Geek Time TNG: Warner Bros. Attacked for Anti-Woke Agenda?! Typical. GET THE REAL DETAILS – Irate Gamer

About three months ago, Chris BORES re-started his podcast. It was cringe as fuck. He took questions from the audience. Clearly, nothing was screened. You’d get little kids calling in with stupid shit, for example.

The first few episodes were solo but then he scrounged up some co-host to appear via Skype. He was awful.

The videos are so bad that they’re not even on the channel any more. You have to search for them. There’s a partial list here but it’s certainly not all of them:

Aside from the cringe, he also talks a lot about typical American right-wing talking points. I don’t get it. Who’s the audience for this thing? Children? Nerds? Members of the Proud Boys?

So it starts with the theme song. Lyrics include, “If you’ve never kissed a girl or tasted wine”, “If you still live with your parents and you’re 38 years old”, “It’s time to get a life”, “You will never get a wife.”

You hear Chris BORES laughing at some of these lyrics, while the song is playing. He couldn’t even turn his microphone off for this song. And how many times has he heard this song? It still tickles him?

And this is the worst possible song. You’re insulting your audience.

1:30 – He immediately launches into the topic. Doesn’t say, “Welcome to the podcast” or anything like this. He’s just straight in with the topic. He says that he’s “Had some communication with Warner Bros about this.”

About what? And who at Warner Bros have you been speaking to? It’s nobody. Nobody at Warner Bros gives a shit about Chris BORES. Give me a fucking break. This is insulting my intelligence.

4:00 – He’s said “anti-woke” about 15 times so far but…what the fuck is he talking about? What’s the story? Something about Warner Bros but that’s as much as I know. You want to explain anything, Chris?

“Being the Irate Gamer and knowing what people against you will do, this is typical.”


4:15 – “I’d expect no less from these type of people.”

What type of people? Jews? This is something to do with Warner Bros. He’s comparing his problems with Warner Bros’ problems. I have no fucking idea what he’s talking about.

Okay. He’s saying that since Warner Bros is going in this “anti-woke direction”, talent agencies are advising their actors not to work with Warner Bros.

Chris. Listen to me. I have no fucking idea what you’re talking about. What is this “anti-woke” thing that Warner Bros is doing? How does it relate to your experiences on Youtube? Is this a Jewish thing? I genuinely have no idea what he’s talking about. He refuses to explain anything. Is this all coded right wing bullshit?

4:45 – So Chris is fine with fewer people wanting to work for Warner Bros because, “It will open the door up for people who have been trying to get in there for years, like myself.”

What? In what way has Chris BORES been trying to work with Warner Bros? This is completely fucking delusional. Is Warner Bros going to do something with Irate Gamer or his god awful ghost hunting bullshit? It’s preposterous. And I still have no fucking idea what this “anti-woke” thing is.

Let me look this up. I should not have to do this. And people listening to the podcast live aren’t able to pause and look shit up. Chris BORES should be fucking explaining shit.

The new CEO of Warner Bros, (Jewish-looking name, by the way) is “un-cancelling” JK Rowling by asking her to do a new Harry Potter series. He also commissioned a film or something by Clint Eastwood. So…this is “anti-woke”. I guess.

And this guy is Jewish, right? Let me look this up.

Yeah. Of course. So who was he talking about when he said, “These kind of people”? The Illuminati? Nothing is explained.

5:00 – “This all started with the Batgirl movie being dropped from their slate.”

I don’t know what any of this is. Was Batgirl some kind of feminist or “woke” movie? I don’t know and I don’t give a shit. I’m a grown man. And Chris is older than I am.

5:15 – “If you don’t think that articles like this are pay for play, come on, man.”

Just tell us what you’re talking about, Chris. Enough of this coded bullshit. Who is he railing against? Communists? The Deep State? Black UN helicopters? I have no fucking idea. Give me a hint.

5:30 – Then he says that he experienced the same thing “time and time again”. WHAT THING? WHO? WHAT’S GOING ON?

“I revealed in the last episode that there was a — we put something in the video, I can’t remember what it was, but we put something in our video when we did the Beatles Rock Band review. I put something in there that they didn’t like.”

WHO? FUCKING EXPLAIN THINGS. He’s talking about fucking grey little men or something.

