Youtube removed our video – Newt Wallen

What a disgusting thumbnail. I think that those are PVC Bondage Guy’s manboobs.

0:15 – “One of the videos that we shot was a video idea that I had for you called ‘Busting Makes Me Feel Good’.”

It was an 11 second video that was a closeup of PVC Bondage Guy’s breasts and PVC Bondage Guy says, “See, I told you busting makes you feel good” while she masturbates a ghost and Newt sprays slime at her breasts.

Gee, I wonder why it got deleted. Newt certainly seems perplexed by the decision.

0:45 – “It was just supposed to be a funny little 12 second thing.”

Which part of this was funny? This guy has a very peculiar sense of humour. He seems to think that stupid puns that a fourth grader might come up with are funny. Newt, they are not funny. You are not funny. I have never laughed at anything that Newt has ever said or done. Not once.

1:30 – Youtube removed the video because of nudity and Newt is outraged by this and says that there isn’t nudity. I believe that the thumbnail is from the video that got deleted. Just a close up shot of PVC Bondage Guy in this bra that barely covers anything. This fucking retard is surprised that the video got deleted.

1:45 – “Like you can see horrrrrrrrible shit on Youtube.”

Really? Like what?

“Misinformation: politically, socially, medically.”

That’s “horrrrrrrrible” in your mind? People who have different than Newt. That’s what he finds “horrrrrrrrible”. It’s why he doesnt’ talk to his father. And his father no doubt thanks his lucky stars every day that he doesn’t have to talk to this piece of shit.

You know, I just thought of something. Horseface should come out as a Trump supporter if she wants Newt to leave her alone. Wear half a MAGA hat.

“Horrible fucking violence on Youtube.”

Where is he seeing this? This shit gets taken down.

“And you’re going to remove 12 seconds of sprayed green slime on titties?”

Ummm…yes, retard. Because that’s clearly sexual content. You don’t know that? It’s a sexual “joke”. It’s a close up a man’s breasts with simulated jizz getting sprayed on it. You don’t see how that’s sexual? And clearly pornographic?

I mean, would I jerk off to it? Of course not. I don’t jerk off to men. I’m heterosexual. Men like PVC Bondage Guy aren’t what I’m into. But the video is clearly intended, however poorly executed, to titilate. Newt clearly knows this but he still chose to make a 27 minute outrage video over this, thereby insulting my intelligence and the intelligence of all of the ladyboys watching this.

2:30 – Newt makes a reference to how he can’t be “anti-trans” because he’s with PVC Bondage Guy over here. You know…this woman who clearly looks like a woman but says that she’s a man for some bizarre reason.

I think that just about everybody can support that type of transexual. You look like a woman, sound like a woman, there’s nothing that you say or do that’s remotely masculine, but you just want to be called a man? Well, whatever. That’s fine, I guess.

If PVC Bondage Guy got her breasts cut off, stuck a carrot down her crotch, started taking testosterone, and grew a beard, somehow I don’t think Newt would be hanging out with “him” any more.

3:00 – PVC Bondage Guy says, “For context, I am trans, he makes a lot of trans jokes, it’s fine.”

I’ve never even heard Newt make “trans” jokes before. But again, PVC Bondage Guy is only “trans” in the sense that she says, “I want to be called a man.” That’s it. That’s as far as she went with this. It’s an insult to actual “trans” people.

4:30 – “I am covered. I have a bra on.”

Uh huh. We see the bra, PVC Bondage Guy. That’s not covered. Why are you sitting there and lying to us? We can all see it for ourselves. You think that’s a normal bra?

Here’s another thing, if she’s a man, why does she need to wear anything at all? There are plenty of videos on Youtube of shirtless guys. Why isn’t she saying, “Hey, I’m a man. I should be able to be shirtless.”

5:45 – Newt advertises a livestream where PVC Bondage Guy accidentally shows his breasts. Then he says that he’s going to put some other video where PVC Bondage Guy shows his breasts on their OnlyFans.

