They Say I'm a Fake Gamer Girl… – Lady Decade

It’s just twenty minutes of insane waffling.  She mentions many times that she only gets a few “negative” comments but then she makes a whole video on this.  And the only “negative” comment that she mentions is a guy who suggested that she should start streaming on Twitch.  What?  How is that “negative”?  

But she goes on and on and on about how people who question her “gaming” credentials are sexist.  I assumed that she was genuinely interested in video games but after watching this insane video, I’m starting to think that these “haters” might be on to something.  She’s the wife or girlfriend of Top Hat Gaming.  Or something.  I don’t know who it is.  So it’s quite possible that she only got into this shit because of him.

Would she be making these videos if she wasn’t in a relationship with this guy?  Probably not.  

But if she plays video games in her spare time and enjoys playing them, perhaps played them throughout her life, then this is legitimate.  Who cares? 

Erin is a fraud.  Madam Fomo is a fraud.  Everyone else I cover is genuinely interested in video games.  They just make bad videos.  I put Lady Decade in this same category.  Her videos are awful.  Especially these weird rant videos like this that she does on a semi-regular basis.

It reminds me of a British Indian woman who I went out with.  She was nuts but I can’t for the life of me remember why.  I can’t give many examples of her nutty behaviour.  But she was mentally ill.

This story isn’t really about her mental illness, it’s more about my dietary peculiarities and the remarkable behaviour of the staff at this restaurant.  We went to an Indian restaurant.  This was her idea.  I wouldn’t take an Indian woman to an Indian restaurant for a first meet up.  That’s racist.  But it was her idea.

So we get there and I order something.  It was some sort of meat dish.  It wasn’t a curry, it was a piece of meat.  The Indian equivalent of a steak, I guess.  And the waitress says, “So you’ll also want (something)”.  So I agree.  Then she says, “And you’ll want (something else)”.  I go along with that as well.  And I’m looking at my date and I’m thinking, “Is this right?  Is this what normally goes on in Indian restaurants?” because this was the first time that I had gone to an Indian restaurant.  But she gave no indication that anything was amiss.  And it goes on like this.  “So you also want…”

They ended up bringing A LOT of food.  They just kept bringing food to our table.  I don’t even know if we ordered all of this.  

Now there’s this fucking pile of food in front of us.  And when I go out, I have a hard time finishing the meal.  I can’t eat much.  This is especially acute in a high-stress environment like a first date.   

I did my best.  I tried to eat whatever rice and naan and poppadoms and bhajis and whatever else they gave us as well as try to make a dent in this fucking huge chunk of meat that they gave me.  But I’m only one man.  And I’m not a large guy.  And I’m also trying to woo this crazy Indian woman.  I’ve got a lot on my mind here.

Then my date says, “We should order dessert.”  Oh my fucking god.  Okay, whatever.

So the waitress comes over, it was an older woman, I assume that she was the owner of the place or the owner’s wife or somehow related to the business.  And she looks at this half-eaten chunk of meat on my plate and she says, “What was wrong with it?”  And I said, “Nothing was wrong.  It was excellent.  I just can’t eat much.”

And she stares at my meat for another few seconds.  Then she calls over for the cook.  So the cook comes over and he stares at my meat for a while.  And he says, “What was wrong with it?”  And I said, “Nothing.  I just can’t eat this much.”

Then another cook comes over.  At this point, I start looking for the exits.  Because it seems like some shit is going to go down and I’m going to have to run out of this place.  But eventually, they just reluctantly take the plates away and they’re clearly disappointed that I was unable to consume an entire table’s worth of food.  

Then my date says, “We should probably skip the dessert.”

The whole thing seemed like a scam.  Like one of those things in Asia or Eastern Europe where a woman off the street will invite you to get a drink and then the drinks are really expensive.  

I don’t think that it was a scam.  I don’t think that my date was in cahoots with the owner.  The food was expensive but not to the point where I thought I should get the police involved.  It was just a bad experience.

Then we went shopping.  She looked at some clothes.  Then some guy on the street was yelling and I asked her what he was saying and she said, “That we’re all going to hell.”  Just nonchalantly like that.

I was a desperate guy so the next day, I emailed her and asked if she wanted to go out again.  I didn’t hear back so I assumed that she wasn’t interested.  She only dates guys who can eat their body-weight in Indian food.  That’s fair enough.

Then like two months later, I get a reply.  She apologises for not replying earlier but said that she went to a mental health facility after our date and was only able to check her emails now.  Oh.  Then I suddenly remembered that I had other engagements.

I’ve never seen anything like that restaurant, though.  They just kept bringing food.  What the fuck?  And then they try to shame me for not being able to finish this mountain of food.  No.  Your portion sizes are the problem.  Why did you keep adding to the order?  All I wanted was this fucking chunk of meat.  Fuck your two dozen appetizers.  You can see the size of the diners.  Neither one of us are 400 pounds.  So don’t bring us 400 pound person amounts of food.  

So I’m much more vigilant with these waitresses now.  I keep thinking that they’re trying to pull a fast one on me when they suggest an order of rice, for example.  But no, it was just that one restaurant.  It was some bullshit.

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  1. Difficult to compare the two. But Indian food is okay. In moderation. Four chunks of chicken in sauce and you pour this over rice. It doesn't really seem worth the price to me but I get it once in a while. It's supposed to give you the runs but I've never really experienced this.

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