Creator Clash – Exploring the Boring Underbelly of Youtuber Boxing – Nathan Barnatt

One of my most popular articles is “Nathan Barnatt is Kind of a Douche”:

I wrote it a year ago and it gets about ten hits a day.  For comparison purposes, most of the stuff that I write gets zero hits a day after the first week.

It was the only time that I wrote about Nathan Barnatt.  It was just a throwaway article.  None of the gamer grrls must have been uploading anything.  

But for the past couple of months, that article really started gaining some traction.  People will leave messages saying, “Nathan isn’t a douche!  You’re the douche!” and whatnot.  So it must be showing up on Google or whatever.  People are searching for “Nathan Barnatt” and the article appears.

I suspect that it’s because Mr Barnatt is involved in an upcoming “influencer” boxing match.  You can see the card here:

I never heard of any of these people other than Nathan Barnatt.  But the guy who’s putting this show on (Idubzz or something) actually made a video about the event and addressed this point.  It’s here:

He’s a total douchebag, like all of these “successful” “Youtubers”, but he actually raises some good points.  For example, he says that he could have put anybody on the card, even PewDiePie, and people would still say, “I never heard of any of these people.”

It’s true.  Unless he had somebody from Cinemassacre/Screenwave or Erin Plays or one of the gamer grrls who I talk about, I wouldn’t know who anyone is.  Or Adam the Woo.  Or that weird gay guy who does food reviews…that could be anyone, I guess…what’s his name.  Oh.  Report of the Week.  I only know a few “Youtubers”.

But there are loads of “Youtubers” with millions of subscribers.  So somebody knows these people.  Somebody is watching the videos.

So the main event is Idubbbz vs Dr Mike.  Idubbbz is the guy running this thing and he’s a giant douchebag.  I don’t know what kind of videos he does and I don’t care.  And Dr Mike is allegedly a real medical doctor and he’s all roided up and he makes cringey as fuck videos, often depicting him with his mouth agape.  I haven’t watched any of the videos but he’s clearly gay.  Just from looking at the thumbnails.  I would definitely not go to this guy for any kind of medical treatment.  Not because he’s gay but because he’s making these cringe as fuck videos on Youtube and flexing his big sexy muscles.

Oh yeah.  I just clicked a video.  He is DEFINITELY gay.  One second into the video, you can tell.  Just listen to that effeminate voice.  Ding a ling a ling.  Maybe he’s a proctologist.  At least he is in his spare time.

So…can I call a winner on this one?  Roided up gay man or hipster douchebag who never worked a day in his life?  I’ll go with Dr Roids, I guess.  That’s some shit main event, though.

Then there’s Harley from Epic Meal Time vs Egoraptor.  

Epic Meal Time is a channel where this Harley guy talks about food.  But…not in any interesting way.  He does videos where he looks at videos that other Youtubers have uploaded where they talk about food, for example.  Or something.  I can’t quite figure it out.  It’s awful.  He’s some bearded asshole in his late 30s, I’d guess.

Egoraptor makes bad Flash-type animations about video games.  He hasn’t uploaded a video in three years.  How did this guy get in?  And this is the co-main event?

Both of these guys are in their mid to late 30s, totally out of shape, and never exercised a day in their lives.  I don’t care who wins.  The fat guy, I guess.  Epic Meal Time.

Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik vs DJ Welch.  

Erik makes painfully off-putting videos about…something.  The thumbnails are so hideous that I don’t even want to click them to find out.  He’s really out of shape according to this picture of the Creator Clash website.

DJ Welch has 12,000 subscribers and ONE video.  Who is this guy?  How did he get in this thing?  His Fandom page says that he worked as a concept artist for LucasFilms and whatnot.  Past tense.  And he might have one small assignment that he did for them.  Conceptualise yourself getting a job.

These guys are both nobodies.  They’re both probably in their mid to late 30s.  They’re both out of shape.  But DJ Welch is black and “Latinx” so…I have to give the slight advantage to him.  

Hundar vs AB from the H3 Podcast.

Both of these guys have Youtube channels that have about 60 to 80 thousand subscribers.  These are Erin Plays numbers.  

Hundar only has about 15 videos.  They’re all terrible.  They’re all just self-promotion.  “How to make merch t-shirts” for example.  Well, first make videos that people want to watch and THEN merchandise it.  I think that he’s another gay man who works out.  His videos are sort of…about nerds who go to the gym.  Or something.  

AB or whoever, also only has a few videos.  I don’t know what they’re about.  I don’t want to watch them.  One of the videos mentions him having a wife but he looks and sounds pretty gay to me.  

So…fuck, I don’t know.  Hundar, I guess.  A somewhat muscular man against a hipster gay man?  You have to go with Hundar.  But these are both total nobodies.  Are these really the best people they could find?

