Mint Salad has Been Banned from Twitter

It’s good to see Elon Musk cleaning this shit up. It’s high time. Get rid of all of this bullshit pseudo pornography for retards.

Let’s go back to the days where there were standards in the porn industry. Only hot chicks were allowed in. That’s the way that I liked it.

But now any fucking fat chick with a phone can make pornography. And not even good pornography. You know, the hardcore stuff. This is the shittiest, scammiest bullshit in the entire proud history of pornography. “Lewds”? Really? You want me to pay five bucks a month for pictures of a fat chick or a horseface chick or whatever in a bikini? FUCK OFF!

But retards go for this stuff. They just want somebody to talk to. It’s sad and these women are clearly taking advantage of these very unfortunate men.

“Oh, maybe I can start showing my boobs once I get comfortable six months from now.” Who gives a shit? I can see the boobs of a hot chick right now over on fucking PornHub or whatever. And they’re getting fucked. Anally. And doing all kinds of depraved shit.

So anyway, Crystal Quin aka Horseface McGee was first to break the news.

She shows the picture that lead to Mint Salad getting banned. Yeah. It’s porn. Bad porn.

And it’s true that there’s actual porn on Twitter. Any legitimate porn star has a scammy Twitter that’s nothing but pornographic pictures of them. But it seems like the problem here is that Mint Salad used this as her profile picture. I…guess that I’ve never seen pornographic pictures used on anyone’s profile pictures.

Also, these pictures that actual porn stars put on Twitter are always marked as not safe for work. So you get a warning before you click it. Mint Salad was just putting this picture up with no blur effect, no warning.

So anyway, Horseface says, “This is bullshit. She not even showing nipple and most of her boobs are covered. ‘May be intended to cause sexual arousal’ is very subjective.”

Boy, is that true. You look at the alleged porn that Horseface posts and you just think, “What? This is intended to cause sexual arousal? I don’t get it.”

But then you have fucking Kris Glavin and his ilk going nuts over this. “Smokeshow, young lady.” Shit like this.

So let’s see what old Horseface has been up to.

Oh, she’s on Hinge. Why? Isn’t that a dating app?

Yeah. I mean…what the fuck? There are plenty of suitors right there on Twitter. Kris Glavin doesn’t live far from Horseface. What’s wrong with Kris Glavin? He’s obviously interested in Horseface. Why doesn’t she go out with him? Why doesn’t she send him a DM saying, “Hey. Wanna fuck?”?

She’s happy to take money from him. She’s happy to receive compliments from him many times a day. But she doesn’t want to go out? Don’t lead the guy on, Horseface. Tell him that you’re not interested.

But okay, that’s just Kris Glavin. Surely, there are other guys on her Twitter who she’d like to go out with. Any hot, muscular, young men on there? How many young doctors are paying for her Fansly?

Wait…none? It’s all horny retards? Well that’s an odd audience. You might want to reconsider your strategy. Attract some hot, eligible bachelors to your site.

Oh. You can’t. Because hot, eligible bachelors aren’t interested in fat chicks and horsefaced women. I see.

Whoa! Did my pants just get tighter?

Oh. They did. But only because I voided my bowels in disgust.

If you’re jerking off to this, you have some real problems. And this is her Thanksgiving message? It’s all about her, of course. Nothing about family or Pilgrims or whatnot.

Is it the Pilgrims who introduced horses to the Indians? Oh, no. It was the Spanish. They arrived before the Pilgrims.

This is Horseface filming a “secret project.” What could it be? A remake of A Horse for Christmas?

I never tire of these horse jokes. I know that it’s cruel but Horseface is a horrible, horrible, horrible person.

Horseface, I’m bringing some news today. I don’t give the slightest of fucks about your diabetic cousin. Take this shit and shove it up your ass.

Then she posts a bunch of AI art…OF HERSELF! What else? And she asks the horntards which picture of hers if their favourite.

Horseface…I don’t give a shit. I’m not interested in your narcissistic bullshit.

Oh, Del replied. He’s the transgender guy who replies to Newt’s tweets. One of many. And…ew. Speaking of horsefaces…

So that’s Horseface’s Twitter. Let’s check out Mint…oh, that’s right. We can’t see what Mint Salad has to say on Twitter.

Maybe Mint Salad should use this setback as an opportunity to get a job. Or maybe just get away from that fat hillbilly pimp. That’s probably the first move.

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