Newt Sending Pictures of his Penis to Gay Men

I don’t mean Joe from Game Sack and 8 Bit Eric this time. I mean just random gay dudes.

Somebody left a comment on the blog saying that Newt mentioned something about a threesome in the latest live stream. Didn’t I already cover this live stream? I don’t know. Maybe not. But I searched for the threesome spot and this is definitely one to mention. Why the fuck didn’t this guy mention Newt showing his dick to random gay dudes? It’s right there by the threesome reference.

2:47:45 – PVC Bondage Guy takes the bottle of vodka or something away from Newt. She says, “This is for your own good.” Newt says, “I’ll own good you”, which doesn’t even make sense, of course. PVC Bondage Guy says, “Yeah? Will you?”

2:53:00 – PVC Bondage Guy mentioned earlier in the stream that she was arrested for something but I don’t think that she says what.

2:53:30 – PVC Bondage Guy says that she wants to get to the gym. Then she says, “I’ve really been slacking at the gym for the past couple of weeks but in my defence, I was going through it.”

I guess that this is a reference to her having some kind of mental health crisis.

Astute observers of the blog will recall that I worked in a mental health facility in the US. Real nightmare fuel. Oh fuck. Where to even begin with the stuff I’ve seen there? Well, I’ll just talk about some random residents/students/inmates/whatever.

There was a huge black guy who was so prone to violent outbursts that he had to be strapped to a wheelchair basically all day. I assume that they let him out to sleep but I don’t even know. His legs were strapped the chair, his arms, he couldn’t move. He could only move his finger to turn pages.

I only saw this guy once and he seemed like a perfectly happy, content guy to me. But the other people working there were terrifed of him. They obviously knew him. I have no doubt that there was a reason to be terrified.

His “reward” for good behavior was to look at a pornographic magazine for five minutes. So he’s in the middle of this “classroom”, I don’t know how old he was, early 20s maybe, flipping through this fucking porno while two guys who are there to watch him are standing on either side of him. He’s just excitedly flipping through this copy of Juggs or whatever.

But he couldn’t fucking do anything. It’s not like he was jerking off or anything. He was completely immobilized. His chest was strapped to the wheelchair, arms, legs. Couldn’t move. Just his finger.

The other people in this “classroom” were doing their “homework” on the computers. It was whatever. One kid was reading something about the Magna Carta. The other “students” were mostly high school age. 14 to 18 or whatever. And they all had different problems but I think that they were all fairly mentally sound. There were a lot of people with serious mental retardation and autism and the like but not in this particular “classroom”. They were mostly people with serious behavioural problems. Apparently. I mean, if you’re in this place, I like to think that there was a valid reason.

The “teacher” didn’t do jack shit. It wasn’t like that. That’s not how this place operated. The “teacher” just stood back, said nothing, tried to stay out of arm’s reach of everyone, and let us “direct care” staff do the work. The “teachers” LITERALLY did nothing.

So there’s this violent guy flipping through this porno in the wheelchair in the middle of this class. And he has to go to the bathroom. So they’re very cautiously unstrapping him. You can see the fear in the eyes of these people who are unstrapping him. Then the phone rings. There was a phone in every class.

I pick up the phone and the security guy says that this guy has to be strapped into his chair because the class is ending soon. There’s no time to go to the bathroom.

There were cameras in every classroom. There were cameras everywhere. I think in the bathrooms too. Everything was being watched at all times. And if you did something that security thought you shouldn’t be doing, they’d call.

So I tell these guys that they have to strap him back in the chair. They looked at me with pure terror. But they very reluctantly strapped him back and fortunately he complied. I wish there was a more interesting ending to this story. Let’s just say that he got up and kicked everybody’s ass.

Anyway, back to The Ideas Man.

2:54:00 – Somebody asks if PVC Bondage Guy is on a diet. She says, “Not currently”. Well, no shit. Did you see the stream where she ate a seven course of Domino’s?

She says that her trainer is trying to get her to eat to bulk up. Well, mission accomplished.

PVC Bondage Guy says that she’s trying to eat what’s good for her body. Then scumbag Newt Wallen gives a thumbs up and starts making disgusting comments about cumming in her mouth and whatnot. I won’t even dignify it by quoting it.

2:55:15 – Newt says, “I do the Patreon just because I’m broke.”

That reminds me. For somebody with so little money and with all of these hospital bills, he sure spends a lot of money on prostitutes. Why not spend your money more sensibly?

2:55:30 – PVC Bondage Guy says, “We’ve also got an OnlyFans.” Newt then says…now hold on here. I’m going to make a whole new italicised paragraph for this one.

There’s just a couple of gay gentlemen who request pictures of my dick and I was in such a bind last month that I was like, “Eh, fuck it.” So I just took it out of that chat between you and I and another young lady. I was like, “Fuck it.”

So Newt is showing his penis to the mentally ill, random women (who are probably mentally ill), and gay men. He’s open about this. He’s showing his penis to other men for money.

Is that better or worse than showing it to Joe from Game Sack for fun? I don’t know. They’re both extremely gay.

I mean, there can be no denying that he’s gay. I don’t care how broke I am. I’m not showing my dick to Joe from Game Sack. Sorry, Joe from Game Sack. It’s not happening. Plus, he’s having sex with PVC Bondage GUY. It’s a man. What are you fucking blind?

So anyway, PVC Bondage Guy says, “I wonder what she’s up to?” in reference to this random woman who Newt showed his penis to. Obviously, it didn’t have the desired effect.

Newt says, “I keep asking her when she’s going to come hang out with us.”

He’s a total scumbag. Newt, just pay her like you pay all these other whores. It’s the only way anything is going to happen.

PVC Bondage Guy says, “She’s probably busy”, trying to break the bad news to Newt that she’s not interested in total pieces of shit.

Newt then says, “I know, like, she’s busy, but I want to have a threesome.”

He’s absolute human garbage.

Then they start talking about wrestling and shitty movies. Fuck this.

7 thoughts on “Newt Sending Pictures of his Penis to Gay Men

  1. Fucking newt man. This guy has to brag about having sex every fucking time. As if he doesn’t have a history of wholesale plagiarism. It would be hard to believe without the context of prostitution. He’s some schlub stuck in retail with delusional patterns of thought. The fact he has enablers tells me never to live in in the rural Midwest again.

        1. You took my idea! Well that’s cool. Maybe he got the idea of sitting on OF with your cock out from South Park. No. He definitely did.

  2. “Come hang out with us”, then immediately brings up a threesome. Yep, stay classy and obvious you pathetic piece of shit. Good lord.

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