6:30 – When Newt was getting a camera put into his penis, he asked the doctor for the footage so that he can put it on OnlyFans. He’s a complete piece of shit. He thinks that this is all funny. No. You can off like a total scumbag. Don’t you get it? This is why even pieces of shit like Horseface and Tony from Hack the Movies had enough.

PVC Bondage Guy says that she knows that there are people who would like footage of Newt’s camera up the penis video. She stresses that she isn’t interested, though.

Subhuman garbage. That’s what Newt and PVC Bondage Guy are.

7:30 – PVC Bondage Guy says that her doctor let her take her IUD home.

These people need to go away and never come back. This is pathetic.

8:15 – “Fuck Youtube. Fuck the puritanical. Taliban-style state that we live in.”

There’s a place for porn, Newt. Youtube isn’t it. What aren’t you getting?

9:15 – “But let some asshole use the N-word and spread disinformation about, you know, fucking shit.”

Good argument. Well made. But you see, that’s all free speech. Porn is expressly not included in free speech. That’s what your video was. It was porn. It was bad porn but still porn.

It’s completely insane that he compares his pornographic video to people making videos supporting Trump or denouncing the covid vaccine. How are these things at all related?

9:30 – Then he suggests that people are leaving Youtube in droves to go to…”What’s it called? Bumble? Rumble? Flumble?”

He doesn’t even know what it’s called and yet he suggests that there’s a mass exodus. PVC Bondage Guy doesn’t know either. She has NO IDEA what he’s talking about. That’s how popular this other website is that everybody is flocking to.

10:00 – Then Newt suggest that they should be “characters” and start doing video about Raid Shadow Legend. It’s a reference to James Rolfe.

But here’s the thing, James Rolfe is getting PAID for those videos. You’re not getting paid, Newt. Nobody is going to pay you to promote their shit. Ever. Nobody. Not even those dick pill people that Newt was saying that he would love to advertise for in a video from a few months ago.

11:45 – “I am staunchly anti-censorship when it’s in the proper context.”

He supports censoring videos about Trump and anything that he doesn’t like but is against censorship of his unfunny, stupid, pathetic porn videos.

Doesn’t work that way, Ideas Man. Re-read the collected works of Voltaire.

Or, The Sage of Baltimore himself: H L Mencken.

The right to freedom obviously includes the right to be foolish. If what I say must be passed over for its sagacity by censors, however wise and prudent, then I have no free speech. And if what I may believe – about gall-stones, the Constitution or God – is conditioned by law, then I am not a free man.

11:45 – “What’s the quote by uhh…ummm…Samuel…err…I guess it’s Mark Twain by that point. It’s like saying a man can’t have steak because a child might choke on it.”

PVC Bondage Guy has NO IDEA what he’s talking about. Nor does Newt. He’s a big Samuel Clemens fan.

Here are some other interesting Twain quotes for you:

The idea of making negroes citizens of the United States was startling and disagreeable to me, but I have become reconciled to it; and being reconciled to it, and the ice being broken and the principle established, I am ready now for all comers. The idea of seeing a Chinaman a citizen of the United States would have been almost appalling to me a few years ago, but I suppose I can live through it now.

The Jew is a money getter; and in getting his money he is a very serious obstruction to less capable neighbors who are on the same quest.

Caesar in his Commentaries, says, “to the lonely it is company; to the forsaken it is a friend; to the aged and impotent it is a benefactor; they that be penniless are yet rich, in that they still have this majestic diversion. There are times when I prefer it to sodomy. (Talking about onanism).

12:15 – “If I look on here, I can probably find pornography on Youtube.”

You can’t. And who would want to? There are porn sites for that. That’s where your piece of shit porn video belongs.

You can find nudity on Youtube it’s artistic or educational. It’s not squirting slime on a man’s breasts and pretending to be a ghost jizzing on him. You fucking idiot. What aren’t you getting?

