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The first Monster Madness video has been released.  As above.  I reviewed it before I read about these plagiarism allegations.  I’ll post my review at the end.

Apparently, the video copies some stuff from a print review of 28 Days Later.  When I first saw the allegation I thought, “Well, this does look like pretty obvious plagiarism.  But who gives a fuck?”

The friends of Dorothy over on Reddit then spammed that gay Cinemassacre Truth board with hundreds if not thousands of comments on this.  They started dozens of new threads about this, all repeating the same shit.  They’re contacting the original author of the work.  They’re making disgusting comments about Newt’s health problems.  They’re trying to get him fired over this petty shit.  Because they’re all fucking gay.  They have a giant boner for that autistic scat-obsessed freak James Rolfe and they think that the Screenwave crew are taking their homoerotic hero away from them.  

Hey…gay men….we’re talking about a shitty Youtube video.  

Fucking Erin rips off Wikipedia in nearly every game review that she does.  She was particularly egregious in this video:  

In that article, I note the many times when Erin was clearly ripping off the Wikipedia article.  But I left it there.  I didn’t then contact Youtube and try to get her channel taken down.  I didn’t start a campaign to get Erin “cancelled”.  I didn’t make a bunch of vile personal attacks.  Why not?  Because I’m not some fucking lunatic like these faggots on Reddit who have nothing going on in their lives.

And speaking of plagiarism, every fucking comment there is a “meme” that’s been repeated hundreds of times by the other gay men on there.  “Here’s a meme template, guys!” and then everybody proceeds to make the exact same “meme”.  “Here’s a picture of James Rolfe’s foot” and then everybody else proceeds to make the exact same picture.  Those people don’t have an original idea in their empty fucking heads.  

And it’s these people with their faux outrage over intellectual property.  They’re trying to get somebody fired because they’re not physically attracted to the Screenwave guys.  This is some of the most pathetic shit I’ve ever seen in my life.  

We don’t even know that it was Newt who wrote this.  Justin Silverman said that the script for this five minute video has been around for 10 years.  Newt wasn’t writing this shit 10 years ago.  And who gives a shit anyway?  It’s a shit Youtube video.  

So here’s my article:


A horror movie that I’ve actually seen.  This doesn’t happen often.  What a way to kick off everybody’s favourite: Monster Madness.

Jimmy uses a lot of words and phrases that…I don’t think that a man who spent seven and a half years in special education would use.  Tone down the big-brained vocabulary, Newt.  It sounds awkward coming from Jimmy.

2:45 – “How do you even get footage of London abandoned?”

Really?  You need to ask this, Mr “I Made 500 Films”?  

You close the street, you dumbass.  I’ve seen this many times, not just in London.  This happens in any major city.  There will be a sign that says, “Street closed for filming” or whatever.  So you have to go around it.  Not complicated stuff.

3:45 – Shout out to coronavirus.

It’s okay, Jimmy.  You can come out of your house now.  It was all a big overreaction.  Somebody made a lot of money out of this.  

4:00 – “Also, very haunting to say the least, the movie began shooting on September 1, 2001 and we all know what happened shortly after.”

Shout out to 9/11.  He includes some iconic pictures of firemen.  

What the fuck is this?  That’s haunting?  The fact that they started filming ten days before a terrorist attack?  What’s the relevance?  

4:45 – Jimmy says that they shot these scenes of an empty London by doing it in the early morning.  That’s an option.  But so is closing the streets.

5:00 – Shout out to the Canon XL1.  Who gives the slightest of fucks about this?  

That’s the video.  But yeah, he gets into some weird philosophical shit about 9/11 and Iraq and…where did any of this come from?  The mind of Newt Wallen but it just doesn’t sound right coming from Rainman.  

The only things I remember about the movie is that it was surprisingly good, I liked the realistic nature of it, and in the end they reach a community of survivors.  But watching the clips, I don’t remember any of these people.  I don’t remember the characters at all or anything about the movie.  

And what was with that 9/11 stuff?  

I remember being in college and somebody said, “There’s white powder on my desk”.  So you know what happened?  The entire university was evacuated and a team of guys in hazmat suits came in and sprayed the entire building down with some kind of disinfectant.  

This was around the time when somebody was sending anthrax to colleges.  Remember that?

It started one week after 9/11.  People were whipped into a frenzy.  

So who did this?  According to Wikipedia, it was some guy who died in 2008, after learning that charges would be filed against him.  He died from a Tylenol overdose.  Really?  People bought that?

Why did he only mail five letters out?  And what was the motive?  And why did it take so long to find out who did it?  This guy was just a fucking scientist, according to Wikipedia.  It’s nothing to do with Islamic terrorism.  This was a white guy and Catholic.

Apparently, prominent people are calling for a review of this case because it all smells like bullshit.  

I didn’t even know about this until I looked it up.  Was this in the news?  I must have missed it.

What any of this has to do with 28 Days Later, I have no idea.

People talk about how much they love Monster Madness but it’s never been my thing.  Horror films are idiotic, especially the gore-filled shit that James and the gang rave about, so that’s a big part of the problem for me.  

And then he just shits out these five minute videos.  And there was that one year where he didn’t even have time for that so they did Rental Reviews instead.  Wasn’t there another year where he had even less time so they skipped Monster Madness altogether?  Or they did like one a week or something.  I can’t remember.  I don’t give a shit about this.

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