ITS SUSHI DAY – Newt Wallen

We’ve got that fucking crack whore Horseface replacement standing in front of a sushi restaurant with some other whore. God, I fucking hate this crack whore. I don’t know why even Newt puts up with this. Are there no other red-haired whores who he can find? She’s awful. Out of the pantheon of whores that Newt has introduced us to, fucking crack whore over here is the worst BY FAR. She makes Horseface look subdued. She makes Fallon look like a genius. She makes PVC Bondage Guy look like a model of good mental health.

Let’s just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean. I suffered through it once already which is why I’m already worked up.

0:00 – “We eat sushi. A lot of it.”

Great. Good use of the English language. And she’s CONSTANTLY pushing her breasts together or otherwise adjusting them to reveal MORE cleavage. And you can already see her shrivelled old tits in this fucking whore outfit that she’s got on. Madam, you’re 40 and you’re addicted to crack cocaine. Enough of this. It’s time to put some clothes on. Nobody wants to see this.

So this fucking crack whore is there with some other whore. She met her from the set of XXX-Mas. You guys all saw XXX-Mas, right? That fucking blockbuster. If they sold 50 copies, I’d be astonished.

0:15 – “Actually, Shawn is the one who introduced me to Sushi AI.”

You’re probably thinking, “She mentioned who Shawn is, right?” NO. We’re just supposed to know. Like we all know Shawn. Is this somebody involved with XXX-Mas? Let me look this up, if there’s even information on this “film.”

Maybe this guy. Shaun Scott. He played Jack Rabbit. That memorable character.

Can’t find any pictures of him. Cant’ find any information about him. We’re just supposed to know who this fucking guy is. Shaun. Shaun from XXX-Mas. I guess. I only assumed that last part. Maybe it’s Shawn Kemp.

What’s that guy doing these days? Arrested in 2023 in connection with a driveby shooting. How embarrassing. 53 years old and still doing this shit. Seven children with six women. God bless multiculturalism.

I can hear my girlfriend saying, “You always talk about black people like white people are so perfect.” You’re right. There’s no shortage of scumbags in all races. We’ve got a couple of humdingers right here in this video.

So the other whore says, “I’ve know about Sushi AI since college.” This woman went to college? I know that it doesn’t mean anything. Literally anybody can go to college in the US. But you look at the statistics and it’s something crazy like…I’ll say 30% of Americans have college degrees. Let me look this up.

35% have a bachelor’s degree or higher.

Depending on the type of jobs you do and the type of people you hang around with, you might think that everybody has a degree. No. I’ve had shitty jobs where not a single person anywhere had a degree. This is normal. Two-thirds of the population: no degree.

I wonder what the UK degree attainment is. I’ll bet it’s a lot lower. No, it’s about the same.

It’s meaningless. But it’s just surprising how few people have degrees given how easy it is to get one. You just put the time and the money in. It’s not about intellect. You just buy it.

For what it’s worth, I advise people not to go to college/university unless you’re planning on doing a particular job that requires a particular degree. Nurse, doctor, lawyer, teacher, that sort of shit. It’s a total waste of time and money otherwise. I never had a job that required a degree and I never will.

Anyway, this dumb whore has a degree. Look where it got her. Case in point.

0:30 – It’s $15 for all you can eat sushi, including appetizers. This crack whore really wants you to know the details. Then the other whore says, “I paid extra because I can’t finish my food like a bitch. It’s over there.”

I think what she’s indicating is that she paid extra to take the leftovers out. She points to a bag on the floor, some distance from them.

Then the crack whore says, “Yeah…ummm…I have a hollow leg. Got to keep…keep the fat on.”

You might be thinking, “What the fuck does this mean?” Well, I’ve given it a lot of thought and I think what was going through her crack-addled mind was that she has a hollow leg so she’s hiding food in there. To avoid payment. Because there’s apparently a charge to take food out, which is kind of weird in itself but I understand that it’s a buffet. You’re not supposed to really take food out.

So I get the first sentence. Kind of. But…”Got to keep the fat on”? I think that this is just a reference to her eating a lot at the buffet. I don’t know.

Then the other whore says, “I’ve got some hollow tits.”

She’s just trying to keep up with this complete insanity. Nothing is making sense. This is the random ramblings of a crack whore.

1:00 – “I think everyone who’s going to be in the new movie that we’re going to be in…the new…pool…movie…”

She doesn’t know the name.

Then she clearly looks at her notes and awkwardly says “Amityville…Pool…Toy…Massacre.”

Some other whore then walks by and calls these two whores “cute” or something. I don’t know.

Then the one whore starts saying, “I miss the Midwest so much” while crack whore says, “Oh, a diamond shop.” Then the other whore says, “I want to go in there but with a penis. Not me having one but someone else having one.”

Ummm…what in the name of fuck is any of this? First of all, why does she miss the Midwest? Where are they anyway? Let me see if I can find this restaurant.