13:15 – Newt is complaining that they didn’t even look at the appeal. Why would they? The video was porn, Newt. What value did it have other than as porn? It sure as fuck wasn’t funny.

14:45 – Newt seems to think that it shouldn’t have been banned because the jizz wasn’t real. He’s a moron. What else can I say?

16:00 – Newt says that he’s seen animal abuse on Youtube. Where? Where is he seeing this stuff? I’ve never seen any of this.

And even if it is on Youtube, which it isn’t, what does it have to do with your STUPID PORNOGRAPHIC VIDEO?

16:45 – “I was pissed off because I didn’t realise that we were doing anything that was so fucking scandalous.”

A close up of a man’s breasts as the man pretends to jerk off a ghost, makes a sexual comment, and then the ghost jizzes on the man’s tits. You can’t figure out why the video got removed? Really?

17:30 – “It really cools me on having fun ideas for shit.”

Well, at least some good came of it then. These are not good ideas. They’re not fun ideas. They’re stupid ideas and they’re pornographic ideas. These are the only types of ideas that Newt has. Stupid ones and pornographic ones.

18:00 – Newt mis-genders PVC Bondage Guy, calling him a “broad”. And he (PVC Bondage Guy) just laughs about it.

What happened to Newt being such a friend of the “trans” community?

18:45 – PVC Bondage Guy tells a stupid fucking story about how she’s doing sexual stuff at this wrestling school that she goes to. She got hit with a chair and moaned in delight over it. Fuck you, you dumb fucking piece of shit. Go double your fucking anti-psychotic “meds” you dumb fucking bitch.

26:15 – “I hate that that there’s that fucking sub-reddit and that other psychopath all because you did videos online and people who you know.”

Yeah. Calling you out, Ideas Man. That’s why you don’t like it.

And if my criticisms were complete bullshit, you wouldn’t give a shit. But you know that what I say is true and that’s what’s upsetting for you. You know that you’re a piece of shit. Reality can be an ugly thing.

Let’s see what the ladyboys had to say.

  • “That whole thing sucks… YT should be a paradise for new and experimental videos…”

We already have plenty of sites for these “experimental” videos. Try Xvideos dot com.

  • YouTube sees Crazy far right Trump loving YouTubers saying hateful shit: “You’re good bro, you make a lot of money for us and we love you for it” YouTube sees green slime: “We don’t want that shit on our site! Are you trying to get us into lawsuit?””

IT’S NOT A CRIME TO LIKE DONALD TRUMP, YOU FUCKING MORON. Porn is not welcome on the platform. What don’t you get about this?

I don’t put porn on the blog. Could I? Well, maybe. But the general idea here, and on previous blogging platforms that I was on, was that you can write whatever you want as long as there’s no fucking porn. This is the rule on most of the internet. At least in theory. You can say what you want but you can’t post porn.

Youtube is the same.

Even though I probably could post porn here, I don’t. Because why the fuck would I? People aren’t here for porn. If they want porn, there are a billion places to go for porn. Everything doesn’t have to be porn, you fucking imbecile.

  • “The whole SAFE SPACE response I got was so empty”

That was Newt’s response to somebody. He wants a safe space where nobody talks about Trump or anything that he disagrees with but he doesn’t want a safe space where people can watch videos that aren’t pornographic.

If Youtube allowed porn, it would be overrun with porn. It would destroy the platform. I certainly wouldn’t want to go. When you want porn, you go to a porn site. When you want to watch normal videos, you go to Youtube.

  • “There is naked yoga, YT lets it pass… There are women trying in see thru underwear, YT lets its thru… But slime on some tits? Think of the children!!!!”

I’ve never seen any of that on Youtube. All of the “naked yoga” videos I’m seeing are censored. And even if they weren’t censored, one can argue that there’s artistic merit to it.

There’s no artistic merit to a close up shot of a man’s extremely revealing bra as the main pretends to jerk off a ghost, makes a sexual comment, and then ghost jizzes on him. That’s entirely sexual. Pornographic.

