Newt Still Talking About “The Redhead”

1:15 – He shows a Funcopop that Crystal Quin aka Horseface McGee aka “The Redhead” gave him. He just had it nearby. Within arm’s reach. He probably rubs it on his penis while Joe from Gamesack watches.

These people are humouring Newt’s delusions that he’s a film maker. Asking him to write scripts about various shit.

11:30 – Katie Cook says, “it’s nice to hear people talk about fun things like halloween 5, and shark excorsists. I lost a special dog friend today. so thanks for coming on and comforting me guys!”

Newt replies, “Oh, man. I’m so sorry. I’m sorry that you lost somebody today, man. I know very much what that’s like so I commiserate with you.”

Now, I’m not actually watching. I’m doing other things. So at first, I assumed that this person was talking about somebody they know who died. You know…a HUMAN BEING. So I thought, “What an asshole that Newt immediately brings this back to himself and all of the dead chicks that he fucked up the ass.”

This ladyboy is talking about his fucking dog. Who the fuck cares? “Gee, guys! Thanks for cheering me up with your Shark Vampire talk! I had to put my doggie down today.”

First of all, there’s no way that it’s a woman. Even Newt repeatedly refers to him as a man. Secondly, fuck you.

12:30 – Newt says that he was offered two jobs this week so he’s going to leave some job that he’s doing now.

15:30 – Newt says that people called his new job and blames Reddit. That’s almost certainly the case.

16:15 – Newt says that he met up with a “friend” to give her her stuff back. Uh huh. More buttsex with prostitutes? Tell us all about it, Newt. We’re jerking off here.

32:15 – Somebody is knocking on Newt’s door so he gets up to answer it. Who can it be? This is a real cliffhanger. Some faggot from Reddit? An angry prostitute?

36:45 – Newt returns. He says that across the street from him is a tattoo shop and a “pot shop”. He must really live in an upscale neighbourhood.

It was the police at the door asking for Newt’s door camera footage because somebody backed their car into the deli across the street.

But yeah, I make it a hard rule never to live above a shop. Those places are cheaper but they’re shit. It’s noisy, they’re infested. They’re especially infestested if you’re above a restaurant but any type of shop seems to invite infestation.

You can find a place as cheap if you just move further out or find a less desirable area.

40:45 – Newt says that Dark Knight Rises is his least favourite Batman movie, it’s being re-released, and he won’t be seeing it. It’s a reference to Tony from Hack the Movies aka The Italian being in some crowd scene.

Newt…YOU did the plagiarising. Nobody else. You’re also the one who said whatever heinous shit you said to get Tony and Horseface and Kieran and everybody at Screenwave to shun you. Take responsibility.

I mean, what did Tony do? “Tony should have taken my plagiarism and insulting comments with grace.” Fuck you, Newt.

I’m stopping this at 42:00. It’s boring.

3 thoughts on “Newt Still Talking About “The Redhead”

  1. I’d like to know what kinda jobs were offered to him. Cleaning toilets? Flipping burgers? No way this loser is getting loads of good job offers, his credentials and reputation are absolutely dogshit.

    1. He’s getting job offers in movie theatres, retail, and go kart tracks. He has like 15 years experience managing theatres. I don’t think it’s unreasonable that he’s able to find these jobs.

  2. “fun things like shark exorcist”. Yeaaaah, about *that* shit. Redlettermedia reviewed that pile of garbage film in a BOTW Halloween episode years and years ago. It’s directed by Donald Farmer. Suffice it to say Donald is an old boomer age sex pervert. Into some really weird fetishes. Like women on the ground in the dirt and grass wriggling around half clothed while “possessed”. He also has underage girls in his films doing obviously sexual things like rubbing shark toys against their necks as if in the throes of ecstasy, and he films all of it and calls it a movie. Wrapped around a loose “horror” plot. He’s basically infamous at this point and their video had a lot to do with it because they highlighted all of this that they noticed and more. There’s a scene with a character being played by a normal woman pretending to be a mentally challenged teenager in a bathing suit and she gets sexually hit on and preyed on by a blonde bikini bimbo in a pool while she talks and is unaware what is happening really. This is all in that one film. It’s all shown in their review. Well what a surprise that Newt and his audience think this film is a “fun thing”. It doesn’t surprise me at ALL frankly. It’s predictable, which is why I’m saying any of this. Newt is going to become a Donald Farmer except without money when he gets older if he even lives that long. He loves pathetic sexual trash films like that. It’s all he ever is involved in.

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