Best of Price is Right Boobs

This video is from 2007.  I probably watched it in 2010?  Something like that.  This is an OG Youtube video.  This is what Youtube was made for.    

Oddly, it only has 112 comments after, whatever, almost 15 years.

There’s so much potential to do something with the Price is Right.  God, how many hours of footage must there be?  When did Bob Barker start the show?  1972?  Holy shit.  I was dead on.  How did I know that?

Was it perverted like this from the start?  I’d love to find out.  I was looking for a torrent but there’s nothing.  You just know that there’s some nerd out there with a full Price is Right tape collection, though.  People trade shit like this.  Gameshows and whatnot.  

Bob was creeping on those models at least from…fuck…well, it seems that Dian was there starting in 1975.  But how long after that was Bob getting it on with her?  Certainly by 1980.  That would be a fucking glacial pace.  

So at least from 1980 to…when was the lawsuit…1994.  Yeah.  The show cleaned up after the lawsuit.  The models couldn’t wear bikinis any more and shit like this.  I would wager that there weren’t as many contestants in tight tops bouncing around either.

Still, that’s like 15 years of footage out there.  And the show was broadcast five days a week.  I assume that they took breaks but I don’t know for how long.  Maybe just during the summer.  So they had probably nine months a year, five days a week, for 15 years, that’s fucking 2700 hours of footage to trawl through.  

Wait…that assumes that the show was an hour long.  Wasn’t it an hour and a half for a while?  And there was also an evening version for a while, wasn’t there?  

I never really noticed any craziness at the time but I was too young to appreciate it.  I could only watch the show if I was off sick from school.  And by the time I was in college and able to watch it more regularly, the show had cleaned up. 

It’s weird that they would even do this, though.  I mean, it was overwhelmingly housewives watching the show from the 1970s to 1994.  Are many housewives interested in big titties?  

And then after the lawsuit, they got rid of all of the old models and the models just became a rotating cast of nobodies.  You couldn’t get to know them like in the past.  Like you had Dian and Holly and Janice and whoever.  They were getting pretty long in the tooth by the 1990s but Bob kept them around, probably because he was fucking them.  But after the lawsuit, it just became random nobodies who would get hired and fired on a regular basis.  

But yeah, it would be great to be able to watch all of that old footage.  See when the debauchery with the contestants started.  The big titted co-eds and whatnot.  But even in the 70s, there’s that famous clip of that black woman who came out of her top.  So maybe it was debauched from the beginning.  

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