking hilarious about this?

2:15 – This woman starts talking about how both she and Newt were “terrified” by this kid. I’m not making this up. That’s the word used. They were terrified of this CHILD in the movie theatre looking for his mother.

What the fuck? This might be why Newt isn’t wearing a £1000 coat. He opted for a $20 hoodie that he got from Walmart. He’s terrified that CHILDREN are going to rob him.

Is this a race thing? It must be. They mentioned his race several times in this story. And they found it peculiar that this kid was showing white people near him and the mother was unfazed. The mother was unfazed because…it’s people sitting in a cinema watching a movie. How does their race play into any of this? The child is obviously familiar with the cinema. His grandmother works there.

It just doesn’t make any fucking sense. If anyone can explain this story, by all means let me know.

2:45 – Now they’re saying that it was his grandfather who works there. So either I misheard or they mispoke when I was saying “grandmother” throughout this. Then this woman says, “That guy was creepy.” And they go on to shit on this guy. Because one time this guy grabbed Newt’s pizza and…this woman, who only saw this guy today, said that he has dirty hands.

He’s the cleaner, by the way. But this is…this is creepy? A guy with dirty hands is creepy? I suspect that a BLACK guy with dirty hands is what they’re concerned about. And the dirty hands part isn’t even relevant. They’re just afraid of black people. Elderly black people, black children, it doesn’t matter.

3:45 – This woman is continuing to describe the “terror” that she felt. “We babysat for half an hour and umm…but yeah, that was one of the most terrifying moments of my life.”

Just get the Klan robes out. That’s what this is. Hardcore racism. And BAFFLING hardcore racism.

When I make a comment like most gang crime being the result of black people, there are people out there who would view that as racist. And I know that. But the statistics back me up so I’m not concerned. I’m just stating fact.

These people are telling a story about a child looking for his mother, in a place where his grandfather works, and having to watch a movie with this kid for 30 minutes. They find this terrifying. This kid who has every right to be there. And they weren’t “babysitting” him. He was there watching a fucking movie at a cinema. A cinema that his grandfather works in. And it was a CHILDREN’S movie. It was The Little Mermaid. Totally appropriate for him to watch that. What the fuck is wrong with these people?

And then this “creepy” grandfather who had dirty hands. HE WORKS AS A CLEANER, YOU FUCKING RETARDS.

And they have the audacity to suggest that this elderly man is some kind of drug addict. I didn’t mention that part.

This elderly man asked Newt, who’s the manager, if he’s “got this” as in, can this guy go home? And Newt says, “Yeah.” So the guy goes home. Then they shit on him for going home. Because the other theatre was still dirty.

Then why did you tell him to go home? There was some kind of miscommunication. Newt was talking about the theatre that they were sitting in, not the adjacent theatre. So Newt should have been clearer. He’s the fucking manager. His response was not clear.

And do you think that guy wanted to go home? He’s getting paid by the hour. I’m sure that he would have been happy to clean it. That’s what he gets paid for. He doesn’t want to come to work for 30 minutes and then go home. Nobody wants that.

But these fucking dimwitted Klansmen are in hysterics over this. OVER WHAT? Nobody did anything wrong. They’re the only ones who did anything wrong.

4:00 – “The kid was totally comfortable. Just like a random middle aged dude talking to me.”


What are these fucking people thinking? They must live in fear of their own shadows. Oh no. A ten year old black kid is here looking for his mother. RUN!

4:15 – Oh. I overestimated. The guy in this video says that the kid was about four years old.

They’re terrified of a four year old boy who happens to be black. Unbelievable.

Here’s all that had to happen. You see the kid. You ask him if he’s okay. He says that he’s looking for his mother and his grandfather works here. You go to get his grandfather. And then you tell the kid that he can watch The Little Mermaid while his grandfather finishes cleaning up the other theatre.

That’s it. That’s what any normal human being would do. People bring their children or grandchildren to work. It’s not unusual. Especially in these sorts of jobs. Especially night shifts when people aren’t around. What’s the fucking problem?

It was a black kid. That’s was the problem. It was the most terrifying experience of this woman’s life. Worse than when she got robbed.

This is fucking disgusting. Newt actually thought that it was a good idea to upload this video. He’s the manager of the theatre and shitting on an employee. An employee who did NOTHING WRONG, by the way. And Newt puts this on Youtube. As a manager. Publicly shames an employee who did nothing wrong.

