Is Superheroic aka Gorgon a Woman?

I was attempting to watch episode 27 of the Point & Drink podcast when I quickly gave up. So I was reading the comments.

  • “That “So many girls watching” comment got me wondering what is the demographic for this show. I like it but I also watch because I view both of your video game shows and streams.”

Pam replies, “97% male based on youtube analytics”

Then somebody called Superheroic aka Gorgon replies, “nice to be one of the 3 percenters!”

I was sceptical. How many women advertise that they’re women? Very few, if any.

So I went to this individual’s channel.

The avatar is a mouth, possibly a woman’s mouth, with black teeth. Weird. Not something that a woman would tend to use for her avatar. More the sort of thing that a mentally disturbed man would have.

He has a few videos. Oh, I already gave it away. It’s a dude. So this guy has a few videos and they’re all from 8 to 12 years ago.

There’s some weird video game footage that I assume he captured.

There’s some old footage of goths dancing that I really doubt he had involvement with. It’s just old jerk off material for him.

Some KFC parody, I guess. I didn’t watch it. Women tend not to be interested in KFC parody videos.

Drag queen. Now we’re getting somewhere. It’s a dude.

Some weird “comedy” video of Tonya Harding. Again, not something that women are interested in. I don’t even need to explain why. We all know. We all know that these videos are the videos that a man would be interested. A mentally ill man but a man nonetheless. A mentally ill woman would not be interested in this shit.

Some anime nerd shit with a Melt Banana song playing. At least it sounds like Melt Banana.

Oh, it’s a band called Baby Metal.

“Once you’ve heard it, you’ll never unhear it. BABYMETAL is a band that you’ll either love or hate.”

No. It’s been done. It’s been done a billion times. There’s a whole genre. There’s nothing innovative that shit. They’re just jumping on the “ironic” Japanese noise scene that was popular 20 years ago.

Then he has the entire debut album of Lisa Whelchel. You know, Blair from The Facts of Life. You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both, and there you have, a man in a dress.

Judging from his interests, I’m thinking that this guy has to be in his 50s. He’s a ladyboy. He’s clearly mentally ill.

It’s preposterous to claim that you’re a woman when you’re clearly a man in a dress. I don’t mean just physically you have male anatomy, mentally, these people think like dudes. Look at their fucking interests. Here’s a guy who’s interested in retro video games. By Pam’s own statistics, 97% of the people who go to her channel are guys.

If this guy was a woman, he’d be going to…I don’t know…dance videos on Tiktok. Videos about fashion. Videos about makeup. Videos about how to attract a man. Cute animal videos.

And the vast majority of these ladyboys are interested in women. They’re not putting a dress on and hoping to get fucked by a dude. They’re looking for women. They pretend that they’re “lesbians”.

I was watching Big Brother years ago and they had some ladyboy on there. And he’s talking to the women and the women are talking about recipes and whatever. And then he gets up and says, “I can’t listen to this shit” and he goes over and talks to the guys, who were talking about politics.

This is a woman? Women like talking about recipes.

Just say that you’re a man in a dress. What’s so bad about that? I don’t think that anybody cares about that. The issue comes in when you try to claim something that’s plainly untrue.

Superhetoric is not a woman. Women are not interested in superheroes. They’re not interested in comic books. Fuck off.

“Oh, I know a woman who likes comic books.”

I’m talking about the average woman. The average woman is not interested in male dominated bullshit comic books, video games, science fiction, whatever.

4 thoughts on “Is Superheroic aka Gorgon a Woman?

  1. The whole thing is fucked up. I could go on forever but what’s the point? It’s a waste of time. There are all kinds of faggots and they’re all different kinds of fucked up. I’m sorry they got molested as an altar boy. Now we have to live with these freaks everywhere.

    Hey here’s something to make you laugh. A collection of total nobodies with a cameo by JOHN RIGGS! The cross eye grey beard guy made me want to vomit. I can’t look at him for theee seconds. If the black guy in here isn’t Mr Wright Way III by the end of next year, color me surprised. A few other folks “on the spectrum” the far end surely and a normal looking guy who is delude that appearing with this losers will get him anywhere

    1. Yeah, 466 views. I wonder how they got these people to agree to make a video for this. I guess that any publicity is good and they have time.

      By the way, your comment was caught in the spam filter that’s why it’s only posted now. Comments with links were moved to spam. I’ve changed it now.

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