The Many Haters of Crystal Quin

 I’ve sourced these from various “episodes” of Talking About Tapes.

– “I was really excited for this review but Johanna and Crystal RUINED it for me and for the first time ever since starting to watch Talking about Tapes I had to hit the dislike button. Not watching any more with them together .”

– “That was hard to watch…really cringe high school girl stuff going on here.Sorry Tony…really felt bad for you here.”

– “I turn on adblock for every episode that Johanna and Crystal are on. Cant stand how obnoxious they are together. Absolute cringe.”

Those were from the most recent video where they “review” House on Haunted Hill.  Now I’m intrigued to watch it.  If it’s REALLY bad, it might be worth doing a review on it.

– “I find it so hard to watch Crystal. She never stops twitching and over emoting and could someone please help her clear her throat.”

It’s true.  She doesn’t fucking stop.  The attention constantly has to be on her with her stupid fucking expressions.  

– “Love the show but this Crystal chic is so annoying. Great eye candy for the thumb nails but Jesus Christ she is sooo full of herself its distracting. Omg just knock it off already ! We get it , you love yourself. I can’t stand fake people im sorry…”

Crystal replies, “Hahahaha but Tony obsessed with himself is fine. PS I change for no one”

That guy is 100% right.  And then Crystal’s idiotic reply suggests that the guy is being sexist.  “So Tony can be full of himself but I can’t?”

No.  The difference is that Tony is clearly joking whereas you’re delusional.  And conceit is not an appealing trait for any of the 72 genders.  Why would anybody boast about having a negative trait?  

“Oh, I only bathe once a month.  I don’t change for anyone.”

Why not?  Why not strive for some self-improvement?  She’s fucking awful.  It’s unwatchable.

By the way, one of my more popular articles is this one:

With most articles, the views all come on the first few days and then very rarely after that.  It’s from people browsing the site.  

But there are a few articles, like the one above, that get a low but consistent view count indefinitely.  People are finding it from search engines.

– “Damn another crystal snooze fest.”

Yeah.  Aside from her awful, awful personality, she’s just boring.  She never has anything remotely interesting to say.

Those three comments all came from the recent Galaxy Quest video.  I tried to watch it.  I really did.  But I just can’t.  It’s so fucking bad.  Anything with Crystal in it is fucking poison.

– “Holy flabby arms Batman!”

I don’t approve.  But I did make a similar comment before.

– “Ok all jokes aside, please dont have crystal on again. I just wanted Newt to clock her the entire review.”

I don’t approve of this either but again, it shows the absolute contempt that some people have for her.

– “Crystal….take a goddamn xanax the next time you do one of these.”

– “I’m with newt, movie was always trash. Also, crystal is nails on a chalkboard”

– “Stop with crystal. I get it Tony. You’re trying to get thirsty boys to click using below average woman. It will not hide your lack of talent.”

I’ve posted that one before but it bears repeating.

– “Can’t stand Crystal can’t stand Tony…I think I’m done with this channel”

– “Crystal show some dignity and leave now just walk away go home and do something better”

– “Oh boy, this episode looks insufferable.” 

This was in reference to the one where Crystal is dressed as Jessica Rabbit, so he was clearly referring to her.

– “What are Crystal Quin’s pronouns?”

This stuff is so easy and it’s superficial trash.  Yes, she’s unattractive and one could say that she has some masculine features.  But it’s only relevant in relation to her awful personality where she, inexplicably, thinks that she’s smoking hot and everybody wants to have sex with her.  And voices this opinion CONSTANTLY.

Somebody being unattractive in itself…who cares?  Only an asshole points that out.

But when you have a repugnant personality based on your perceived attractiveness…when you look like Crystal does…it’s noteworthy.  It’s unfortunate that we have to discuss this but it’s relevant.

It’s like how I used to always make the “jump scare” comment for Pelvic Gamer’s videos.  It’s not because I’m an asshole just criticising somebody’s appearance, it’s because Pelvic Gamer presents herself as some kind of a hot chick who everybody wants to have sex with.  AND LOOK AT HER!

Frankly, none of these women who I talk about toss my salad.  But first of all, who cares who I find attractive?  Secondly, I don’t mention it unless the women themselves make it an issue.  

– “Crystal is so loud and annoying.”

– “God i hope crystal doesent ruin this one..”

Then Crystal asks if she ruined it or not and he said no, she actually seemed interested in the movie, instead of her costume, for once.  

She also said something like, “I did something so I’m proud of that.”  I can’t find the comment now.  

I’m all for improving one’s self-esteem, although I think Crystal already has a very high opinion of herself, at least superficially.  Still, I don’t think that this is the right outlet for her.  

If I were to give some life coaching advice…she should look for a job working with disadvantaged people.  A homeless shelter or people with disabilities or something.  It might help her get some perspective on life.  And she’d feel good about helping people out.  

I think that she works at Screenwave so she kind of has experience doing this already.  She can put that she has experience working with people with autism, for example, on her resume.  

Maybe she could be a carer.  Something like that.  Cleaning excrement has a way of humbling people.  

But yeah, care work is the absolute worst job on earth.  I remember an interview I went to, the guy who required the carer was there for the interview, which makes sense.  And he asked, “If I wanted you to go get me some beer would you be okay with that or would you think that I shouldn’t drink so much?”  And he asked what religion I am.  I think that he had problems with previous carers, who were either Muslim or really devout Catholics, who refused to buy beer for him.  Because this was like the main focus of his questions.

That was the only job interview where I actually contacted the employer immediately after the interview and rescinded my interest.  Do not waste my time with this bullshit, even if just to tell me, “Regrettably, you haven’t been selected for the role.”  I would rather starve than do this job.

(edit: I tried to watch the House on Haunted Hill episode.  It’s unwatchable and the complaints are dead on.  Johanna and Crystal are annoying as fuck and it’s like high school shit.  And Crystal is CONSTANTLY talking about hot chicks and breasts and how hot she is and everybody wants to have sex with her.)

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