I've got what the gamers need… (WARNING: she used a clickbait title…it's not actually interesting) – Sunpi


This is the probably the worst gamer grrl out there.  It’s a real endurance test to even watch 30 seconds of her videos.  So let’s check it out.

Starts with her dog barking.  She has a large dog, popular with the low class.

She says that she has to record a video for her “friends”.  Patronising the horntards.

Then she does a somersault.

Hey…does this ever start?  Why is she doing all of this?  Does she know about editing?  

Then she plays with her loud dog some more.

This is brutal.  

Then her dog starts humping her.

Then there’s a weird graphic on screen.

0:30 – “Hi homedog.  Welcome back to my channel.”

Is that what she said?  Homedog?  Why is this singular?  Maybe I’m the only person watching this trash.

Now she’s laying down.  There are a bunch of mentally ill edits.  I don’t know why any of this is happening.

1:00 – Now she’s in like a push up position and if she had breasts, we’d see some cleavage.  By the way, I’m pretty sure that this is a transgender man.  I’m not making this up either.  

Then she talks about having her carpets “done” and that her dogs have already defecated on them.  

A bunch of shots of his/her ass.

A half dozen more quick crazy person edits.

Oh, she’s unboxing stuff and she doesn’t even know what’s inside.  This is stuff that horntards have sent her.  She said it was from a company.  So these are ads?  Who knows?  This is god awful.

She got a keyboard and she advertises for that.  

2:30 – S/he throws a box and it hits his/her pectoral muscle and then she holds said pec.  This is sexy, guys.  We’re all fully erect, right?  When does the circle jerk start?

Then she shows another keyboard that was in there.

I don’t want to watch this any more.  What’s the point of this?  Why would Razer send this woman this shit?  This is the worst fucking commercial ever made.  

I’m going to skip ahead.

Yeah, she does like six minutes on this shit.  She does a commercial.  That’s all that this is.  In fairness, the video did have a “includes paid promotion” warning.  But is that it?  Is that all this is?  This is a 20 minute commercial?

Yeah.  That’s all that this is.  It doesn’t INCLUDE paid promotion, it’s ENTIRELY paid promotion.  

9,000 views after 10 days.  How many of those 9,000 people then went out and bought one of these keyboards?  I’m guessing zero.  Who would do this?  Why do these companies send complete nobodies these products?  And PAY them, presumably.  They’re losing money on this shit.  If I was on the Razer board of directors, I’d be saying, “What the fuck are you doing with the ad budget?  Giving it to these Youtubers who nobody has ever heard of?  What’s wrong with you?”

She’s absolute dog shit.  How anybody is watching that, I have absolutely no idea.  And look at the views.  She has over 100,000 subscribers, which is baffling, but she’s only getting 10,000 views on this shit.  Erin gets about twice as many views and has only 66,000 subscribers.  

Look at these views.  It’s like 10,000 across the board.  She does a bunch of these “unboxings” and nobody watches because people must have figured out that these are just ads.  

Instead of creating a channel that’s 100% clickbait and advertisements, why not put some effort in and create GOOD VIDEOS?  This way you get more viewers, and this would lead to more lucrative ad deals and you’d get more money from Youtube’s ad service.  Wouldn’t that make more sense?

The difficulty is that these women CAN’T make good videos.  Sunpi in particularly is completely insane.  I’m not saying this as a joke or an insult.  She needs immediate intervention.  

How is she able to live in this nice place?  With her Youtube money?  Let’s look this up.

She’s making £2000/year.  That’s about $3000.  She must be doing phenomenally on Twitch.  Or these ads pay way more than I think they do.  Or, my guess, there’s some shady shit going on.  She does seem to be good internet friends with Madam Fomo.  Are they in the same business?  

By the way, Madam Fomo recently tried to do a copyright strike on an article of mine.  This one:


In her complaint, she claims that there are private pictures and videos of her behind a paywall on that article.  Spoiler: there aren’t.  This is a blog.  It’s just text.  Text entirely plumbed from my own mind.

So what did Google do?  Jack shit.  They used to take the articles down automatically and I’d have to file a counterclaim.  But I suspect that Google has put Madam Fomo on some kind of copyright troll list so now they check all of her shit personally.  

So somebody from Google looked at the article, said, “Nothing wrong here”, and deleted her complaint.  That’s it.  

Since Madam Fomo filed the complaint, I’m noticing even more traffic to that article.  Maybe Google actually bumped the article up after her complaint.  It’s my most popular article BY A HUGE MARGIN, by the way.  

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