I Found a RARE NES Game… at a Comic Con?! Lilac City Comicon – John Riggs

So we’ve got JOHN RIGGS at yet another another nerd convention. This one is at least local. Same state, anyway. I don’t know how far Yakima is from Spoke.

0:00 – It’s a comic book convention. John Riggs has a booth where he’s selling his homebrew video game and air freshners and whatever other trash he found in his car.

0:30 – He’s showing rodent body parts in formaldehyde. Why would anybody buy this shit? I guess for the guy who’s concerned that their comic book and video game collection isn’t enough of a pussy repellent, you can buy some opossum eyes in a vial. That will definitely keep the ladies at bay.

Petunia & Loomis. It’s a store in Spokane that sells “spooky” shit. I’m looking at their website…how is this a viable business?

Google describes them as an “antique shop”. Five stars. Let’s check out the reviews.

It’s just misguided nerds writing shit.

I’m seven minutes in now. He’s just showing the fucking toys, a lot of wrestling figures, some video games. General nerd Chachi. Chachi. What the fuck was Super Awkward Gal saying? I looked it up months ago when I wrote that article, it’s some Jewish term starting with a “T” that means “bric-a-brac” or the like, but she just kept saying it like we all fucking know what “Chachi” is. Even “bric-a-brac” is pretentious. There’s no fucking way I would ever say “Chachi” just casually. God, she’s fucking horrible.

7:15 – So we’ve got Charlie from Charlie’s Retro Reality. He has a booth and a store, apparently. A lot of these booths seem to be from people who also have stores. I mean actual stores, not like a Ebay store or something.

He’s some heavily-tattooed, homosexual douchebag in a pink shirt who sells nerd paraphernalia. Or Chachi, if you will.

So he shows some games and then the video ends with John Riggs interacting with a pervert in an Oscar the Grouch costume.

John Riggs has really lost his way with these videos. Without the food, they’re boring. We want to know what John Riggs is eating. Show the portion sizes as well. Show him getting two meals at once. Show him shopping for food immediately after he just ate. That’s what we want.

  • “man I have a shit ton of anime on vhs”

I’ll bet.

3 thoughts on “I Found a RARE NES Game… at a Comic Con?! Lilac City Comicon – John Riggs

  1. Tchotchke. It’s a Yiddish word that means cheap trinket. I use it a lot because my family has Jews in it. I don’t know about these other people. Hey what was the rare NES game? Nobody fucking knows!!

  2. If you want to see Riggs eating, check out his recent short. He eats a giant cheezit from taco bell, and brags about getting it early/without an app because the cashier recognized him from youtube. Back in April, on twitter, Fatboy blamed his obesity on “being a father for 19 years.” I said something like “blaming your gluttony on your kids, what a degenerate. Having lids should make you lose weight. You probably sat on the couch stuffing twinkies down your throat while your wife did everything.” Of course he blocked me

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