Retro Ali is Done With Youtube and Twitch

Retro Ali used to put her god awful Twitch streams on this channel.  Now she’s removed all of the videos.  

The videos would get like 100 views each.  That’s not an exaggeration.  

Is she still on Twitch?

Not really.  She hasn’t streamed in two weeks.  The last video that’s public is from three weeks ago.  She used to stream regularly.  I’m thinking at least twice a week.

The fact that she deleted all of her videos from her secondary Youtube channel suggests that this isn’t laziness but that she’s made a conscious decision to stop doing this shit.

She also hasn’t uploaded a video to her main Youtube channel in two months.  It was a “reaction” video that didn’t do particularly well.

Oh, she also disabled comments from all of her videos and hid them.

Let’s check her Twitter.

It’s just the same boring bullshit about video games that she always posts.  Nobody replies to anything.  She gives no insight into anything.  Just “I LIKE VIDEO GAMES” bullshit as usual.

Seven months ago, she explained that she had lost her job, moved, found a new job, and promised that she would start uploading regularly.  I talk about this here:

That lasted maybe two weeks. 

So maybe she lost her job again or something.  Or maybe she finally came to her senses and realised that none of this is going to work.  She’s boring as fuck and all she does is make a face like she’s sucking on a giant horse penis while watching Pokemon commercials.  Even the horntards began to leave comments complaining about how fake her “reactions” are.  

Absolute worst Youtube channel I have ever seen.  It has to be.  And it was reflected in the views.  She had by far the lowest number of subscribers of any of the gamer grrls on my GamerGrrl Mount Rushmore.  Even Pelvic Gamer has more subscribers.  Way more.

I only found out about her channel from horny John Riggs.  He did a Top Ten Hottest Babes of the Internet type video years ago and Retro Ali was there.

Let’s check out SocialBlade.

She’s making $120/year from Youtube.  It makes Erin look like a tycoon with her $750/year.

Her Patreon is also gone.

Now it just links to Pat The NES Punk’s Patreon, which is weird.

Maybe there was some scandal and she just locked everything down to prevent people from talking about it.  But a Retro Ali scandal?  Who gives a shit.

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