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I was checking out Newt’s Discord. Here’s one of the rules, written by PVC Bondage Guy:

In general, please avoid mentioning Cinemassacre/”Retroware”/AVGN/Hack the Movies/especially the CinemassacreTruth subreddit. I know we have our jokes, and sometimes Newt’s the one bringing it up, but this shit was like two years ago now. We’ve been trying to move on, and randomly talking about people who have caused a lot of pain in Newt’s life is, frankly speaking, extremely rude. We know a lot of you still watch them, and Newt has said that he’ll never ask you to stop, but that doesn’t mean their news needs to be brought up here. That goes double for the livestreams.

What a fucking victim Newt is. HE’S THE CAUSE OF ALL OF THE PROBLEMS! Like somebody forced this piece of shit to plagiarise 20 scripts for Monster Madness. No. That was his bright idea.

You also can’t be “transphobic” or “homophobic.”

Newt posts a screenshot of some Youtube analytics showing that…I don’t even know…he was allegedly shadowbanned and lost subscribers but now he’s gaining subscribers again. Who gives a shit?

God, I keep getting fucking annoying notifications. Newt and the ladyboys are sending me messages welcoming me to the Discord. Newt. I’m trying to fucking do some journalistic research here. I don’t want to talk to you degenerates. Fuck off.

Oh, there’s a draft of Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls here. Newt asks for feedback. Well, there’s another article for me.

You know, as big as a piece of shit as Newt is, I don’t want to engage in uncover journalism, posing as a ladyboy, exposing the no doubt disgusting bullshit that goes on in his Discord. I’m feeling nauseous just from these creepy notifications that I keep getting from Newt and the ladyboys. Fuck off with this.

The “tv” section of the Discord is overwhelmingly cartoons. These are some real retards. Creepy retarded ladyboys.

There are names here like “Sparkle Scarzilla”. It’s a self-injury name. Mentally ill girls who cut themselves. It’s mostly girls, anyway. Most people outgrow it. I assume that Sparkle Scarzilla is over 18. Some guys who are trying to pick up chicks who cut themselves will also indulge. It’s not a bad strategy, really. Girls who cut themselves probably outnumber guys 10 to 1. It’s good odds.

There’s a “hotties” section here but it’s a lot of pictures of the people who post there. Dudes. Weird, creepy, bald, bearded, fat, middle aged, sexless dudes, many of whom probably wear dresses.

There are also a lot of pictures of attractive or “attractive” male celebrities. This is clearly homosexual men posting pictures of guys who they find attractive for the consumption of other homosexual men.

Some ladyboy posts a picture of Newt with the caption, “The Master and Commander of Schlock and Awe himself… NEWT WALLEN!!!! aka Adam Stardust, aka Walt Jizzney, aka Mr. Jiggle Daddy, AKA Rumpleforeskin!!”

It’s gay. These people are CLEARLY gay. As is Newt.

That Sparkle lunatic posted disgusting pictures of damage to her chest that a heart monitor apparently did to her. It’s just her thing. She likes posting pictures of her injuries and self-injury scars and whatever. Fuck off. Help is available. Don’t inflict this shit on others. Simply saying “trigger warning” doesn’t negate anything. Take your “trigger warning” and shove it up your scarred-up ass. Attention-seeking bitch.

There’s a section for wrestling shit. Boring. Just pictures. Homoerotic pictures.

And there’s a section for Dungeons & Dragons. Not much in there, though.

Newt says, “Most people tend to just wanna be around when I’m making shit”. Yeah. Figure it out, Newt. They’re whores.

“Seeing pics of exs an their bfs or people living. As I grind 3 jobs. It’s just really left me feeling low”

He’s talking about Horseface posting a picture of her nerd-bro boyfriend. Almost all of Newt’s comments are just about how depressed he is and people should pity him.

The most inspirational quote from a video game (not a medium known for its philosophical insights) that I ever got was from Animal Crossing on the Gamecube. I was walking around, collecting bugs and whatnot, when I spoke to one of the animal villagers. They said something like, “Sometimes even when you do your best, you still fail.”

I found comfort in this, which is why I still remember is 25 years later. Because you’re always told, “If you stick with it, eventually you’ll succeed. Winners don’t quit. Keep fucking that chicken.” Whatever.

But it’s not true and that’s dangerous advice and totally disingenuous advice. How many people want to be big movie stars and how many actually succeed? Whatever you want to do, there needs to come a point where you say, “This isn’t going to work. I’m not suited to this. I have to come up with a new plan for my life.”

Life is a series of compromises. Ten years ago, do you think that Erin wanted to make $6,000 a year, entertaining retards, and crying in the bathtub of a man she doesn’t love? She made a series of compromises on her dreams in order to reach that stage.

Newt needs to do the same. He needs to face reality. This idea that he’s a great writer and filmmaker is 100% delusion. Stop all of this shit. Get rid of the whores. Stop the Youtube channel. Just focus on your job, your health, and getting into a healthy relationship.

8 thoughts on “Newt’s Discord

    1. Because after Newt plagiarised 20 scripts for Monster Madness, he got in a fight with Tony and Crystal Quin so they don’t talk to him any more. Tony refused to allow Newt back on Hack the Movies.

  1. The only reason that Discord exists is so Newt can not face reality and close in on himself even more than he already has. It’s a coping mechanism that will never work because it’s based on delusion and preying on other damaged people. For all the bullshit rules they came up with, the irony is the place is toxic by its nature and not “helping” Newt in the ways he needs to advance as an adult. It’s also just yet another place he can fail to get over Horseface. It’s been years Newt. Get the fuck over it. Good god. She was never even with you. She isn’t your ex. You’re essentially a stalker at this point. You understand that right? Or are you actually that insane?

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