Newt should be fired. No question. Without even adding the racial element of this abuse, this is not how you treat your employees. Imagine having a job where your boss makes Youtube videos about what a fucking creep you are. Because your hands are dirty and you work as a cleaner.

I don’t understand how Newt can be this fucking stupid. Does he want to get fired from every fucking job he has? Is it that hard to be professional? You don’t have to be Mr Good Worker. Just don’t be a giant fucking asshole. That’s all you have to do.

I’m of a mind to call Newt’s place of business and tell them about this video. But the difficulty is that I think they already know and they don’t give a shit. Because Newt says that people have called his place of employment before to try to get him fired and the owner didn’t care.

How can anybody possibly excuse this video, though? Making a video where you accuse somebody who works for you of being a creepy drug addict because he has dirty hands. And making fun of him because his four year old grandson was there for a short while.

That’s another issue. A reason why people at these sorts of jobs often have their children or grandchildren at work is because the jobs don’t pay anything so they can’t afford childcare. And Newt is mocking this.

4:45 – Newt is talking about “woke white people” who say that this movie is the best.

So then the woman says, “Yeah, I read a lot of reviews from black critics who said that this movie has a lot of problems and it’s really disappointing.” And everyone laughs hysterically.

I don’t get this. I don’t get any of this. Why is that funny?

If the movie sucks dick, as it presumably does, of course critics who happen to be black are going to say so. That’s not a counterpoint to “woke white people” who claim to enjoy the movie. That’s just factual.

It’s not a dispute between “woke white people” and black film critics who don’t like the movie. The dispute is between Disney making shit “woke” movies in an attempt to make money and reality. People of any race can watch the movie and see that it’s shit. Black people generally do not like movies that are shit just because there are black people in them. They’re no different from anyone else in this respect. WHY IS THAT FUNNY? WHY DO THESE KLANSMEN NOT KNOW THIS?

Then the video just ends abruptly. There’s a part 2 to this video but I’m not watching it. I’ll just go read what the boys on the Stormfront message board have to say instead.

8 thoughts on “The Little Mermaid Review….kinda – Newt Wallen

    1. I’ve successfully banned him from the blog. He’s also afraid to post on my subreddit because his accounts have been banned in the past when I’ve reported them.

      So the problem is solved. He hasn’t posted in months. He hasn’t been able to access the site in months. I see the log file he sometimes tries to get on but the firewall blocks him.

      By talking about him, it’s just playing into his hands. This is what stalkers want. They want to feel like they’re part of the lives of the person they’re stalking. No. He’s banned. Problem solved.

    2. Funny, I got a response to an old comment from weeks ago about…I think Newt based on the context of the response? and I could only read it in the email notifying me. Well it was a comment made by yup you guessed it, ilovemikespenis. Found it awfully suspicious and pretty much immediately suspected it was just that same fag GarbageStabber. When I went to the Reddit app it didn’t exist as a comment in my notifications and there was no way to see what he was responding to.

      So either the comment was so psychotic it got deleted, or he deleted it himself because…I don’t know, he’s a lunatic so your guess is as good as mine. The theme here is GarbageStabber is a massive weakling and a wannabe fascist. Just pathetic lol.

    3. He has many alts besides that one, and he has taken up talking to his alts in the same thread as if they were different people, but it’s all just him making every comment under multiple different names.

      Does he really think nobody knows? It jusy takes looking at his comment history on *any* of them to see the pattern. Guy might as well be Chris Chan. We’re talking someone with a rat garbage existence clearly.

  1. This is what happens when people don’t have anything to say and still want to produce content. We may criticize tiktokers or YouTube influencers all we want, but they do produce new content consistently. Stupid and superficial content, but consistent.

    And then we have people like Newt. He has no idea what to talk about, so he just produces noise. This post was actually more entertaining than the video itself, so in a way, this blog is doing them a service.

  2. Newt has a long history of overt racism…He revels at the opportunity to shit on “white people” to gain, “woke points”? I guess?…i hate using collectivist-terms like “woke”…Collectivism is a HUGE tool used by our “Overlords” to divide the sheeple….but you kinda have to partake, just for context…So, Newt sucks. He was listenable, so long as Crystal wasn’t around and he wasn’t on a crusade to virtue signal at every opportunity….i wish him the best though…

    1. Well, sure. Newt’s contempt for white people is well-documented. But I’ve not seen him expressing his contempt for black people before this video.

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