Horseface’s Fansly is Back – Crystal Quin

I didn’t even know that it was gone. But somebody in the comments says, “Lol, she’s single again”.

Who would pay for this knowing that she takes the site down when she gets a boyfriend?

And I’m looking at the posts….she’s posting shit consistently. When did she take a break? She couldn’t have taken it down for more than a few days.

In February, she did a lot of videos called “Showering in my boyfriend’s when he’s not home.” What, are we fucking retarded? Oh. I suppose that that is her audience. But I’m not retarded. So don’t give me these porno bullshit stories.

And she’s not even nude in any of this shit. Not that anybody would want that but…well, somebody in the comments sums this up. “Ain’t nobody paying for lewds in this economy dawg.”

The guy who wrote that, “she’s single again” has some absolutely vile stuff on his Twitter. These are the people who are interested in Crystal Quin’s shitty porno? That guy has loads of pictures of women with hairy pussies. That’s the tame stuff that he has but he has LOADS of this shit.

He has to be in his mid to late 50s at least. Who younger than that has a hairy pussy fetish? It’s only if you watched porn from the 1970s or earlier that you’d be interested in that.

I have a million dollar idea. Did I ever mention this here before? I’m not seeing it.

But the porn from the 1970s is great. It has high production values, big budgets, whatever. What puts people off is the hairy pussies.

So I’d like to see digital re-masters where they get rid of the hair. It doesn’t have to be entirely. You can give them a landing strip or something. Maybe just clean it up a little. But make it more palatable to today’s audience.

I even have a pun title for this procedure can be called ala Newt “No Ideas” Wallen. “Digital re-masturbation.”

There’s money to be made in this. Just get the rights to the videos and then digitally alter all of that. Like Star Wars or whatever. But good.

There’s another guy who left a message. “Nice Guy Andy”. He’s 34, from Kentucky, obese, bearded, and he likes sexy lady wrestlers and Star Wars.

Here’s somebody else who replied:

Ladyboy. He has a Pornhub page and a Fansly.

Here’s another one. Absolutely obese black man who likes sexy wrestlers and Sponge Square Pants. Honestly, I saw three separate Sponge Bob posts just posted recently.

And this guy is obsessed with UFOs and ghosts.

It’s the absolute dregs of society who go to these women’s pages. This is who you want jerking off to your shitty pictures? These are the people who you want to interract with for pennies?

Not that she puts much effort into her interactions. Everything is one word. Crazy UFO guy asks her if she likes UFOs. Horseface says, “Absolutely.” Good stuff, Horseface. Really interesting.

Oh, and of course Newt. Newt is jerking off to Horseface’s awful pictures. Speaking of dregs of society.

7 thoughts on “Horseface’s Fansly is Back – Crystal Quin

  1. There is this called “remastured” on the hub. But it sucks. It’s just colorizing vintage crap and adding frames to make it modern resolution. Articles I’ve read about it say that the AI isn’t capable of doing things like removing that ugly disgusting muff. Even AI colorizing doesn’t really work. 70s stuff might be worth it someday. It was shot on film. I think 80s90s stuff shot on videotape is unsalvageable. The quality is too shit. Too blurry

    1. It doesn’t have to be AI. I’m thinking of assembling a team of skilled muff aritisians to painstakingly go frame by frame removing the hair.

  2. why are so many obese weirdos obsessed with wrestling? It has to be because of the scantily clad women and the fake tough guys they vicariously live through, right?

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