Point and Drink Adventure Episode 19 – Not Halloween – CannotBeTamed

As much as I hate this podcast, I have to keep watching. I have an obligation. I’m the only one watching this thing. If I stop, it goes away.

That said, Zap Cristal would kill for these numbers. This episode is at about 800 views after two weeks. Zap gets about a quarter or a third of that number.

0:45 – Pele says that Pam has been watching a lot of Sex and the City recently. Pam is all about those sexy ladies. Well, I don’t know how sexy the ladies are on that show. But she’s all about lesbian film and tv shows. Not overtly lesbian stuff but the veiled stuff.

You know what it’s like? Gay men who go after straight men. There’s a certain predatory appeal for these guys.

Because Pam isn’t watching Rosie O’Donnell movies or shit like this. She’s watching Showgirls and stuff that’s ostensibly for heterosexual men. Pele, same thing.

3:45 – Pele describes herself and Pam as a couple of single gals in their late 30s. Pam, who’s over 40, looks uncomfortable and says, “Well…”

But they’re not single. They’re in a relationship with each other. This is just more weird pretending to be heterosexual shit. They’re playing some game.

Umm…I’m about done with the podcast. Do I want to watch any more? Let me look at the time stamps.

Fuck. No. No, I don’t. They’re just talking about movies that they watched recently. Movies that I don’t care about. I’ll just leave this on as background noise while I play a game. Maybe they’ll…I don’t know…say something interesting. But what are the odds? It’s a billion to one.

8:45 – Pam is talking about Anne of Green Gables. Okay, I can work with this.

I haven’t thought about this since I was a kid. My sisters would watch it so I’d watch it too. It was on all the time. Seemingly. It was on PBS. I assumed that it was a British show, but looking it up, it’s Canadian.

And there were a bunch of sequels.

Yeah, I remember this annoying girl. I can see the appeal for Pam. Reminds me of the uppity girl from True Grit. Although, it kind of works for True Grit. That’s the character. She’s a bitch. I don’t think you’re supposed to like her.

Oh, The Railway Children. Similar thing there. You have that uppity bitch with that cut glass accent. I don’t want to watch this. Come on.

Same thing with Anne of Green Gables.

9:00 – Pele asks if there were a lot of “boobs” in the movie that Pam saw. Go fucking masturbate before you make the video. This is embarrassing.

13:30 – Pam is talking about some anime she watched. God. Come on.

17:00 – Pele keeps talking about how much sex she wants to have with some guy in some movie. Uh huh. Sure you do, Pele. You’re totally heterosexual.

I’m turning this off. I made it to 24 minutes. Pam can not have a conversation to save her life.

5 thoughts on “Point and Drink Adventure Episode 19 – Not Halloween – CannotBeTamed

  1. I liked shows the Anne of Green Gables. Cultured TV. They never had a hip hop adaptation if you know what I mean. Thank god.

    Did you see this boogie 2988 documentary? I thought it was shit like all bobdunga’s “documentaries” where she talks over clips. No the real guy was in it. Everyone comments how it’s so “sad.” I laughed my ass off the entire time watching this pathetic fat loser run out of money. Why did people ever like assholes like this anyway? I mean you can be a fucking retard on the internet but he got rich off it. Why? Is the whole world retarded too and they look at him like a hero? I’ll laugh when he kills himself. Hopefully soon.

      1. The part before that was the best. The ending was retarded. He takes drugs and suddenly loves life? What the fuck? And what kind of fucked up life did that girl have to be happy with him?? He is smart though because he made sure she was over 18 but she sure doesn’t look like it. She will be like 22 and assume all his debt when he dies. Shit!

        1. That girl wasn’t a looker so I almost understood why she was with Boogie. Almost. Even a hideous 20 year old, which I wouldn’t quite place her in that category, can do better than a 50 year old 500 pound man.

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