  • “YouTube is definitely weird about what they flag and don’t. I’ve watched full movies that have been uploaded on here that show nudity and hasn’t been taken down.”

Yeah. Art, you dumbass. Show me the full porn videos on Youtube.

That’s a breast exam video showing a black woman, topless, looking at her tits. Educational value. If you choose to jerk off, that’s up to you.

But it reminds me of when I was in the sixth grade and some kid was excitedly telling me about some instructional video that we were allegedly going to see where a woman does a breast exam. Obviously, there was some kind of miscommunication. We never saw anything like that. Maybe he heard about the video that was only shown to the girls about periods and whatnot.

Although, I did see a local news report about a breast exam. This must have been in about 1994. I think that it was like the 5.00 news so it wasn’t even like the late night news.

They had a woman on there. I think that she was a doctor. And she said that this is strictly for educational purposes and she’s not enjoying this but in the interests of saving people’s lives, she’s willing to do this.

Then she took her top off and holy fucking shit. It’s this middle aged woman with fucking jugs. Real hooters. And she’s there squeezing those milkers like there’s no tomorrow. My jaw was on the floor. Couldn’t they get a more modestly endowed woman for this? This seems intentional.

I’ve never seen nudity on the news before or since. Did it save lives? I don’t know. But that image of that woman squeezing her giant tit is burned into my memory forever. I would be pay $1,000 for footage of that video. There’s some lost media that Bobdunga should be looking for.

12 thoughts on “Youtube removed our video – Newt Wallen

  1. “I am covered. I have a bra on.” LOL bitch shut the hell up. You’re less covered than the average hooker on a street corner. The fact they even made this whiny ass video over a lame 12 second video is pathetic. It was also never funny. The two of you are parasites on the “latest” thing just like your former loser friend Tony is. You know exactly what you’re doing and why you made it now, and so does anyone with even a single brain cell.

    1. It’s the same shit that James started doing after a few years. I think that it pre-dated Screenwave. He’d make an AVGN video that tied into some new movie coming out out whatever. I hated that shit. Just make a video because you think a game lends itself well to scrutiny, not because some shit movie is coming out.

  2. it’s shocking when one comes across nudity on youtube because it’s unexpected. so a “youtuber” or “influencer” making videos that feature exposed human private parts won’t last, at least if it is from someone not entirely obscure. however, there is a niche that contains a fairly frequent amount of nudity that doesn’t get taken down. when it does, it is for copyright reasons. namely, movies and tv series uploaded to the platform e.g.:

    Soul Vengeance (1975 movie)
    Alien Prey
    An American Werewolf in London
    Nude on the Moon (a movie about a nudist colony on the moon)
    Leprechaun 2
    The Children (1980 movie)
    Heavy metal 2000
    A number of Oz scenes

    1. There’s definitely nudity on Youtube, of course. I’ve seen it in music videos, news clips, educational videos, art shit, whatever.

      This fucking piece of shit porn video isn’t any of that.

  3. How does Newt have time to complain about porn on YouTube when he is supposed to be working two jobs?
    Also, he has a Patreon AND an OnlyFans now, so put your dumb content on there? Oh right, cause NO ONE would pay to see the utter shit you “create”.

      1. He could opt to put his videos on Vimeo through Patreon… but again, NO ONE is paying for this dreck.

  4. Newt claims to hate censorship but deletes comments, i pointed that out in the comments of this video, and I pointed out the egotistical nature of comparing himself to Jesus. He deleted it. I reported his stupid video, pretty funny to see him whining about it.

  5. have you ever thought about making a gamer girl movie? maybe writing up a script and the screenplay and shuttling them to Mike, Jimmy or Newt so they can flesh it out and add their own twist to it.

  6. Lol the stupid video he uploaded on Twitter then after where he addresses it to his haters and “former friends” showing how he hurt his leg doing some kick move on the “set” for a “film” he’s working on with that one prostitute. This guy is a walking disaster. Well not walking that well currently probably.

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