Missouri. Is that in the Midwest? I’d say South. Let me check.

No, it’s definitely in the Midwest. I was thinking it was by Mississippi. Just because of the similar names, really.

So she misses the Midwest, I guess, because of the folksy people who pay compliments to whores. But where has she been? She’s apparently from Missouri. I guess. I mean, she went to college there anyway. And they seem to be living there. At least one of them is. I think. Whatever. Who gives a shit?

But then she says that she wants to enter this diamond shop “with a penis”. By which she means a man. This is how she refers to men, apparently.

Nobody talks like this. I don’t care how big of a misandrist you are, NOBODY refers to men in this way. Just like no man, no matter how big a misogynist, says, “Boy, I’d love to go into this strip club with a pussy.” BECAUSE IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. As this dumb whore quickly points out, she doesn’t mean that she wants to go in with a penis of her own, but rather she’s using this to refer to a man. Because the first thing you think of when somebody says, “I want to go in there but with a penis” is that you want to go in there with…I don’t even know…carrying a penis? YOU’RE AN IDIOT!

1:45 – Crack whore keeps mentioning that every whore in this proposed “movie” has “buoyancy”, which is supposed to be a sexy reference to big tits. Nobdoy is aroused. NOBODY.

Then the other whore says, “The most buoyant part of me is my brain.” It’s a reference to her being stupid but…does it hold up? What’s the joke about breasts being buoyant anyway? That they’re full of fat, I guess. So…if your brain is full of fat, I guess that would be indicative of low intelligence. “Fat head” is an insult for stupid people. I guess by sheer luck, that desperate, throwaway line did hold up to scrutiny.

2:15 – Crack whore says that next month they’re “filming” this movie. It’s in Delaware, by the way. Why is it in Delaware? Newt lives in Pennsylavania. The whores live in Missouri. Why Delware? All they need is a pool. A pool and whores.

I’m telling you that there is absolutely NO WAY that this is going to get filmed. None. Zero. No fucking chance of it. That “investor” is going to reverse the charge or something. There is no way that it’s happening. This fucking piece of shit? Nobody is going to pay for this. I don’t care how retarded they are.

Crack whore says that she doesn’t know who dies and who doesn’t. Not even her own character. She didn’t read the fucking script.

2:45 – “We’re flying Southwest so we have two giant checked bags that we can check for free.”

God. Look at this. This crack whore considers CHECKED LUGGAGE as some kind of proof that she’s living large. Wow. Southwest Airlines. Now you’re traveling in style. TWO checked luggages for FREE? What a fucking luxury.

“So how many sex toys do you think we can fit in one bag?”

Well, it’s a simple math question, really. Give me the dimensions of the sex toy and then the volume of the bag.

But the more important question is “why?” Why would they bring sex toys to a film shoot? There’s not going to be any sex scenes. This is weird, zero-budget, softcore porn that NOBODY is going to watch and it’s not even going to get made.

This was just another weird attempt at being “sexy” by this fucking crack addicted whore. How much crack can you fit in that bag? That’s what she’s really wondering.

3:00 – Then the other whore starts counting how many sex toys she actually has. She says, “Seven or eight or nine but that includes the lingerie and the lube and the condoms.”


And this is a whore. Alright? It’s a legit, no-fooling, sex for money, whore. She only has a few items of lingerie? I’m thinking that most whores have entire wardrobes of lingerie. People want different shit. You have repeat customers. You’re going to wear the same Carol Brady nightgown every time? Mix it up. People want something different and exciting. You should have various costumes as well. Nurse, policewoman, cowgirl, whatever.

The crack whore then says that they also need to bring tripods and lights. YOU’RE THE “ACTORS”! Why are the actors bringing the fucking equipment?

3:30 – “If you want us to wear something on set, we would be happy to make a deal.”

It doesn’t sound like you have anything. And make a deal? What? She wants us to pay. She’s already getting paid, apparently, but she wants MORE money for wearing a particular outfit that you want. But…how many wardrobe changes are there going to be? And I think that it mostly takes place in a pool so…you’re kind of limited to swimsuits, right?

Anyway, I want that crack whore to wear one of those sailor swimsuits that they wore in Victorian times. Cover that shit up, madam. We don’t need to see your track marks.

So that’s the video. Terrible. Terrible, terrible, awful, terrible woman. I don’t want anything specifically bad to happen to her, I just want the earth to swallow her whole and we never have to see or hear from her again. Is that asking too much? Some people have absolutely no value. Crack whore is such a person. I don’t mean crack whores generally, I mean this crack whore in particular.

Astonishingly awful person. I don’t know how Newt does it. Where does he find this absolute human garbage? Like finds like, I guess.

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  1. Completely unrelated comment: we have a new AVGN video. So this year even James has been more prolific than Erin.

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