CannotBeTamed and Erin complaining about "gatekeeping"

Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining is posting more “negative” comments.  She can’t stand it when somebody doesn’t kiss her ass.  It drives her insane.  

As a twist, it’s apparently a woman who left this comment.  Or at least a man in a dress who goes by the name Meghan.

They talk about how you need to appreciate the games based on the era that they were released.  They’re talking about the limitations on graphics and whatnot.

It’s true, of course.  Pam has dismissed King’s Quest because of the loud music, apparently not considering that ALL PC games of the era were exactly the same.  Or she complains that the game is too easy.  Again, the people making the game were limited by 1984 technology or whatever the year was.  They couldn’t make The Elder Scrolls even if they wanted to.

So Pam says:

I just can’t stop ruining video games for everyone. Maybe I should stop my skincare regimen so my apparent youth doesn’t upset people so.

Shout out to how hot and youthful Pam is.  At least in her mind.

Top reply is from super gamer grrl Erin Plays.

I hate this attitude. Let’s say you WERE actually like, 20 or whatever they think, then that’s saying you aren’t allowed to play/enjoy games that were around before you were born. But I’m laughing because “I have no care of your opinion!” yet they watched your video, lol.

What a dope.  She doesn’t even address the issue.  She just makes it all about her, of course.  Erin has complained about this issue before.

Nobody is claiming that Erin can’t enjoy video games that were released before she was born.  What we’re saying is that Erin DOESN’T enjoy video games that were released before she was born.  Or any video games of any era.  Not because of ageism or sexism but because she’s a fucking fraud.

And then there’s like, I don’t know, 100 replies all licking Pam’s anus.  Guys…you’re not going to get a date out of this.  Why bother?  

Here’s a gem that some horntard shared:

Pam, my dad once told me that bit of advice above, when I was in the dumps. At first, I thought it was the stupidest of the many stupid things he’s told me. But as it’s aged, it has picked up a wisdom. Ignore the “Bi*@hes with Glitches”. Smile. Do your thing.”

What a sage that man’s father was.  It doesn’t even make fucking sense.  But it has the word “bitches” in it.  That’s classy, right?  A father imparting his profanity-laden wisdom to his progeny?  Why desecrate his memory with this?  We’ve all said stupid things.  I wouldn’t want “Ignore the bitches with glitches” to be my lasting legacy.

Oh, while I was writing this, Erin shit out another video.

It’s the same as her previous video where she “reviewed” 20 pre-arranged “random” NES games, all of which she played on stream, for money.  I reviewed that one here:

You know what?  I’m going to do something revolutionary here.  I’m passing on this Erin video.  It’s going to be complete dog shit.  All she’s going to do is recap the one time that she played each of these games, which was on stream, for money.  Not worth the time and effort.

But these are easy videos to shit out so this is what she’s doing.  Plus, it’s good for her imaginary carpal tunnel syndrome.  

It was released minutes ago and people have already commented.  They couldn’t possibly have watched this 16 minute video because it was only released 4 minutes ago.

– “Ur so beautiful Erin sheeeeeshhh”

That was from Jimmy Dean.  He posted some other desperate comment recently.  What was it?  “U are beautiful erin”

Did it get you a date that time, Jimmy Dean?  How long are you going to continue this?  And what’s your goal?  You have three insane videos, you don’t appear in any of them, and your avatar is the letter “J”.  What is Erin supposed to go off of?  She’s just going to be so dazzled by your personality that it doesn’t matter what you look like?  What personality?  A giant loser with self-esteem issues who will act as a complete door mat to Erin?   None of that is attractive to women.

Going back to Pam’s tweet, that same guy who said “Ignore bitches with glitches” also tweeted:

Pam. Every other person on Earth was put here for your entertainment and your entertainment only. That is why they exist. When you think about it like that–they do a pretty fucking good job. You are a pretty girl, smart, charming, with a cool channel-you will get some of this.

According to this guy’s Twitter description, he must be at least in his late 40s.  This is not going to work.  Don’t you get it?  She’s not going to go out with you?  What is it with these people?  They’re mentally retarded.  No fooling, genuine retards.  That’s why they behave like this.  They don’t know any better.  They think that this is how courtship works.  “If I just keep saying that she’s hot, she’s surely going to go out with me eventually.”

No.  The total opposite is true.  

Let’s look at internet dating.  I never complimented a woman because every fucking comment that they’re getting is some kind of desperate shit like Ancient Gamer over here has written.  It’s all hardcore ass licking.

It’s fake.  Women don’t want this.  Women don’t want try hard losers like this.  Women don’t like these stupid pick up lines.  

What can they even say to these messages?  “Oh, I’m super hot and you want to do sex stuff to me?  Neat.  I’ll think about it!”

No.  There’s no response to that shit.  “Thank you”?  Where does the conversation go from there?

I just talked about regular shit.  Like a human being.  I’ve never commented on their appearance ONCE.  And one good reason for that is that most of the women I was getting matched with were hard to look at.  It would be disingenuous to say that they’re hot.  It would be disingenuous to say that they were presentable.  So it’s best just to ignore that.  Why be superficial anyway?  

After you’re dating a woman for a while, then you can compliment her.  Because women like compliments.  But do it sparingly.  If you work the compliments too much, they’re going to think, “What am I doing with this loser?  He obviously thinks that I’m out of his league.  Maybe he’s right.”

I’m not talking about “negging”, although, frankly, that can work too.  I’m just talking about speaking to somebody like a human being.  Not like somebody who makes you super horny and you want to have sex with.  Because that shit doesn’t work.  

And if they don’t reply, it’s because they’re not interested.  It’s as simple as that.  But at least you kept your dignity.  You weren’t some fucking loser grovelling, 

Had you said, “Oh, you’re so hot.  Do you think I could get a look in?”, that shit wouldn’t have worked either.  

I’ll go further.  It doesn’t matter what you say.  If they don’t find you attractive, they’re not going to reply no matter what you say.  And if they do find you attractive, you can say whatever you want and they’ll reply.  So it’s just a matter of personal dignity.  Do you want to keep yours or do you want to throw it all away by talking about how Heaven is missing an angel with big boobies?  

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