I’m back! Chatting about my Trip to Japan – Zuvi

She went to Japan with her husband/pimp. She lives in the US. Her husband/pimp is a white American guy. They live in the US.

She’s just talking about the travel restrictions to Japan in regards to covid and whatnot.

By the way, you can see this woman straight up naked. It’s on her Gumroad.


There are her links. You have to be at least 20 years old for the Gumroad stuff. Apparently, she’s following Japanese laws in spite of the fact that she’s not living in Japan.

She didn’t visit her parents while in Japan, by the way. They’re probably deeply ashamed of her.

But yeah. She’s totally naked on Gumroad. Everything. Pussy spreading, the whole thing.

I never understood the pussy spreading shot that’s so common in the world of erotica. It’s gross. Am I wrong?

I remember seeing this shot in a porn magazine when I was, I don’t know, 17 or something and…yeah. It’s gross. But I thought, “Maybe when I’m older I’ll be able to appreciate this.”

No. It’s still gross. There’s nothing erotic about it.

Oh, she’s also on OnlyFans and Fansly. Her Fansly account has a banner where she’s…stroking a cat’s leg. What? I don’t even want to know. That poor cat.

By the way, I mention that you can see this woman nude because you might think that this would lead to her Youtube channel having a lot of views. No. NOBODY is watching this shit. It doesn’t help that the content is unwatchable.

It’s hard to understand what she’s saying. That’s the first problem.

Second problem is that she’s boring. At least in English. Maybe she’s more interesting in Japanese.

She does a lot of “What does Japan think of X” kind of videos. “X” being some video game or franchise or whatever.

But what does she know? She’s lived in the US for years. I don’t know how many years. Her information is grossly out of date.

16:15 – She had plastic surgery done while in Japan. On her eye. I don’t know if it’s just one eye or both eyes. Maybe she had that eyelid surgery that makes your eyes wider. I think that this procedure is popular in Asia.

What about breast implants? Have you considered that? We’re not jerking off to your eyes here.

So that was the video. Wow. You talk about boring, this was it.

I don’t know what that husband is doing exactly. They live in the Los Angeles area. Is he pimping her out in the traditional sense or just online? Because if it’s just online, he’s not making any money on this. He can’t be. Nobody is watching these fucking Youtube videos and I doubt that she’s popular on OnlyFans or Fansly or this bizarre Gumroad site.

And she said that her parents are elderly so how old must she be? Late 30s? Early 40s?

It’s just another person totally wasting her life. And the cause is greed and sloth. There’s no reason why she can’t move back to Japan and get a normal job. But she wants easy money for doing little work. And it’s not happening. Nobody is paying to see a middle aged Japanese woman with no tits.

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