Radcon Feels like a 1998 Convention – John Riggs

John Riggs attending one of the 120 nerd conventions that he goes to annually. Is he going to creep on the ladies? Is he going to eat? Let’s find out.

0:00 – So it starts with some weird…thing. A couple of women in rainbow tops looking at a wall that has pictures of people on it. I don’t know. Nothing is explained.

0:45 – Now we’re in some kind of control room and it’s manned by a couple of guys who each weigh…oh…I’d say at least 500 pounds. It looks like a hotel room. I don’t know what any of this is. No explanation is given.

I think what this is is a nerd convention that takes place in a hotel. But not in a lobby or some kind of conference hall. This takes place in the rooms of the hotel. So people will set up shops in each individual hotel room. This isn’t creepy at all.

1:45 – He’s in a room that sells hats. Any type of hat you want, as long as it’s a fedora.

2:15 – John Riggs picks up a flogger and says, “I don’t know about that so much.”

I really don’t want to think about John Riggs’ BDSM exploits.

2:30 – There’s some lunatic outside a hotel room with one of those like plague doctor masks on. You know, with like a beak. He’s walking around in public like this.

It seems that John Riggs is there with his son/daughter. Not the son/daughter who actually looks like a guy and had her name changed and possibly had some surgery but the other son/daughter.

3:00 – This hotel room sells “caffeinated marshmallows.”

By the way, this nerd convention is taking place in Washington. John Riggs lives in Washington. I don’t know how far he travelled for this but it wasn’t across state lines at least.

You can buy these small bags of marshmallows here: https://shop.indiprogames.com/products/caffeinated-marshmallows

Only $9.00 each. Nine dollars for a bag containing six marshamallows. Now, I know that prices have gone up since I was last in the US, but are marshmallows going for $1.50 each now? In my day, you could get a bag of about 100 marshmallows for $1.50.

You can also buy like card games and board games from that site. And you can filter your search by weight. That’s a first for me. For those of you out there who make your purchasing decisions based on the weight of a game.

Personally, I won’t play anything over two pounds. It’s just not worth the effort.

5:00 – Now John Riggs is in a hotel room selling like…penis armour. Well, for the man who has everything, I guess.

Then a 400 pound woman wearing a top hat and a fur coat enters from the balcony. What the fuck is any of this? Would you want to spend one fucking second with these people?

And apparently, they’re doing this at night. A few seconds earlier, John Riggs said that a lot of these “stores” (hotel rooms) are closed for the night. How late is it? How fucking creepy is it go through a hotel and deal with these fat sexual deviants selling weird bullshit? And he’s there with his son/daughter.

6:00 – They’re at some Star Trek-themed…I don’t even know. But they seem to be selling beverages.

Oh. I think it’s…a hotel room that’s been transformed into a bar. Is he still there with his son/daughter?

But you can get Romulan Ale and whatnot. You know…because it’s Star Trek-themed.

God. Who goes to these places? Speaking of filtering by weight, who under the weight of 300 pounds is going to these places?

6:45 – John Riggs is showing the Star Trek beverage that he got and there’s a 300 pound goth woman in the back eagerly wanting to order her own Star Trek beverage. This is fucking pathetic in the extreme. It’s like a parody of a nerd convention. Where’s the Doctor Who-themed bar?

Where did his fucking son/daughter go? She doesn’t seem to be there. Did he just make her wait outside like a dog?

8:30 – John Riggs expresses surprise that these vendor booths have closed for the day but the merchandise is still out on display and can easily be stolen. But here’s the thing: nobody wants this shit. So it’s safe to leave it out.

8:45 – “The lobby is still hopping at like 1.00 am”

And there’s footage of a fat chick with a tail. What the fuck? These are the bottom feeders even at nerd conventions.

9:00 – Then is just cuts to the next day. So did John Riggs fuck that fat chick with the tail or what? Or maybe it was that purple-haired woman in the…egg costume or something?

But now it’s just the next day and we see John Riggs with his son/daughter. Where was she when he was doing all of this weirdo shit? In a hotel room? He just leaves her in a hotel room? I don’t know how old he/she is. 14? 15? I mean…there are so many poor parenting choices that John Riggs has made that this is perhaps lower on the list but it’s still noteworthy.

9:45 – Now John Riggs is getting breakfast. The buffet is $8.00. So less than the cost of six marshmallows.

Sadly, we don’t get to see what John Riggs got.

Also, John Riggs made a weird comment. He was talking about something called “Baca-Con”…or something…and suggested that they had to change the name because Japanese people would be offended. What is he talking about? I didn’t get it.

10:00 – A relatively svelte 200 pound woman is showing John Riggs some NES games. You know the old saying, in the land of the 400 pounders, the 200 pound woman is hot.