Yodeling Haley vs Justaminx.

Justaminx has 750,000 subscribers and Yodeling Haley has 25,000 and five videos.  I don’t think that Haley is a “Youtuber”.  I think that this is the issue with a few of these people.  They’re on Instagram or podcasts or…something.  But Youtube isn’t their main thing.  So why link to their dead Youtube channels?

These are both women, in case you didn’t guess, but if you’re expecting some hot chicks wailing on each other…temper your expectations.  I’ll just say that.  They look reasonably attractive in the pictures on the Creator Clash website but these must have been Photoshopped to death.

Haley makes bad TikTok videos  I couldn’t even get them to play but the thumbnails don’t look remotely interesting.

Justaminx is an Irish woman who possibly lives in the US.  I don’t know.  She does a lot of bad, boring videos with clickbait titles.  Once again, I don’t even watch them for two seconds so that I have something to write about.  The thumbnails and titles are that off-putting.

Once again, I don’t care who wins.  I don’t know these people and from the brief search that I did, I have no desire to learn more about them.  Justaminx, I guess.  Because she’s older?  And Irish?  I don’t know.

Brian…you know.  I don’t fucking care.  Let’s just get to Nathan Barnatt.  Oh, he’s next.  And there are only a few more.  So I’ll breeze through the other ones.

Brian McGee vs Alex Ernst.  

Brian McGee makes podcasts or something about video games and nerd culture.  He has a million subscribers, inexplicably.  I don’t want to click any of these videos.

Alex Ernst makes vlogs with titles like “vlog day 22”.  So he made daily “vlogs” for about a month?  I guess.  And he has 1.5 million subscribers somehow, even though the actual videos only have like 40,000 views each.  Which is still a surprisingly high amount for videos with such terrible titles.  And he only has a few videos.  So he must be on some other platform.

Pick a winner?  I don’t care.  I’ll just say Brian because from the pictures, he looks more muscular.

Finally, the true main event: Mike Watson vs Nathan Barnatt (or “Dad” as he’s called here).

Matt Watson has about ten videos.  167,000 subscribers.  Who is this guy and how did he get 167,000 subscribers from ten shitty videos?  

It seems that he’s also on the same podcast as…some other guy.  Brian McGee, maybe.  His Twitter has a picture of him with some other guy under a rainbow and it says that he’s on OnlyFans.

I don’t know if this is a joke or not.  

No, I don’t think that it is.  He has a lot of tweets about homosexuality.

So a skinny, gay nerd versus roided up Nathan Barnatt, who is also gay.  So the gayness cancels out.  

So what we’re left with is a skinny guy in his late 20s, I’d guess, versus Nathan Barnatt who’s roided up and about 40.  That’s actually an interesting matchup.  

Here’s what makes it a mismatch.  Nathan Barnatt has been working out and training in boxing for, I’m going to say, at least a year.  And he clearly works out a lot.  He’s one of these gay men who spends a lot of time in the gym so that he can impress other gay men with his physique.  He’s also somehow been involved in dancing for at least his entire adult life, possibly into childhood, so that’s also going to help with the boxing.  

So I know that he’s like 40 but he has the strength, he has the conditioning, and most importantly he has some experience with boxing (and dancing).  

This other guy has nothing, as far as I’m aware.  Youth is the only advantage.  

So if this thing is taken seriously, as a genuine sporting contest, where people actually want to win, Nathan Barnatt is going to steamroll this guy.  It’s not even a fair matchup.

Ididathing vs Theodd1out.

I actually am familiar with TheOdd1Out so I’ll start with him.  I think that I’m even subscribed.  He makes cartoons.  He’s in his early 20s, I think.  He seems gay but he says that he has a girlfriend so we’ll go with that.

IDidAThing seems to do, “Here’s me doing something wacky” type of videos.  Buying stupid shit on Wish dot com, for example.  Or “reacting” to something stupid.  He’s Australian.  He seems to make stuff.  Like with tools and whatnot.  

So…I have to go with IDidAThing.  He seems fairly in shape, perhaps from the woodworking and whatnot, whereas TheOdd1Out is just some nerd who worked at Subway years ago and sometimes makes cartoons for 10 year olds on the internet.

Michael Reeves vs Graham Stephan.  

Michael Reeves is a nerd who makes zany science fair type projects.  Oh, he’s also super gay.  Or just a giant nerd.  I can’t tell.

Graham Stephan is a giant douchebag who makes, “Look at all of the money I made in real estate” videos.  Oh.  He’s super gay as well.

So…well, my hope is that Michael Reeves wins.  I’ll just leave it at that.

That’s the card.  They should call the event Pansy Pugilism.  Or Fighting Fudge Packers.  

