Video Game Collection 2024 – How much I sold (and for how much) – Cannot be Tamed

Whoa! Another hot video from Pam. Looks like she’s hiding a smuggling a couple of watermelons up in there, am I right? Trying to sneak that fruit over the border so that she can visit her “friend” Pele.

0:15 – These tattoos are really putting me off. What a terrible decision that was. “I’m 40 years old. Time to get all tatted up.”

1:15 – She’s going to show the spreadsheets of what she sold. HOT! Show those formulas, baby. Autosum? More like autocum.

2:00 – She sold 49 games at some nerd convention with her girlfriend Pele aka Michelle and got $1875 for it. The most expensive item was a Gun-Nac for $400. These prices are all in Canadian dollars. So $1875 is $1375 American dollars.

5:00 – She went to a different nerd convention. She sold 32 items worth $1150 here. That’s $850 American.

None of this is worth doing. How much is your time worth? And then having to deal with these fat fucking nerds? Pam has made it clear in this video that she HATES dealing with them. She hates haggling. She hates dealing with the horntards. I mean…I don’t blame her but then why do it? Just put the shit on Ebay.

8:00 – She says that she doesn’t know what to do with her unsold 100+ games. They’re on her shelf. She says that she hasn’t even alphabetised them “And that’s insane for me.” Hello, autism.

She ends the video by saying that she’s selling this shit to pay for her dog’s vet bills. And she’s thinking of putting this shit on Facebook Marketplace. No mention of Ebay.

Is Ebay no good any more?

I recently subscribed to this guy. He’s kind of an asshole. In this very video, he hassles the old man in the thumbnail over a joke that he told. The guy is selling deer antlers and suggests that he can grind them to use as medicine. The store owner inexplicably gets offended by this and keeps saying, “What kind of disease do you think I have?”

It’s called a joke, asshole.

But this guy has a pawn shop but they don’t call it a pawn shop. They call it a “resale shop”. They don’t actually offer loans like a pawn shop does.

So people come in, it’s a lot of junkies and people selling stolen shit, but sometimes it’s just desperate people or clueless people. He offers them a pitance and then just puts the shit on Ebay.

I don’t get it. Why are these people not putting the stuff on Ebay themselves? Even by his own admission, he offers 50% of what he thinks he can get for the items. Why give him 50%? Just sell the shit on Ebay yourself. It’s free. Ebay takes a cut but it’s not 50%. And you include the cost of the shipping so that doesn’t cost you anything.

Everything that people bring in, he says, “Oh, this is a piece of shit. Look at the scratch here. I can only pay ten bucks” or whatever. But when somebody wants to buy something from him, suddenly it’s all priceless treasures.

There was an immigrant from India or somewhere who wanted to buy a laptop. And this Jew owner says, “Brand new, this is a $1500 laptop”. Yeah. But it’s not brand new. That thing is from three years ago. Put a reasonable fucking price on it.

And this is his big complaint when people come in, when they talk about how much something costs new. He’s always the first one to say, “Well, it’s not new, it’s used.”

He talks about his fucking cabin and all of this shit. And his employees are making a pitance. Fuck him.

4 thoughts on “Video Game Collection 2024 – How much I sold (and for how much) – Cannot be Tamed

  1. EBay isn’t really worth it anymore. There’s a set limit on shipping and you always pay over that. So you lose out. There’s also sales tax added so people see a higher number and I think it affects bidding. People naturally try to go low but now, lower. Then there’s eBay’s cut and then if you sell over $600 you are forced to file with the fucking IRS!! That’s if the shot actually sells as planned. It actually is easier to dump this at a nerd con. And Pam having tits probably gave her a little extra that we couldn’t. But on the other hand the whole place probably smelled like ass.

    1. I guess. I haven’t used Ebay in at least 20 years. They really lost their way after they basically got rid of the auctions. Everything is “buy it now”.

  2. Pay taxes on selling an item that you own- that you paid for with taxed income and also probably paid sales tax at the time of purchase as well…Thank God I live in a free country and get to shoot off fireworks soon!… That we buy from our supposed mortal enemy (along with the shitty, mass produced Flags) while we eat our Tyson GMO, processed BBQ trash and drink poison swill we call “American Beer” Then we get to drag our bloated, hung over- poisoned asses out of bed and get into our tagged, registered overpriced vehicle we’re paying outrageous interest on, obey all the applicable traffic laws on the way to our debt/bondage slave job while feeling like dogshit the day after (Friday) FREEDOM! Fuck yeah!!!…..In my opinion.

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