WTF Wednesday Review: SON OF DRACULA (1974) – Newt Wallen

Well, another missed opportunity for this guy. Why didn’t do a rip off Monster Madness? The guy is extremely desperate for views, he’ll do anything, he’s constantly talking about subscriber numbers and whatnot, but he refuses to do something that would bring in a boatloat of new subscribers. It would be hilarious.

The videos wouldn’t even have to be good (which they wouldn’t be). The mere concept is enough. Put 31 fucking videos out where you review tits and gore movies. You can do it with your prostitute “friends”, whatever you want. It would also be a great way for Newt to get back at Screenwave and James Rolfe. Because in Newt’s mind, Newt was wrongly fired.

But no. Same old bullshit. All he really had to do was slightly repackage his usual videos and call them “Monster Hysteria” or whatever. No.

So instead, we got this shit that won’t get any views. The Ideas Man and The Gaunt Scarlet Harlot.

I’ve suggested that this woman is on meth. Somebody in the comments suggested heroin and that Newt is supplying the heroin. Something shady is clearly going on. She takes her clothes off for money. And almost certainly a prostitute. I mean…how much money is there in doing nude goth photoshoots? Is there much demand for that? And look at her. She has to pay the bills somehow. There can’t possibly be enough demand for nude goth photoshoots, especially when you look like that.

0:30 – Newt says that this was shot in early September. So he’s releasing a video from two months ago. He was just saving this one. For what? It would have been so easy to do a Monster Madness rip off.

I don’t even want to watch this. Alright? Knowing that this was filmed two months ago, what’s the fucking point?

A quick perusal of the transcript tells me that later in the video, he talks his usual creepy shit about how he gets his “friends” to do creepy shit for him for creepy movies that he’s somehow involved in. Yeah. That’s how money works, Newt. You pay people and they’ll do stuff for you. It’s not friendship. It’s a business agreement. “I’ll pay you a ham sandwich and half a bottle of Coke to do something humiliating for a ‘movie’ that nobody will ever watch.” That’s tempting when you’re spending all of your money on heroin.

Did I say “heroine” earlier? No. I’m reminded of a spelling class in the sixth grade that had “heroine” as one of the words. There were a list of words for every “unit” in the book that you would be tested on. The teacher would read the words aloud. “Heroine” was one of the words. So when she got to that word, my friend pantomimed smoking heroin which got a stern look from the teacher.

That guy was always the class champion in spelling. I wonder why. I mean, I did alright but I was never in contention. But he would go to like state competitions. His mother was putting pressure on him to do well but was he sitting at home reading the dictionary and shit like this? I wouldn’t think so but then why did he do so well?

What else…oh, The Ideas Man recently tweeted about the death of Matthew Perry. Well, he re-tweeted something from TMZ with not a single word of commentary from himself. WHAT’S THE FUCKING POINT? He’s just a death-obsessed asshole.

And speaking of assholes, I read that Matthew Perry’s colon burst in 2019 due to opiod abuse. What? I don’t even want to know more about that.

Newt also re-tweeted the death of Richard Moll. He was 80 years young. And Newt actually wrote something about him this time. Nothing interesting, of course.

But yeah, Newt is really broken up about these celebrities who he’s never talked about even once in his life. People get old and die, Newt. Or their colons burst because of opiate abuse. Get over it.

It’s all just about Newt’s obsession with his own mortality. He doesn’t give the slightest of fucks about these people. “Oh, my legacy.” Your legacy is that you’re a plagiarising fuck who completely wasted his life and has done nothing but bring pain and misery to everyone you’ve ever known. You’re a depraved, pathetic, user of people. Accept it and move on.

Oh, Shaft also got a shout out. No comments from Newt, though. He’s a big Shaft fan.

5 thoughts on “WTF Wednesday Review: SON OF DRACULA (1974) – Newt Wallen

  1. Despite whatever opinion you have about the Reddit’s Monster Madness, you gotta love the balls they had to just rip off the name! More proof Cinemassacre is not a true company. It’s not real. It’s all just playtime for Bimmy. Because the smallest real company would have standing to shut it down and take them to court for infringement or IP theft. Take a TV show title and logo running on channel 83 somewhere in the middle of nowhere and use it somewhere else and that’s an open and shut case.

    That said why didn’t Mewt just rip it off and say this is Mewt’s Monster Madness! Oh I said Mewt. Not Newt. Anyway he’s too stupid to rip that off, which would be more successful, however incrementally, but “smart” enough to search online for 30 movie reviews to reword, poorly, for his autistic retard boss. All in the faint hope of “going viral” off his coattails. These days, fumes.

    1. I liked the concept. The excecution last year was absolutely horrendous. With a few exceptions, every video was “540! No time! Bootsy!”. Not interested in that.

      This year’s was better. There were still some woefully unfunny meme-fests, like that imbecile OjSimpson churns out but a lot of them were attempts to create actual Monster Madness videos. This is what I suggested the thing should be from the start. It’s just common sense. You have the tools to create a Monster Madness video, you say that you can do a better job than Screenwave, so go do it.

      They came up with “Muh kids!”

      But yeah, this year some people took it seriously. I was right all along. But the people who did straight videos seemed to get fewer comments while the complete morons who did “meme” videos got a lot of comments. “Ha! He said ‘five of them’! How droll!” So this is the audience you’re fighting against. They’re complete fucking morons.

      1. I agree. It’s not funny to just say 540 for no reason. Some of them were very clever. There was one u think on the 15th that was just bizarre nonsense.

    2. “More proof Cinemassacre is not a true company. It’s not real. It’s all just playtime for Bimmy. Because the smallest real company would have standing to shut it down and take them to court for infringement or IP theft”

      Exactly. Didn’t Newt or Kieran say there were certain details they couldn’t elaborate on because of a NDA with Cinemassacre or Screenwave? Which is just an empty threat as neither are a “real” company, it just a bunch of chuckleheads messing around. They ain’t gonna take anyone to court, they don’t even have a legal team.

      1. Its probably some kind of money-laundering operation. I have nothing to base that on, its just a “gut feeling”. I vaguely remember Mr.Gamergirls doing a blog about the “inner workings of Screenwave” or some such thing a long time ago and he brought up some interesting points…forgive me, i can’t really recall them- but i remember thinking something is sketchy…i do remember something about Ryan’s sister was listed as VP or President? And she married an Epstein…probably means nothing but i found it noteworthy regardless. Anyway.

        Newt, just wholesale going full-asshole plagiarism would be hilarious. Imagine he wears the shirt, the glasses and shaves his head to have the same hairline too- i would probably donate on his Patreon. I wouldn’t. But it would still be awesome.

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