“And they were like, ‘You need to remove this or we’re cutting off all ties with you. You’re not getting any special privileges with our company.”

So…Chris BORES put something controversial (so controversial that he can’t even remember what it was) into some game review and the Jews/Democratic Party/Hollywood Liberals or something threatened him with…lack of special privileges?

God. This guy is a fucking retard. I’m sorry. Six minutes of fucking bullshit. If you want to talk about your idiotic conspiracy theory bullshit, go nuts. I don’t give a shit. But fucking tell a story. Enough of this nebulous bullshit.

6:00 – “I’m not telling you what I saw at Microsoft and Sony and Nintendo because — same shit over there too.”

If anyone can explain this, by all means do so. What are we supposed to be taking away from any of this? So far, I only know Chris BORES is a fucking tedious imbecile. I already knew that.

Oh, and it’s not just me. I just noticed some of the comments. He was livestreaming this. These are comments that were left in realtime.

  • “what is this about”

He says that Gamespot is “in the pocket” of the video game companies.

What year is this? When was the last time that anyone went to Gamespot?

“I’ll do a whole episode on that once things come crashing down in the next couple of weeks or so.”

When was the apocalypse? Did I miss it? What happened?

7:15 – “When you get up into this upper echelon in Warner Bros and things like that, you see that there are cabals. Warner Bros is notorious for housing a lot of these cabals where it’s just their friends, the same people over and over again.”

These are clearly codewords for “Jews”. But…I don’t know what he’s saying. No clue. The CEO of Warner Bros is Jewish. Jews control Hollywood. We know this, Chris. But then why is he talking about how there’s going to be a new Renaissance at Warner Bros because this new Jewish CEO is “anti-woke”? None of this makes sense.

Conspiracy theories have to have a logical train of thought. Chris BORES is just spouting random nonsense off the cuff. He hasn’t thought any of this out. He’s just trying to do some Rush Limbaugh impression.

7:45 – “I’m being very cryptic here because I don’t want to get in trouble and I don’t want certain people coming after me.”

Yeah. Jews. I get it.

But…nobody fucking wants Irate Gamer or his ghost hunting bullshit on television. Jews and gentiles all agree on this. It’s not a conspiracy to keep Chris BORES off of national television. It’s just common sense.

9:00 – “I know you guys are all thinking of that Irate Gamer/AVGN thing. Yeah, perfect example. Back in 2009/2010/2011. Nobody wants to say it but look what happened back then. AVGN and his crowd formed this little clique and they were like, ‘Anyone who doesn’t go along with this clique…”

And then he just rambles. What does this have to do with Jews? As far as I’m aware, the only Jew associated with James Rolfe is Justin Silverman. And he wasn’t there in 2011.

9:45 – “I was the only person who wasn’t going to sit there and go, ‘James, you’re the best. You’re the best. I’m going to kiss your ass.’ And look what happened to me.”

People got wise to your boring as fuck, plagiarised bullshit. Nothing to do with a Jewish conspiracy.

Then Chris BORES says that people at Cinemassacre sabotaged Chris BORES’ career. I don’t even want to get into this. I don’t fucking care. I don’t even know what Chris BORES is advocating. Expulsion of the Jews? Just tell us. Give us a logical explanation of things. It can be a crazy conspiracy theory but make it a COHERENT crazy conspiracy theory.

People in the chat are just spamming now. They’re bored as fuck with this rambling nonsense.

12:00 – Somebody gives Chris BORES five Canadian dollars and Chris BORES has NO IDEA what “CA$5.00” means. So he just stumbles over it and says, “Thank you for the paid comment.” The comment was “CURSE YOU, SHEEP!!!” by the way. He’s being sarcastic, presumably.

18:30 – Chris BORES says that he was supposed to do a commercial for Atari. But the Jews (or somebody) screwed him out of that deal.

Chris BORES refused these offers because these Jews (or whoever) wanted to take a cut of his profits. This was in 2012. So ever since then, his channel tanked. So…Chris blames the Jews for the downfall of his channel. Or somebody.

21:00 – “I was the very first person shadow banned on Youtube.”

Ummmm….yeah. Citation needed, BORES.

By the way, the comments are full of random, racist conspiracy theory bullshit.

22:00 – Then he talks about how PewDiePie came “out of nowhere” and was “backed by Youtube.” PewDiePie isn’t Jewish.

