TheCinemassacreTruth Reddit Moderators Hoarding Sub-Reddits

To commemorate Pride Month, let’s talk about TheCinemassacreTruth. About nine months ago, one of the homosexual moderators there, “Great Bowser” was able to get control of the “Cinemassacre” subreddit. This was an abandoned and locked (couldn’t post comments) sub-reddit but it had 3,600 members.

So what did Great Bowser do when he got it? He made a sticky post directing people to TheCinemassacreTruth and kept the forum locked. He gave passing mention to the offical Cinemassacre subreddit basically saying, “Don’t go there, they censor you.” Really subtle stuff.

So I made a request for the forum. You can do this. And you’re supposed to say what you plan on doing with the forum. I said that I’d open it up and let people talk about Cinemassacre. This was vociferously objected to by Great Bowser. No reply from the Reddit admins.

Great Bowser also has TheCinemassacreTruth2, which was a protest subreddit that somebody started when they were banned from TheCinemassacreTruth. Only has 65 members. Great Bowser did the same thing. Closed it and put a sticky post directing people to TheCinemassacreTruth. He can’t even let a sub with 65 members exist.

“Emoscreenname” is the co-moderator but I don’t think that that guy does anything. I’ve never seen a single post from him. Total dullard.

I have the only sub-reddit dedicated to free speech where you can talk openly about Cinemassacre without fear of retribution by some fucking sexless “moderator”. It’s CinemassacreTruth, not to be confused with THECinemassacreTruth.

Aside from free-speeching, it’s mostly used to advertise the blog and cross-post messages from TheCinemassacreTruth and suggest that the people there are all gay. Which they are.

I wrote a whole thing about the origin of that forum but I don’t know if I still have it. But basically, it was started by a 16 year old transvestite who wanted to talk about Mike Matei’s penis. Not even joking. Comments about Mike’s penis were, sensibly, deleted from the official sub-reddit. But a handful of faggots, like this transvestite, REALLY wanted to talk about Mike’s cock. This was the foundation of the forum and it remains so today.

That transvestite stepped down from his great moderating duties when he outgrew this shit. But the 40 year old fags running that place now still can’t get enough of Mike’s cock. There’s even a picture of it on the sidebar. It can not be any gayer.

There are 860 members on CinemassacreTruth. I started with zero. But thanks to my witty posts about how everybody on TheCinemassacreTruth is gay coupled with idiots who don’t realise that they’re not on TheCinemassacreTruth, I’ve built a mighty empire. Those homos would love to shut me down but I’m going to continue to spread the REAL truth about TheCinemassacreTruth: they’re all a bunch of real, no-fooling faggots.

What I find particularly peculiar is that some of the OPENLY gay people on that sub-reddit take offence that I call them gay.

4 thoughts on “TheCinemassacreTruth Reddit Moderators Hoarding Sub-Reddits

  1. I decided to start posting there instead of lurking and I really wanted to stick it to that faggot retard garbage stabber so I created an account and made 2 normal posts. But I guess automatically it screens out new accounts. Oh and I chose the name AlabamaRetard540 and I had an icon of skittles and Doritos bags with a thumbs up emoji, going to bat for the the greatest blog ever. I was never going to mention him and just post normal stuff but my hope was that this would piss him off and hopefully have his alts lash out and get banned or at least outed. Well because I was “waiting approval” one of the mods, I forgot who but not great bowser asked me about the name. Even in text it was dripping with faggotry and faggotism, “um can you explain what your username means?” And I said it sounds like a funny name like how I imagine a neck beard. And he said “yeah but ummmmm you have skittles and Doritos in your avatar. Can you tell me why? What is this supposed to mean?” So I don’t know what the fuck he wanted me to say. I just said fuck off and deleted the whole thing. But I thought it would have been funny. But whatever. I’ll be fucking my hot wife and he’ll be sitting there on the truth replying to himself endlessly and then pop a viag to beat off to Bob M’s stash for 2 minutes and then back to his self important empire of nothing. Maybe I’ll try to sneak back into Reddit someday. Hopefully the fag mods read this and now know where that all came from.

  2. Greatbowser, fuck that hypocrite with a broom handle. He let a psycho like Garbagestabber and his 100 plus alts run rampant while gatekeeping normal discussions. He forbid anyone from even mentioning James’s wife to the point they had to refer her as Bpril to circumvent the ban. And I ain’t talking about threads calling her a dumb whore or anything. No, I’ve seen people ask inoffensive questions like what she does for a living or what her current role in Cinemassacre is. Doesn’t matter, they get locked or deleted just the same.

    Fiercely protective of Newt as well. Locking or deleting any thread about him. Newt once went on a rant and namedropped the sub itself. Still deemed irrelevant. One justification is someone called Newt’s workplace and harassed him so he’s off limits after that. Meanwhile someone contacted Kieran making fun of his dead dad. Whatever, fuck the caveman.

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