Erin Visiting her Parents. Again. Solo Travel.

Happy 25th birthday to one of my favorite albums ever, Weezer’s Pinkerton album! I didn’t listen to this until around 2001, but it was the defining album of my teen years. There’s something fitting about being in my childhood bedroom on its anniversary.

Hey guys!  Remember Weezer?  I do, Erin.  I looked this up the last time you mentioned Weezer, which wasn’t long ago.  Do you know any other bands?  Good bands?

Then the next day she tweeted:

I hate when it’s time to board a plane, and there is a mob of people standing around blocking the entrance when it’s your turn to board. It stresses me out (Face with tears of joy emoji).  Just chill until your group number is called, damn!

So I don’t know how long she was there for.  She last streamed 12 days ago.  So she was there for a week?  Ten days?  I assume that she’s on the way back with that second message.  Back to rural Pennsylavania.

Mike definitely wasn’t there because he was streaming Final Fantasy V for eight hours a day.

 Oh, by the way, ShiShi tweeted several pictures of urine and people urinating in that second tweet.  And Erin responded to this like it was normal and funny.  He’s paying her so she’ll pretend to be his friend.  Even though she must be absolutely repulsed by this sick fuck.

But why does Mike never seem to go to these trips to Erin’s parents?  It must be awkward given how often he talks about fucking their daughter in the ass. 

And why does Erin go there so much anyway?  It’s like every other month.  And I think it was more than that before covid.  She must be insanely unhappy with Mike. 

She’s just wasting his money as well.  Because no fucking way is she paying for all of these flights with the $150/month she’s getting from Youtube.  I don’t think that she pays for anything.  Food or utilities or whatever. 

It’s fine, I guess.  She’s not working and they’re in this sugar daddy relationship.  You’re not expected to pay anything.  But it seems really parasitic to me.  And for ERIN?  It’s just crazy.  If you’re going to get into a sugar daddy relationship, can’t you do a whole lot better than Erin? 

Oh yeah.  And didn’t she go to the doctor recently for carpal tunnel tests?  What happened with that?

Well, Erin recently uploaded a stream.  It’s a Genesis “variety stream”.

Maybe she’ll explain what happened.  Give us an update.

“This has been a week full of technical difficulties and just busy-ness and it’s just (sigh).”

Then something is edited out.  No problem.  I’ll check out the unedited stream on Twitch.

No.  She didn’t upload it.  I suspect that she talked about her imaginary carpal tunnel syndrome again.  And she didn’t want me talking about it. 

It’s not punishing me.  The only people losing out are Erin and ShiShi.  I already have a mountain of evidence exposing Erin as a compulsive liar.  It’s called the Gamer Grrls Blog.  I don’t need any more.  But her horny subscribers are now unable to watch this amazing Genesis “variety stream” where she plays a bunch of games, briefly, on easy mode, that she’s never played before.  And Erin is denied the pennies that she gets from people viewing that shit.

And why didn’t Erin mention that she was visiting her parents?  She didn’t mention it anywhere.  Only on the last day of her visit did she mention something on Twitter about this.  And in this stream, she just talked about “busy-ness”.  Why not say, “I was visiting my parents”?  Why all the secrecy?  

I used to live a similar distance from my parents.  I went back there…for Christmas?  Maybe not even.  But I probably went back once or twice a year.  And I was a lot younger than Erin is.  She’s going back at least six times a year.  It’s not normal.  It’s a sign that she’s really unhappy with this whole sugardaddy arrangement.

Maybe she just needs to give her anus a rest every so often.  Let everything heal down there from the constant pumping.  

I read an interview by a porn star before.  She did a lot of anal scenes.  And she said that she couldn’t take it any more so had to get out of the business.  And she said that it was nice to be able to defecate again without it hurting.  

These are the things you have to keep in mind when you’re renting your ass out, whether as a porn star or a prostitute or a sugar baby.  The real life, every day reality of getting fucked in the ass on the regular.  It’s not pleasant.

Just looking at this tweet again, Erin is complaining about people blocking the entrance and they should just wait until it’s their turn to board the plane.  This suggests that Erin is boarding before these people.  First-class boards before everyone else.  Is Erin traveling first-class?  She very well may be.  

But is it really worth it?  Is it worth embarrassing yourself every day for the whole world to see with these awful videos?  And all of the ass fucking?  For what?  First-class trips to California every other month, some video game shit that you don’t even want, and free room and board?  

And it’s not just how little she’s getting, it’s how much she’s losing by being in this sugardaddy relationship.  She could be in a relationship with somebody who she ACTUALLY LIKES.  You know, a normal relationship.  Maybe have a family.  Maybe get a rewarding job.  

She’s throwing all of that away…for this.  This miserable existence.  

Look at Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  That’s Erin in ten years, minus the genuine interest in video games.  She’s going to be alone and smearing peanut butter on her genitals for her dog.

By the way, I found a picture of Pam’s now ex-boyfriend.

This is not what I had in mind.  Is he Hispanic?  

And she says, “The bf actually took a picture of us. Voluntarily!”.  Gee, I wonder why he left.  She’s unbelievably patronising.  

He also appears to be significantly younger than her.  So you have this older, overbearing woman constantly emasculating him.  At least he had the good sense to leave.  Eventually.

Why was he with her in the first place?  Maybe he was an immigrant and was with her to get a visa or money or something.  It’s not uncommon.  Women will go to the Caribbean or Morocco or some poor country and then come back with a young “boyfriend”.  And their friends will say, “Are you an idiot?  He’s just using you for a visa/money” but these women think that it’s true love.  You see the same thing with the genders reversed much more often but it happens with women too.

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