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Well, here’s somebody who’s wasting her life.

Cutie In Cosplay. Is she even cute? I don’t know. I can’t find a clear image of her. She’s really shiny in all of these videos. Small tits. She’s also always in stupid outfits, which I guess she’s considering “cosplay”.

I was watching some wrestling interview and the guy was talking about Hardbody Harrison, convicted pimp and rapist. And the advice of “don’t make your body your gimmick” was given. So in this case, don’t call yourself “Hardbody” because in 10 or 20 years, your body might not be so hard.

Actually, I think it was a Buff Bagwell interview and he was talking about himself.

Anyway, Cutie in Cosplay. Is she still going to be cute in 10 or 20 years? I don’t even know if she’s cute now.

That’s another thing, you open yourself up to scrutiny when you call yourself “HotChick69” or whatever. If you’re not a hot chick, people are going to comment.

0:00 – “Today, we’re going to get into a niche, seemingly hot topic.”

You mean the Amico? When was this video published? A month ago? What? Amico stopped being news like two years ago. Right?

I’m three minutes in and losing the will to live. I’m going to look at her Patreon while this plays in the background.

£11.43/month. Let the good times roll.

And you get NOTHING for your Patreon money. Not even posts. There’s nothing there.

Her description is “Hi there, I’m a cute and nerdy gamer, cosplayer, and anime fan.”

Well…so you say.

I feel bad saying this but years ago, before Tinder or anything, I met a Japanese woman online. And we were talking for a bit, she was fine, and we decided to exchange pictures. She described herself as “cute” and then she sent her picture and…umm…well, there must be a wide range of what people consider “cute”. And about yourself…I mean…I don’t know. I suppose that most people have an inflated idea of what they look like but…I don’t think many guys would say, “Hey, I’m a hot dude” before sending a picture of themselves. You’re setting yourself up for failure and I think that most guys have a more realistic view of their appearance than women have of themselves. Because guys aren’t getting compliments on their looks whereas women are inundated with them.

Anyway, the video has ended. She talked about the Amico. It came out as…software that you can play on your phone. And holy shit was that some tedious, monotone drivel.

Two thousand subscribers after a year. I don’t know. Is that good? Is it worth the effort? You’re humiliating yourself for all the world to see for peanuts.

Maybe the problem is that all of these women are presenting themselves as “nerds”. I want to see non-nerds. I want to see women with normal interests and social lives and jobs. Maybe they’d be more interesting people. Better orators.

Show me a woman who’s working at the delicatessen and can talk about what cuts of meat we should all be getting.

Oh god. Do not look up “woman butcher”. It’s all videos of amateurs. I do not want to see your stupid fucking hunting videos or some woman in the third world slaughtering pigs. I just wanted to get some advice on interesting cuts of meat.

Well, what else? How about a lady…accountant.

Now here’s something I can get behind. I’d give her some loving while I’m behind there too. Unfortunately, she’s probably either married or arranged to be married.

She’s mostly on TikTok now.

“Financial Hot Girl Budgeting”. You’ve already lost me, Devamsha. For a normal woman who’s grounded and sensible, she’s attractive. As a self-proclaimed “hot girl”…not with those eyebrows, honey. And you can afford to skip some meals.

You see how easy this is? You see how far a little humility goes and the depths that you sink when you let conceit creep into your psyche? It’s a huge turnoff and it opens you up to criticism.

Wait a minute. She’s on Gumroad? Isn’t that that porn site that Zuvi is on?

Oh. She’s not selling porn there, she’s selling knowledge. And it seems to all be free. Free e-books and spreadsheets. Well, the price is right. I can’t vouche for the quality.

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