22:45 – “And they’re doing the same thing to Warner Bros. You better get back on this agenda bandwagon or we’re going to ban you.”

What exactly is Chris’ explanation for being “banned” by Youtube? He just says that he didn’t want to give a cut of his profits to anyone. So what’s the relevance to Warner Bros?

23:00 – “If you guys are all going to pull out, hey, I’m right here, man. Talk to me. I don’t care. Because I’ve been trying to get in there for years and the problem is there’s all these cabals in place.”

No. What? What is the project that he’s even trying to sell to Warner Bros? It’s ridiculous. The man has absolutely no charisma and his videos are terrible. Nothing to do with Jewish conspiracies.

Is there a cabal of Jews who control Youtube and Hollwood? I don’t know. It’s plausible. But is that the reason why Warner Bros isn’t producing an Irate Gamer tv show? Fuck no. The reason is that the show would be deemed the biggest piece of shit ever aired on television.

Somebody in the comments says:

  • “Chris are you on the mushrooms again”

Somebody else asks, “What agency are you with, Chris?” Chris laughs and says, “I’m with the good guys.”

Does he even know what this guy was asking? He was asking about TALENT agencies. He was making a joke of the fact that Chris BORES thinks that he should be making tv shows or whatever in Hollywood.

But no. Chris BORES isn’t with any agency. He doesn’t even know what the term means. BORES thought that this guy was asking some comic book type of question. “Which superhero agency are you with?” No, you fucking retard. You just illustrated your complete ignorance about this industry that you say is shutting you out because it’s run by a cabal of Jews.

Then he says, “I’m of the agency of God. So the universe and everything that made this universe. That’s a whole deep topic and hole to go down as well.”

What? Now he’s talking about Jesus of Nazareth? TALENT agency, Chris. That’s what the guy was asking about.

“Which I don’t really want to get into on the Irate Gamer channel…for obvious reasons.”

Yes. Jews. We get it.

But yeah, Chris BORES is a Jesus nut. He’s said stuff like this before.

Ha. Yeah, and then the guy comes back with:

  • “Talent agency, I mean.”

Fucking retard Chris BORES.

24:30 – So now we’re in the call-in portion of the show. This is going to be great.

24:45 – BORES is talking about a recent comment that he didn’t like, “Oh, Chris is joining that bandwagon of going really right-wing, he’s jumping on that bandwagon and trying to get famous again.” So he says, “Come on, man. This channel has been shadow-banned and whatnot. I’m not going to get shit.”

Well, we can agree on that. But that doesn’t address the question, does it? He’s clearly doing some weird right-wing bullshit now.

25:45 – We have our first caller.

BORES: Okay, if you want to rake me over the coals, let’s hear it, ShadowFlare.

ShadowFlare: Actually, I completely agree with you.

You don’t say. Probably because Chris BORES bans anyone who disagrees with him. The entire chat is fucking lunatics.

So the guy says that it’s surprising that Warner Bros is going “anti-woke” because they used to be really “woke”.

Chris doesn’t know what to say to this. He can’t have a conversation and he doesn’t know anything about Warner Bros or issues of the day. And the people calling in are fucking retards, which doesn’t help.

Somebody in the comments refers to the caller:

  • “this dude sounds like the nerd emoji”

Oh god. I have to turn this off now. They’re having some nerd comic book discussion. Fuck off. Get back to the Jews.

Let’s check out the comments.

  • “what the hell are you talking the fuck”
  • “Wtf did I just watch?”
  • “is the woke mob the reason you can’t break 100k on videos anymore? asking for a friend”
  • “Looks like The Irate Gamer fell off and is no longer a gamer. Disappointed that he’s changing into this cringy content”
  • “I kinda wish he’d bring back the ghost hunting shit from a few years ago and combine it with this. I want to see him yell about Woke Ghosts”
  • “So Chris, I see you are jumping on another bandwagon of cringe because you other attempts and making money have failed (AVGN clone, Minecraft toy show) -“

Somebody also says that he should keep doing the podcast. Chris says that he’s been too busy. No time, am I right, boys?

No time and no views and no charisma and no ability to speak like a normal human being.

So he buried these podcasts now. They’re kind of unlisted. I can’t quite figure out what he did.

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