By the way, I don’t go around calling everybody gay.  That’s idiotic.  But these people ARE gay.  It’s obvious.  Youtube and any sort of creative endeavour (acting, singing, whatever), they tend to attract homosexuals.  That’s just the reality.  We all know it.  

So you get a disproportionate number of homosexuals in these fields.  It’s fine.  I’m just pointing it out.

This event will be taking place on 14 May.  They’ll be streaming it for $25.  I’m going to have to pass.  I have absolutely no interest in seeing mostly out-of-shape gay men, who I’ve never heard of before, slapping each other.  That’s probably a fetish for some people but not me.  

And Nathan Barnatt is still a giant douchebag and he will probably remain so for the rest of his life.

13 thoughts on “Creator Clash – Exploring the Boring Underbelly of Youtuber Boxing – Nathan Barnatt

  1. Although I do agree most of these dudes give off a pretty gaybro vibe and they aren't as well known as they may think, a couple of them are married and have kids and their wives are pretty damn hot.And I don't mean like Horseface thinking she's hot. I mean like they barely have to do anything out of bed and still look good. Actual natural beauty. AB for example is pretty chill and his wife could be a pornstar easy. He'd be humble about it, but he knows. Everyone who knows the H3 crew knows he scored.

  2. Hello, I was just searching to see if Barnatt had a hair transplant recently and just stumbled across your blog post “Nathan Barnatt is Kind of a Douche”. For the record, I haven't watched his content in quite a while, and was extremely puzzled when I saw him pop up with his terrible hair in a Creator Clash video that came onto my feed.I think your take is pretty entertaining, but I specifically wanted to note something that you referenced in your old post. “I don't understand how this guy has so much disposable income but whatever.” Barnatt is an alumni of the Upright Citizens Brigade, a prominent improv school based out of both New York City and Los Angeles. This would also explain why his comedy is so heavily focused on characters.UCB is sort of known as a daycare for trust fund kids. A lot of young adults with rich parents pay thousands to take improv classes and hopefully someday land a gig on the writing staff of a tv show. If you choose to do more research on your own you'll find a lot of popular comics are affiliated with this organization, to the point where you may notice they all fit a specific “vibe”.Aside from that, they also have a bad reputation for refusing to pay performers, harboring sex pests, and covering up internal rape accusations, such as the Aaron Glaser scandal from a few years back.So long story short, yeah the guy is more than likely just some LA trust fundie who graduated from a notable improv school full of creeps. I have no idea why a guy who's most notable trait is baldness would spring for a transplant this late in his career, let alone a bad one that is blatantly obvious and covers almost nothing.Have a good day, I'll probably swing by later to read some more.

  3. Is he really from Los Angeles? I'd be surprised. Let me look it up.No, he's from a small town in Massachuusetts.He's clearly getting a lot of money from somewhere, though. And I don't think it's Youtube.

  4. LOL what in the fucking fuck are you talking about?Upright Citizens Brigade is a great improv group and has never had any controversy outside a bit of drama because of covid. None of what you just claimed is anything they have dealt with. I even gave you the benefit of trying to find any information on your claims, and there isn't any.”full of creeps” Did you…get kicked out of UCB, or are jealous of the success of someone who was part of it, or uhhh…what exactly is your agenda here? This is such a bizarre time and place to have gone on this tangent, so I have a hard time believing you're being totally honest here.

  5. On second thought, I changed my mind. UCB is ABSOLUTELY full of creeps! I was having a manic episode this morning when I replied to you. Sorry about that friendo!

  6. Yeah I mean, you can keep claiming that without any evidence.Feel free! It doesn't make you look retarded at all!

  7. i learnt about idubzz from Roosh V. it was from an early 2017 return of kings podcast. it was some sort of minor youtube drama, of no consequence. it was an incident that ended with idubzz saying the nigger word. and roosh thought it was worth talking about. i don't think that both would agree to meet in real life, but it would be a curious sight

  8. Hi, this is Matt Besser, co founder of UCB and Earwolf regular. Here in the improv community we frown on problematic language like “retarded”, so I have had your ip traced and you are now banned from all UCB locations.

  9. Hi, this is someone knowing you're just the same dude pretending he is Matt Besser.Perhaps if you tried Amy, or Matt Walsh, you'll have better luck being believed next time!

  10. Hey guys, your boy Walsh here.That's really messed up you would pretend to be Besser and besmirch his name like that.I recall a guy who made up sexual allegations before and it didn't hold any water back then either. Sounds like a real nutcase.

  11. Matt Besser here again. Sorry just wanted to reiterated that anyone saying badboy no-no words like “retarded”, “faggot”, and “slant-eyed chink” are permabanned from UCB for life. Such words upset my delicate sensibility. We're pro free speech, but not that kind of free speech. Now if you'll excuse me I have to go kiss some butts. Butt besos xx

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