Top 10 Most Disturbing Horror Films (Pre-Code Era) – Cinemassacre

Oh, this hasn’t been done a billion times before. And by James Rolfe. So let’s check it out.

I’m stopping at the five minute mark. This is nothing. He picks ten “scary” movies from 1930 to 1934 (using his autism criteria) and then mentions a “scary” scene in each movie. That’s it. This is the video.

No. I’m not watching this shit.

The homos on Reddit were all about this. “Oh, yeah, James is back on his game. Let’s all jerk off to this.”

Not me. I’m not interested in this formulaic shit. And I never liked his videos about horror films anyway. I don’t watch that shit.

James’ videos are stale as fuck. Enough with the poop jokes and bad green screens beating up Mike Matei or dummies who are supposed to be Mike Matei. Give us something new.

They tried new stuff. Rental Reviews aka Rectal Reviews. The Cinemassacre Podcast. Those were both awful. But they were awful because fucking Rainman can’t have a conversation to save his life.

Rex Viper is obviously awful.

It has to be something scripted. We know that. What about parenting videos? Give some parenting advice. It could be like Super Nanny. Give us some insights into your parenting strategies. We know that he has children but that’s as much as we know. Tell us more. Do you enroll your children in a lot of activities? Do you help with homework? Do they have chores around the house? Do you give them an allowance? There’s a whole litany of topics that he could explore and he could reach a new audience with this kind of material.

Or what about a series where James tries different jobs. Doesn’t have to be anything fancy. He gets a job at the liquor store or Walmart or a casino or whatever and tries the job out. Obviously, he wouldn’t actually be employed there but work something out with the company so that you can work there for a day or two. You can show how incompetent James is at various jobs and it might be funny or endearing or sad or whatever. It might also be a wakeup call for James that if he doesn’t start putting effort into his Youtube channel, he’s going to be doing these shit jobs for real soon.

Screenwave Fight Club. Is there any chance that a fight between James Rolfe and Justin Silverman wouldn’t get at least 10 million views? You don’t need to do anything fancy. Just rent a boxing ring from a local gym for a few hours and recreate your Rocky dreams. James likes Rocky.

This would also be an opportunity to introduce new people who work at Screenwave. Because you can do a whole fucking long series. You can have people at Screenwave training James and Justin. You can have sparring matches with other people at Screenwave. Training montages. The possibilities are endless. And then you end the series, after hyping it up for 10 videos or whatever, with the big match with Justin Silverman.

What about a cooking show? Does he know how to cook? Share some recipes. This might be an excuse to include his wife on the channel. She could make a sausage casserole. The jokes write themselves.

These may seem like preposterous ideas but why? Why stick to the same old bullshit that isn’t working? Try something different. You can do anything. There’s a world of possibilities out there. You don’t have to restrict yourself to video game content and fucking shitty movies.

Do videos on politics. James talked about immigration and xenophobia and Trump in his autobiography. It seemed out of place but he’s presumably interested in this sort of stuff. Make some videos where you discuss your political views. Talk about the issues of the day.

Obviously, there’s a risk that when you radically alter the type of “content” that you’re “creating” the people won’t watch. But what he’s doing now isn’t working anyway. At least with new shit, it gets his creative juices flowing.

Although, saying all of that, the last time he tried something radically different, we got Rex Viper.

I think the key here is that the content should be fresh and good. Good is essential. That’s where Rex Viper failed.

And I don’t want any movies. Fuck that shit. He can’t make movies. We get it. Inanimate objects come to life in front of a green screen. That sucks dick.

He needs guidance. He needs guidance by competent people who have good ideas and can produce good videos. So perhaps Screenwave isn’t the ideal choice.

Or you could do the same old bullshit where you talk about the Full House episode where Stephanie gets peer pressured into smoking.

It’s interesting that just a few years after that episode, Stephanie was smoking meth. This could be a good twist on a tired formula. Top Ten 1980s Actors Who Fell into Drug-Fueled Ignominy. Max Wright has to be on that list. Todd Bridges is an obvious choice.

6 thoughts on “Top 10 Most Disturbing Horror Films (Pre-Code Era) – Cinemassacre

  1. To be honest, many content creators complain that branching out is almost impossible. Whatever their trademark is, or was, that made them famous, ultimately ends up working against themselves. Like those actors who you just can’t place them in a different character than the one they most succeed with.

    And to be real honest, it’s evident that the AVGN is long past due. We all are older, why wouldn’t the Nerd be? I did like the video about his memories of the Contra game. That one was more mature. Just talk about nostalgic moments, that seems to be the trend lately.

    But for God’s sakes, do it well. Don’t Erin this idea as well.

    1. That’s a concern, of course, but what he’s doing now isn’t working. He can continue to put out the shitty AVGN videos, which inexplicably still get a lot of views, and also try other things. That’s basically what he’s been doing, whether we’re talking about Rectal Reviews of the Cinemassacre Podcast or Rex Viper. But I’m suggesting that instead of doing shitty side projects, he does good side projects. Or at least tries different stuff out. As bad as Rectal Reviews and the podcast were, at least it was something different.

  2. I heard Todd Bridges cleaned up his life. But whatever. If you follow the logic that he needs handlers and people with good ideas then why are they wasting their time on an autistic retard like Bimmy? Why not just take your good ideas, hypothetical handler, and do it yourself? There’s no need to bring in James Rolfe, a worthless human being who created nothing of value and amounts to just as much.

    1. Yeah, of course Todd Bridges got back on track. Probably 25 years ago at least. So has Jodie Sweetin. Even Max Wright stopped having meth-fueled orgies with homeless black men by the end of his life. At least I hope he did.

      Somebody can have good ideas and be able to write something decent but not be able to make a good Youtube video themselves. There are technical issues, you need the equipment, you need the knowhow. And then as a person on Youtube, you need some charisma or personality or whatever you want to call it. James doesn’t have charisma, certainly, but he’s shown in the past that if he’s properly handled, he can appear in decent videos. And he’s already known. So I’m sure that there’s somebody out there with decent ideas who can put something together. They might expect more money than what Screenwave is asking for.

  3. The only thing scary is James thinks anything in any of those films is disturbing or scary at all. He got obsessed big time with watching these absolutely dogshit early prototype horror films and really thinks they are good or disturbing or scary etc. They aren’t. These are the types of films you see on in the background on a tv in a movie or tv show and some kids are up late watching the Wolfman or something and acting like they’re scared and jump when lightning strikes and popcorn goes everywhere. This is a fantasy. This doesn’t happen in real life. With movies like this that is. These wouldn’t scare or disturb a modern day 10 year old at all. Unless you’re an absolute pussy and haven’t been exposed to this ancient crap a dozen times by now.

  4. > But they were awful because fucking Rainman can’t have a conversation to save his life.
    Hey, give Kieran some respect. The guy just couldn’t control his autism to save his life and for the latter half of the episodes he was intoxicated while filming.

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