Crystal Quin’s Pornographic Christmas

“Thirsty Thursday”. I think that this means that we’re supposed to be jerking off to this. It is so far removed from anything stroke-worthy that I don’t even know what to say. She’s completely delusional.

But you read the comments…I don’t know. There’s no accounting for tastes. No matter how unattractive somebody is, there will be people who find them attractive. Somehow.

Kris Glavin says, “Happy Thursday gorgeous”. Yeah. She’s a real smoke show, isn’t she? Maybe he’ll come back with that one.

Oh, no. He did come back but he went with “young lady” instead. “Super model vibes redhead goddess baby stunningly beautiful young lady”

Then he comes back AGAIN with, “Sending you lots of love and hugs and kisses and positive vibes”

That comment got buried. I guess that people were sick of his spam.

Horseface never responds to any of these people, by the way.

And here are her Christmas pictures. Oh god. Well, I guess that there was a donkey in the manger scene. A donkey is like a small horse. So it’s on point.

I know that all of my Horseface articles just focus on how unattractive she is but it just blows my mind that THIS woman thinks that she’s attractive. The delusion is off the charts. We’re supposed to PAY for cheesecake softcore pictures of this equine-like woman. She thinks that she deserves money because she’s just so hot that people should pay her.

What on earth do the women in Pennsylvania look like that THIS is considered a hot chick?

Top comment is fatass Johanna posting a disgusting picture of herself and writing “deer noises.” No. You’re close. I mean, a deer is like a horse, I guess. What’s the name of these sorts of animals? There must be a name. Let me look this up.

Equidae is the family. So “equine”. I thought there would be another name.

But yeah, Johanna, a fat, clearly unattractive woman, who’s married to a man, is pretending to be attracted to Horseface yet again. This is the thing that she does. And Horseface pretends that she’s attracted to fatass Johanna.

So Horseface says, “You’re so cute.” You know…to this HIDEOUS picture that this 300 pound woman posted.

Johanna replies with “No u”. Because they’re both lesbians. That’s what we’re supposed to believe. Two heterosexual women, one of whom is married to a man, the other one who was in a nine year relationship with a man in the marine corps up until fairly recently, are gay. They’re gay for each other.

So Horseface posts a “cute” gif a man in a hotdog costume and the caption is “Me? No you”. To which Joahna replies with her own “cute” gif of an anime character playing Uno and the card reads, “No, u”.

The only reason that these women do this is to receive compliments from each other. They want to add to their delusion that they’re hot chicks.

I’m reminded of Ircha Gaming going to a nerd convention and meeting a 300 pound “fan” of hers. And Ircha kept going on about how hot this 300 pound girl was.

It’s what a lot of women do and it’s not helpful. I understand wanting to build somebody’s self-esteem but it leads to outright delusion.

Why focus on appearance anyway? It’s a sexist notion. Guys aren’t doing this. They’re not talking about how hot other guys are. Not unless they’re gay, they’re not.

So why not focus on somebody’s personality or intellect or taste in music or anything other than appearance? Who cares if somebody is hot or not? Somebody’s worth and value does not come down to appearance. Fortunately for Johanna and Horseface.

Is this Fansly of Horseface’s even successful? Let me look it up.

1,800 followers. But you can follow for free. This doesn’t tell me anything.

I can’t believe I’m even posting these with titsmintsalad ! These are my sexiest photos yet!

– First time tits are shown on my page (Mint’s)
– Feet
– Fishnets
– So many sexy girl on girl photos
– Hair pulling
– Ass
– Over 60 seconds of hair pulling and spanking
– Almost a minute of pillow fighting
– And more!
– $180 worth of content

What a bizarre post. She can’t believe that she’s posting this. First time that you’ll see tits on her site BUT THEY’RE NOT HERS! SO WHO GIVES A SHIT?

You get to see hair pulling. You get to see “ass”. Just “ass” by itself. Hey, you guys like ass? We’ve got ass over here.

And over sixty seconds of hair pulling and spanking. SIXTY WHOLE SECONDS! Unbelieveable. What an epic video that must be. And another sixty seconds of pillow fighting.

This is worth $180. Where on earth is she getting that figure from? Because you can subscribe for $5 and I think you get this two minutes of footage, although maybe you don’t.

But $180 for two minutes of softcore footage. In what universe? You can get a 90 minute hardcore porn DVD of ACTUAL hot chicks engaged in all kinds of depraved activities for $20. How did Horseface arrive at $180 for two minutes of a pillow fight?

It’s utter delusion. She’s off living in her own fantasy world where she’s a hot chick and everybody wants to have sex with her. This 35 year old woman with the face of a horse and her jiggly arm fat.

People make somewhat ageist comments about what happens to these women when they get older. It’s going to be a big shock when people don’t want to pay for your pictures any more. But it’s not even about age. Horseface has posted pictures of herself as a 19 year old and, guess what, she wasn’t even hot then. She’s NEVER been even REMOTELY hot. And yet she’s built her ENTIRE personality on her being a hot chick. It’s madness.

Horseface will be 80 years old and still living in her fantasy land where she’s a hot chick. And Johanna, assuming that she isn’t long dead from heart disease or diabetes, will be enabling Horseface with preposterous compliments about how hot Horseface is.

I’m thinking that there should be some kind of intervention with Horseface. Sit her down with some close friends and gently explain to her that she’s not a hot chick. Maybe take a scientific poll of 1000 random people, show them pictures of Horseface, ask them to rate her, and then give Horseface the unfortunate results. Explain to her that it’s perfectly okay not to be a hot chick. Focus on what else Horseface has to offer like her personality…oh. Okay, maybe not that. But her intellect…oh. Well, think of something positive to say.

Obviously, a “You’re not a hot chick” intervention sounds cruel but I think that it’s necessary in this case. She’s making a total ass of herself with this delusion that she’s a hot chick. It’s not good. She needs to find something else that she can be proud of. Something GENUINE. Because her looks aren’t it. I’m sorry.

2 thoughts on “Crystal Quin’s Pornographic Christmas

  1. In the pre online days I guess girls like this were just barflies. I don’t really know but I assume they wised up and got married as the clock ran out. You don’t really hear about some 50-60 year old running round the bar for compliments and free drinks. But then again in those offline days you could realistically only get one guy to support your lifestyle. Not thousands. So much like Destiny Matos I wonder what will happen when this generation passes 40, 45, 50 into “invisibility” as women of that age call it. The desperation will be crazy for all to see and it’ll all be unexplored territory.

    On the other hand the law of economics seem to point to someone paying these crazy amounts of money for soft core. Fucking hardcore is free to near infinite amounts. Paid is affordable considering what it takes to get a DVD to your door. Not DVDA that’s something different. If no one was biting, they’d lower the price or turn things up to justify it. But it is insane anyone would waste money on this shit unless it was hard core and hot. It can be one but not the other.

  2. I remember Newt saying it was always her goal to be a “sex icon” but I just don’t see the appeal when they started she hated Tony it’s all clout chasing and shit posting shes dumb as fuck and adds nothing intelligent to conversations. when she tries to dissect film she just comes off as dumb she’ll never move pass youtube c status

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