11:30 – John Riggs seems offended at a vendor selling fur. He’s about to get the red paint out.

And this is somebody who eats like three whole chickens a day. Yeah, you’re a real friend of the animals, John Riggs.

11:45 – Some vendor is offering hair braiding. Unfortunately, John Riggs doesn’t go for it.

11:58 – You’ll have to pause this one. There’s a guy in the background sitting down and wearing a mask who’s got to be easily 500 pounds. You only see him for a second.

12:00 – Just a room of giant fucking nerds playing Dungeons & Dragons or something.

I’m seeing a lot of people wearing masks.

15:21 – Another 500 pound man selling shit to nerds. I’m noticing a trend.

16:15 – John Riggs sees a small “treasure box” and his idea of what to put in there is “snacks, like some chocolate coins or something.”

It’s always got to be the food with this guy. Are you not seeing these people, John Riggs? These 500 pound men? I mean, you’re 400 pounds. That should be enough cause for concern. But don’t these 500 pound men alarm you? This should be a wake up call. Start dieting and exercising.

Then we see John Riggs in a Dr Robotnik or whatever costume. This is the most pathetic thing in the universe.

16:45 – “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a convention more dog-friendly.”

That’s no way to talk about these women, John Riggs.

17:27 – Another 500 pounder.

17:30 – Medieval jousting. But this takes place in an alternate universe where medieval knights were at least 300 pounds. I don’t envy the steed who has to carry these fatasses around.

19:30 – 500 pound men in their 50s watching anime in a Star Trek-themed “bar”. This just about sums it up.

  • “That Link from the thumbnail makes me seriously uncomfortable. Don’t they do background checks on their attendees? I wouldn’t want to run into that guy in the restroom. You might find him drilling holes in the walls of the cubicles.”

John Riggs must have changed the thumbnail since that was posted.

  • “Nice to see Lily again.”

John Riggs says, “They still pop up sometimes. They changed their name to Jay since high school but always love it and can tell when someone’s been watching a LONG time. I kinda miss doing those old unboxing videos. Maybe I’ll bring’em back.”

John Riggs, you are a total failure as a father. TWO of your daughters became sons/daughters? Some weirdo bullshit going on at the Riggs household. I don’t want to speculate beyond that.

8 thoughts on “Radcon Feels like a 1998 Convention – John Riggs

  1. Baka is the Japanese word for stupid. It’s not “offensive” but you wouldn’t call someone stupid face to face. It’s said a lot in anime and that’s probably how these retards picked it up. If it was Stupid Con, nobody would be offended. It must be the subconscious racism of don’t wanting to offend all honorable mister Asian man. Ah so, many fortune cookie say so.

    So JOHN RIGGS left his kid in a hotel filled with deviants, where it’s expected to just walk into any room. That’s begging for trouble.

      1. Deviants are only push the boundaries of what they know they can get away with. Look at how far the ball has moved in the last 20 years. At next year’s con when some guy exposes himself to his kids and JOHN RIGGS tries to kick his ass for it, rightfully so, he’ll be castigated for not being supportive and sex positive enough. Or maybe he’ll get in that bandwagon and cut everyone out of his life who thinks such things are reprehensible.

  2. This man is 46 years old and Metal Jesus is in his 50s and they’re still making vids like this and talking about the past like it was yesterday. Dudes like this have a serious psychological problem and inability to move on into adulthood.

    1. There’s definitely something off with these people. And they dress like teenagers. Hair like teenagers (John Riggs, whatever hair he has left). They don’t have jobs or are only marginally employed. It’s certainly not something to admire.

    2. And the fact that retards watching at home, beating off in their mouths over “original packaging” from decades ago find this. The videos make money, people donate money and they get free trips for all of this shit. It’s fully enabling this lifestyle. If it was a pure passionate hobby fine. But there’s NO WAY on the planet anyone would dump their own money into something this much.

  3. 5.7k views in one day.
    So, I usually try to look at the bright side. I mean, people have interests, so why not share them with others? But, no, I can’t this time. They are a bunch of fucking losers. How many times can one look at old N64 games? Just grow up!
    But, 5.7k views in one day… more people are watching this bald fatso than, let’s say, Erin. Are there women horntards?

    1. As bad as John Riggs’ videos are, I can watch them without any difficulty compared to the videos from Erin or Pam or Pelvic Gamer or Bobdunga or any of these women who I talk about. He’s behaving like a weird, creepy, emotionally stunted man baby, of course, but the videos are at least semi-engaging. He keeps them reasonably short. He’s also putting out like three videos a week. So that’s why he’s getting views and these lazy, boring women aren’t.

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