FALL GUY Review – Newt Wallen

He starts by talking about what a big Fall Guy fan his uncle is.

I can see that. I don’t remember Fall Guy AT ALL. Nobody was watching that shit. But I was only watching shitty kids shows in the 80s. There was nobody watching shows for adults.

It was on from 1981 to 1986. Wasn’t Newt born in like 1982? Is he going to pull a Mike Matei and pretend to remember stuff when he was four years old?

1:00 – Newt says that the director was a stuntman and the movie is a “love letter to stuntmen.”

Newt should make a movie that’s a love letter to plagiarists. Who are some of the great plagiarists of all time? People always cite Martin Luther King Jr. But then you have people who say that it was just common to plagiarise stuff in those days. Could that be right? In the 1960s? Because by the 1980s this was certainly frowned upon.

Hey, there’s actually a website for plagiarists.


Top of the list, Martin Luther King Jr. Yeah.


Here’s another good one. Oh yeah. Jayson Blair. At least as of 2016, he’s working as a life coach. I’d like more up-to-date information.

Back to Newt.

What the hell am I watching this for? Brian Gosling. What the fuck do I care?

So I’ve been looking for work for like nine months. Nothing. Not a single interview. And I was looking for jobs in my field. I replied to probably 100 job ads. I sent another 10 people who I know my resume cold. Nothing.

So I said fuck it. I’m going to broaden my search and look for jobs outside of my field.

I started three days ago. I replied to five ads and I already have two interviews. The jobs pay more than the jobs I was looking at and they’re easier. What the fuck was I doing? I was wasting all of my fucking time with that shit sending resumes to scumbags who don’t appreciate my skills and experience.

I can’t wait to tell these people that I’m fucking done with this shit. Fuck them. And fuck all the indignities that I’ve had to suffer with this job.

And if I can get a job with this organisation that I have the interview with, it would be a proper job. No more self-employed bullshit where I have to constantly chase up payments and threaten people with lawsuits. I just go in, do the fucking work, and they pay me. There’s a company pension. There’s career progression. I can move elsewhere. And it’s more than I’m making now.

So even if I don’t get these two jobs, I’m pretty confident that I’ll get something soon.

You look at The Ideas Man and he always seems to be able to find work quickly. That’s how I remember the US being. If you’re willing to do anything, you’ll find a job.

I remember applying to some security guard job and they told me to come in to fill in some paperwork. There was no interview, it was just, “You want the job? You’re hired.” But the place was like an hour away so I asked what the pay is. They said like $5.50. I said, “What? I can’t live on that.” I made $8.50/hour working as a security guard a few months earlier. So they just said, “Oh.” I let the expletives fly. Fuck you. Wasting my fucking time with this shit.

There was another time when I was working as a substitute teacher. No interview there either. I don’t even think that there was a police background check. I just contacted them, they asked me to come in, I filled in some form, and they put me on the schedule. No training. No instructions whatsoever. Just tomorrow morning, go to the school and whatever happens, happens. $75/day.

I also delivered pizzas. No interview there either. I just gave them my resume one day and a few months later, they called asking if I was still looking for work. I was. Great. You can start driving for us.

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  1. I get why people get butthurt aboit plagiarism, obviously someone is stealing someone else’s ideas, but in school it’s such total complete horseshit. I was in this college class about, fucking I can remember, media or something. Doesn’t matter all uni classes are just communist indoctrination anyways, but the assignment was something like write about how media evolves and I wrote this thing about how music videos started out as mostly live performances but then changed into short 4 minute films because of MTV. I “cited sources” by listing many videos and explaining them. The teacher (I’m not calling that faggot a professor) sent it back with a zero! Why? You didn’t cite sources! Fuck I did! I mentioned all kind of things. Well young man where you said “Rio by Duran Duran featured special effects and storytelling” (or whatever bullshit I said) how can I know that’s true? Watch the fucking video!! It wasn’t good enough. I was supposed to read a bunch of papers written by other people and copy what they said and write next to it what page number it was from. “You see everything you write has to have a source” he said. So, if I want to write that Columbus discovered America in 1492, I can’t just write that? I have to write what someone else wrote about it? Yes. What the fuck is this shit?! Well isn’t that plagiarism? No because your saying where it came from. But I’m copying someone else’s idea! But somehow that’s ok. So I asked what about these people in these papers I’m supposed to lift from? Do they have original ideas or just copy from something else? I’m not allowed to she’s an original thought? I can only pass this class if I say a bunch of shit other people have said? It’s so retarded!!!! And gay!! So what about Einstein and all his theories? It didn’t exist before him, who did he copy from? The cock-breath bastard had no answer. He gave me an incomplete instead of an F. It’s like when you get a speeding ticket but no points on your license. You’re not fucked but…. I took the class with a different teacher, one a lot of students seemed to hate but was so easy. He just gave quizzes. Got a B! I had another teacher who rarely showed up for class, passed me every time and just let you do projects out of class. It was great. We’d have to do evaluations at the end, like it matters. College teachers are tenured. They can do fuck all and never get fired. Never. But I’d always give these two teachers 5 stars or whatever. And one time someone else said I was crazy and these teachers were no good. I asked who do you like? Naturally all the hard asses. “They really educate you, not just show up once a month with take home quiz.”
    Educate you for what? To be $80,000 in debt working at a call center if you’re lucky? Shit!!!
    Got off track but essentially plagiarism in a way is horeshit because if you copy someone wholesale it’s all ok as long as you mention that you did. If you copy but don’t mention it, that’s the end of the universe, but the exact same thing plus one name, that’s ok!!!!
    Original thoughts are not welcome.

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